Friday, February 10, 2006


The device known as the meme allows the original sender to elicit thngs rattling around in your brain to respond to the specific requests of the meme.

Today, sent by Scott Murray (whose poetic sensitivity I admire) is really instigated by Dazzling Dino, kind of a right-wing blogger with a mischeivous intent.

I am finding of late, in my diminished circumstances, that people are telling my to f-off and calling me a prick, just on general circumstances. Hope you’re having better luck Daz, but all the "lesbian assassins" (see my blog above) seem to be on your case. Hope you don't end up like the comic heroine I admire, Phoebe-Zeitgeist (above again).
Dino in Chains?

Here comes the Rooster!

Four places I have lived: Ukraine. Germany. Canada. Mexico. I am a crashing bore in four languages.

Four vehicles I have owned: l981 Dodge Omni; l985 Dodge Omni; l987 Dodge Omni. 1989 K-car.
Why the meme-like cast of my car ownership? I am a cheap bastard and can't afford the emission tests, so I just use the same license plate over and over again, which registers a 1981 Dodge Omni, which was more or less roadworthy. I am an antique. My cars have all been antiques...But they went like the wind, sometimes all the way to Mexico and back.

Four jobs I have had:

Professor (untenured)
Maintenance mechanic (fired professor)
Taxi driver (fired maintenance mechanic)
Blow job. (No fare money).

Four vacations that I've had:

Denmark (did not draw cartoons)
Mexico (in my Dodge Omni)
Brownsville, Texas....Don't believe all that stuff about redneck Texans. Southern hospitality. They are fine people, especially if you were a former member of the armed forces (which I was once).


Chuckercanuck said...

A blessing of my work is that I travel to Texas regularly. Landscape, cityscape, culture, food - incredible. optimistic.

San Antonio is an incredible city. I stole an afternoon and visited three of its museums and watched tiny lizards climb suburban trees. Last year, I was shortsleeved on its river walk eating BBQ and finding good whiskey in a tourist trap.

Now, I'm reading Michener's Texas (only 150 pages into it). I want to know Texas better than Texans.

Montreal's amusement park was bought by those bastard american multinationals. The company? Six Flags. The company's name comes from the fact that 6 flags flew over Texas: United States, Confederate, Texas, France, Spain, Mexico.

Talk about living history.

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Yeah. San Antonio.
Friggin gondola docks...Would you believe? Canals all over.
Beautiful city.

DazzlinDino said...

Hey, I got hit just like you Ivan, it's not all me,