Friday, July 21, 2006



Shesawriter said...

Okay, who is this? You?

DoubtingThomas said...

Naw. I think Ivan is doing an Andy Warhol impersonation from Newmarket. Hey IP, didn't a tornado visit Newmarket a few days ago? You get blown? Nice pix, BTW.

ivan said...

I have been told I have the brain of the late and great Jorge Luis Borges.
Unfortunately, the great man has been dead for about ten years now.
I am sort of in that shape.
I am having some sort of meltdown and the picture is of Mr. Borges.

One of these days I'm going to put up images properly.

Meander has offered help and as soon as I get over this hangover, I'll probably go to her.

ivan said...

Doubting Thomas,
One of the three mini-funnels hit just sixty feet from my house.

Said the tornado to the chesnut:

Spread you nuts, I'll give you a

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