Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ask old Santa

Ode dear.

This old poet has gone into a post-Christmas funk again.

There is so much to do in the new year. Finish the play.

Finish putting up my Black Icon novel.

Fish out that new list of literary agents

And all I do is, uh...


EA Monroe said...

Good morning, Ivan.
I hope the fridge is well stocked! I'm out of here at noon today.

Do you and Josie want to party later? Invite JM and doubtingthomas.

Your to-do list sounds like mine.

EA Monroe said...

Ivan, wake up! The wooly mammoths are on your doorstep! Grab whatever you have cooling in your fridge and come over to my place! NOW!

ivan said...

Durn mammoths.
They got a trunk line going and I can't get out of my cave.
Neighbours laughed when I got the elephant gun.
they didn'tlaugh when I bagged one right on my front lawn. Big hairy sucker, all splayed out over the plaster elves and pink flamingoes.
Catching the first Pteradactyl over to your place.

ivan said...

I just snagged a little ovipraetor
on the way.
Darn pesky egg-sucking dinosaurs.

Thought he's steal my breakfast.

Keep that fire going.

We all gonna get dino steaks.

Josie said...

I love the impish little Santa on the tree.

Okay, it's party time here at the office. I have finished my work an hour early, so I'm off to Liz's beach party.

Last one in is a rotten egg.

Josie (aka Gidget)

ivan said...

Kinda hard to operate the laptop
while astride this pterodactyl who's winging (clawing?) me to the party.
Tried to put out carrot- on- stick for more speed, but Macaw-beaked bastard hawked back and almost pulled my bandana off.

Lord, won't you buy me a T-bird.

EA Monroe said...

Ivan, throw some dino steaks on the bonfire!

EA Monroe said...

PS--Oooh, I can see you flying in now, Ivan. Nice landing!

ivan said...


Beach party at last.
To quote from Beach Party Bingo:
"This is a wiggly beach."

And ( As Walt Disney issues a gasp from his grave):

"Bare as you dare!

Hey, surf's up!

EA Monroe said...

H E L P ! (Well, maybe not!) HAH!

I'm sending out messages in a bottle! I was kidnapped by a Gentleman Pirate named Capt'n Kidd early this morning and we're off sailing the deep blue sea!

ivan said...

Showing my age and distress:
"Oh you Kidd!"

Shanghaied you did he?

Kidd, I have fripped my rid.
Unhand my chlick!

Captain Hindgrinder, you leave my chick alone!
Did he snag you fgrom the Luau?

This Chinaman most unhappy.
I-Ching says when fox dip his tail into the water,da suitor gets nothin'
Tally ho the fox!

I am coming to the beach with hounds