Saturday, October 22, 2005

I ain't no dinosaur

Recently, Aaron Braaten's terrific site, Grandinite has unoficially awarded my blog as "best blog written by an older dude".

Older dude?

I'd like you to know that I'm far from over the hill.

I am hep. I am the bee's knees. Twenty-three Skiddoo.
To Charleston, to Charleston! Amscray! Potrzebie!

I am so hep, any one of you young guys look like a friggin' frame.

You don't believe me?

Here's me and my Little Chickadee on a recent rave.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ivan Prokopchuk said...

While I shudder at the thought
of offing Bambi's mother, I do have some friends just northwest of
you in Alberta who proudly call
themselves rednecks.
They're more into fishing, trucks
and "givin' er" than into deer hunting, but what the hell, it's a slack season.

Anonymous said...

Ivan, you damn betcha we'll shoot! Speaking of deer and road construction, you should see the deer crossing signs! Swiss cheese! We shoot spammers, too. After all that truckin', shootin', and fishin', we sit on the porch and play banjers. What a paradise, and only one Librano MP, but that's for now.

Doubting Thomas
Republic of Alberta

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Thanks, Doubting Thomas.
I needed that.
Especially the part about shooting
spammers...But I think the spammers are shotgunning us through a machine or some site
in Bombay. Desert Storm?

Scott in Montreal said...

Ivan, if you're getting annoyed with these spam-comments, here's what I found on blogger help:

From the Dashboard screen, click on your blog's name. Then click settings, then Comments. Scroll down to where is says 'Show Word Verification for Comments' and click Yes. Thereafter, all commenters have to enter a random bunch of letters for each comment post, but it doesn't detract, and you don't have all these idiotic ad/comments to delete.


Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Yeah, thanks Scott.
An old Luddite (I got into cyberspace on pure nerve) I still have memories of the Fall of Rome
and the one time during a Saturnalia when the centaurs came down from the mountains and made complete asses of themselves.
Also excited over the time Odysseus
came down from the hills to be tended by gentle nymphs (why was I born later?).
Fact is, my son introduced me to
cyberspace and the next step seemed to be putting up my novels and blogs. I hardly know what I'm doing and am glad to get your advice.
My son will be around over the weekend and I will work with him on verification.
Spam is the least of it. The only thing I have in common with Balzac
is that I have five major creditors knocking at the door
and for a high-strung guy it's enough to drive you crazy. Kinda hard on the old attention span and hardly minding the spam.
A story is told that Balzac once chained himself to a coffee pot so he would keep on writing and not dawdling--and he died of uremic
poisoning. Real story is pneumonia
when he went to visit his Ukrainian
mistress in the middle of a bad
winter. Yet the creditors would not
let up, to the end.
Man, I've never had this nervous
success/failure feeling since the
third time I was rehired at the Toronto Star. I got fired anyway, for writing fiction, I guess. My strongest suit.
Love your poetry on your site.
I think John Stuart Mill is wrong when he suggests that all we can do is push the ideas of others along, since they had contributed so much. I think your stuff is original.
Thanks again,

Scott in Montreal said...

Wow. Thanks Ivan. I must admit I have a hard time with your categorizing my songs as poetry. I consider real poetry to be a classier form than a song, for which the structure of the music often dictates an extra line thrown in here or a line chopped there. Moreover, I was never big on poetry; more a fan of prose. But I haven't got the patience to write a novel. Too many comic books in my youth perhaps.

This should be about your post, however. Congratulations on the richly deserved award. Your sense of humour about your age is defiantly droll, (if not Dole.)

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

This is straight out of the Fifties, but a story is told about a piano player sitting on an old wicker basket, busy with a song.
Someone says, "Did you know your lights were hanging through the hole in the wicker basket?
Piano player: I don't know about that, but if you hum it, I'll try to play it.
Yeah, to the ridiculous.

Seriously, if you give me the chord progression to one or two of the poems/songs, I'll have an even better idea of how the lyrics work with tones (I play).
Hang it all, I really like the work.

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