Saturday, October 15, 2005

Politics and danger

Like many another whacko politician, I have been running for Mayor of Newmarket, not so much in the privacy of my mind, but, like a psychotic, actually doing it, with terrible results. So far, I have had three attempts on my life, have lost my position as a privat-docent at Seneca College, have had my campaign office burned to the ground and was nearly killed while trying to see Bill Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Some guys have all the luck.

All of this changes your world view. I think Norman Mailer says somewhere that when you are bright and about twenty-seven, you start off being parnoid. Then as you mature and become a force in the world, paranoia turns into reality. They really are out to get you.

Reinforced by that knowledge, and the recent resignation of Ontario's finance minister under a cloud of allegations, I'd like to posit to you that Regional Councils in Ontario are the children of the province. And if the province and the Cosa Nostra are in cahoots, boy, are we in trouble.

What follows is an organization chart of York Region's Council.


Anonymous said...

Humphrey The Humping Dog
This has probably got to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated. OK, it may be in pretty bad taste and pretty immature, but this has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in ages.
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Anonymous said...

Norman Mailer also said, "You can't stab your wife and become the Mayor of New York City!"

Speaking of quotes and politics, Ms. Parrish personally offended me by saying that Americans are bastards. She is wrong, wrong, wrong. I was well on my way to running as a Liberal MP in Mississauga many years ago, but was disqualified when the Libs found out that my parents were married! I guess Ms. Parrish wasn't operating under such a disability.


Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Man, are you pee-ohed.
Maybe you should get a Carolyn
Parrish doll.
I know I would like to.

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

I think "the mob" just replied.
From now on, I think I'll work in the abstract and not the concrete.

Scott in Montreal said...

Ivan you have my vote. You will be my write-in candidate for Third Borough Bigwig, as long as you promise not to change a thing.

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

I just sent back this big basket of fish. They know I don't like fish, neither am I into water sports. I am a poetry-lover by

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