Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Ah well.
Egg laying time.
I am dropping more "eggs" than a Navaho code talker could describe in those words that would have to do for
"bombs".--I do love the Navaho word for tank though, "fort that walks".

Ah well. We'll just have to soldier on with my "fort that walks", the play I am in the middle of.

Act IV Scene 1

Interior: We are back at the professor's apartment. He has the stereo on, while massaging the inside of his left arm. Song on the stereo is You Can't Always get What You Want, by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

Music: I saw her at the reception
In her glass there was a bleeding man
She was practise at the art of deception
I could tell by her bloodstained hands

Music.Fade to:


I spent a few days in a fog. A fog in my head, right among the pillars. Deadly fog. On the edge of my consciousness, armies were gathering. A vampire fell from the sky. What in hell did she do to me, vampire?
The only time I'm happy now is when I'm with her. Without her, I go through withdrawal. Bleeding man at the bottom of her glass.

The professor moves from the couch he had been siting on, drink in hand and goes to the stereo again.

Music. Stones song from the beginning. UP

I saw her at the reception
A glass of wine in her hand
I knew she was gonna make her connection
In her glass there was a bleeding man.

Music: FADE

Professor: God damn Lief and Celia. Thank God I had those tranquillizers from my last dry-out. Didn't know what hit me.

Sound: The telephone is trilling.

Professor picks up phone: Hello.

Voice at other end is Celia.

Celia: Hi David. You still alive after last night? Lief and I had to pour you into the truck and drive you home.
I hope you're all right.

Professor: I'm uh, all right. You?

Celia: Fine. Hey, can we scrape enough together for lunch? There are things we need to talk about.

The professor pauses.

Celia. Come on David. Let's get together.

Professor: When?

Celia: How about in two hours?

LIGHTS: Down to black.

Scene 2

Celia is waiting for David at the restaurant.

David approaches her booth. She stands. On the ring finger of her hand there is an engaement ring and a wedding band. He goes to kiss her, but she draws away a little.

Celia: You'd think you hadn't seen me for a couple of months!

Professor: It's the way I feel.
Celia: I know how you feel. I know you better than you know yourself.

The professor foes a slight double take and sits down.

Professor: This is getting a little hard-edged.

Celia: Is it?

The waitress approaches. They order drinks.

Celia (over her glass of wine): David, I don't want you to think I'm a loose woman. I think we should start seeing other people, at least start going out with the class again.

The professor: Un voyage d'aller et retour. Where are we going with this?

Celia: You think you're the only one? This isn't easy for me.

Professor: Well, I'd say this whole situation is getting close to intolerable. What does Lief say about all this?

Celia: Lief understands. But if we want to keep going out together, I'm going to have to bring Lief along. (She gives a flash of rings).

The professor quietly drinks his beer.

MUSIC: from "You Can't Always Get What You want again. UP.

to: Fadeout.


Shesawriter said...

I'm sorry but Jagger looks like a walking cadaver. :-)

ivan said...

Hi Sweets.
So do I.

Josie said...

Ivan, I just wanted to let you know I am still lurking. I may set up another blog in a while. In any case, I am still reading.

Love the picture of Jagger. He looks older than God.


ivan said...

I am about Jagger's age.

So glad you are still out there, Josie.
Blogging is addictive, isn't it.
I used to do one a week, and am now up to four.

Would be nice if you were to get another blog.
Your last one was nice and crisp, with relatively high traffic.

Some outlet! It does not surprise me that you mght be chafing at the bit!
You had an ongoing journal, and it was so readable!
Go for it, gal. You've got the ability and small supporting army.
Let me know how it goes.


ivan said...

It just struck me, Tanya and Josie, that it might be the drugs to, uh, keep him thin.

Faith said...

Cool! You're the first playwright I've encountered on blogger!

ivan said...

Thanks for visiting.
Fear that I'm only a playwright inside my own head.
But I read established writers.


Josie said...

As the governator says.... I'll be back.


ivan said...

You will be baack!
"And matters of that nature."
I could clear a space here for you in the interim, though I fear I'm much better as a shepherd than a cybernerd.
Keep on coming back.


EA Monroe said...

I'm with you, Ivan. Josie needs to get her "blog" back.

Dear me, what has the professor gotten himself into? Will you have a grand finale curtain call, or will you leave us clammoring for next season's episodes?!

ivan said...

Hi Liz,

Yeah, I'm thinking of pulling one of my "local" spaces out and putting Josie in there if there is still enough disk space. Josie might have another blog up by the time I can sort out spectacles, testicles, disk and clavicle.
--Why am I using phony anatomical terms?--You're the doctor's daughter!
...I think I spent too much time in Labrador-Newfoundland! Newfies are so fond of malapropisms. That's what makes them so funny and somehow apposite in what they describe,like "My mother was too poor, so me aunt had me."!!!
Anyway, when it takes resetting a web page, I'm a Goofy Newfie.

I'd certainly want to introduce a guest blog.

What has the professor gotten himself into?
Funny thing. Quite a few years ago, I had a novel serialized, something unheard of after l97O.
The magazine publisher had said,
"are you going to go on and on with this shit, for which I'm paying you $360 and installment, and do I really need this?
I was a pretty arrogant kid at the time, stared him down, and said, "Do I really need you? I am God. Lightning will strike you!"
Good thing he was squeamish, especially after I'd won an award for the crappy book... OK, OK, it was
only an honourable mention, but I had enough clout to keep from being "fired".
In this ongoing thing which I laughingly call a play, the professor is in the clutches of a gorgeous dope fiend who is using him as a sounding board, as most crack addicts will do to unsuspecting goofs. Crack addicts need to come up for air every so often, up periscope, for a reality check.
But the professor himself is befuddled. He has just been served his divorce papers, he is screwed in the head and he's only working at the college from contract to contract.
Celia may be many things, turns a trick or two
on the side, but you never see her at the Welfare office, something the about-to-be-fired professor is seriously contemplating.
So here, when Celia thinks she could get out of her situation by
remarrying up, she would actually, with the prof rapidly turning veg, be marrying down.
In fact, she is about four jumps ahead of the lunatic professor.

Ah well. Keeps the pot boiling.
It's the writing. You have tried it.
It's frigging impossible, at least in my case. That's why I expend my nervous energy typing shit like all that's above.


Take care.


Shesawriter said...

ROFLMAO, Ivan!!!!

Josie said...

Okay, I'm back. I have a new blog. Pretty difficult to get rid of me.



ivan said...


Wonderful, Josie.
"Thirt Time Lucky", huh?

Just had a peek.

Witty, wise and literate.
I mean, what do you expect, Liz is already there and the old crowd is bound, to use a little assonance,to come around.



ivan said...

You are my good, true friend!
You also have a sense of humour.
I love that cat logo!