Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh Lord.

War always comes when you're not ready.

I have a hangover that's screaming to the Lord, I can't think, my liver is totally seized, I am out of Aqua Velva for the Final Solution and Blogger is screwing up my site just to remind me to switch to beta.

I had forty good comments on "Michael in the Concetration Camp in my ongoing novel, The Bllack Icon--and everything's gone.

All that remained this morning was the top part of my novel segment.

What a mortrarforkin' way to run a railroad.

Sela Carsen suggested, months ago to switch to something foolproof, but I've forgotten to what.

Nothing is foolprof. Fools are ingenius.

Let's just see if this works. *

I am too far gone now to follow any instructions.

I have drunk up everything in the fridge.

Techie: Mayday! I am in the ejection position and pulling the loo chain!


Josie said...

Yaay, you're back. Lard Jaysus, we thought you were toast.


ivan said...

Hi dear Josie.

I don't know how in tarnation I did it...Had enought alky in my system to ttranquillize an elephant.
So far so good.

I think Blogger is trying to force me into beta and has all but limited my options.
I am now double-queasy about posting something new.

JM said...


...Sounds as if the going is getting weird.
You know what to do.

EA Monroe said...

Hi Ivan. I just wanted to let you know that I can see Michael's concentration camp chapter and all the comments from my end.

I almost couldn't get to my blog last night to put up my Christmas Stocking!

I might have to switch to Beta this weekend if I don't want to jump through hoops.

Hang in there!

Josie said...

I guess I'll be the last of the holdouts. But only because I still have my crappy old computer.



R.J. Baker said...

I feel your pain and your hangover.

That Beta Blogger has been eating my templates so I punted and chose an innocuous template and am waiting until they get out of beta and then I'll migrate.

Are you going to self pub your new novel?

ivan said...

The psychic Anthill Mob to the rescue.
You have surely twigged something here.
When the going gets tough, the weird surely turn pro.
And by what you said, you old pro,
I surely know what to do next!



ivan said...

Jeezus, Robert,
Not for nothing are you a writer.

I was half-thinking of self-publishing, but I'm getting kind of old for that.
Awaiting word from local guy here.

I tried to sneak into the Giller prize but some offshore guy beat me to it.
Canadian content, I say!

I am pee-ohed and green with envy.
Three million words in print and the madrechingados are treating me like a mushroom--blogs are awash with mushroom references today--fed horseshit and kept in the dark!

ivan said...

Thanks for the look-see.
Looks like all is not lost in the blog just previous.
Don't those heathen dweebs know enough not to start fancy malfeasance right at Christmas time, when your mind is on other things, and you're drunk in any event? This is one of those days that Blogger seems to suck canal water.
...Or maybe it's me drunk in the morning and clicking onto some weird delete button.
Hydro is also farting around with the wattage and maybe I somehow ended up with an np.

Goddam, Sam I am.

ivan said...

Sam is almost Sung.

EA Monroe said...

Hi Ivan. You're probably right about the mini-ice age coming soon. Did you know the last mini-ice age happened during the Amer. Revolution? Ole George was crossing the Delaware.

I have a Workman forefather who owned a ferry and horseshoed George's horse. The other side of the family branch pirated with Joseph Wheland. Gallow's rats.

Patriots on my dad's side and pirates on my mom's tree. That's probably why my mom and grandma didn't like each other -- and where I inherited my penchant for mischief!

ivan said...

Come the revolution!

Would you believe I used to hobnob with DAR ladies.
Certainly Prescotts.
"Don't fire till you see the whitesof their eyes!"
My DAR lady was an IBM heiress.
Too bad I couldn't get at any of it.LOL.

EA Monroe said...

I believe it, Ivan!

EA Monroe said...

PS -- I am assembling our next cast of characters for another Hallelujah story. Coming soon to a blog near you! heehee Probably won't be until around New Years or later, though.

Josie said...

Just popped in to see what kinda trouble you guys are getting into tonight. I'm pooped. Too much merriment for me all over the place.


ivan said...

Your Hallelujah stories are mini-masterpieces of us gently lampooned.
From previous comments, you can see we all like them. Not just ourselves, but people from all over.
Looking forward to flying carpet tales.


ivan said...

You joshin' us.
I see you had enough energy left to put up a blog on erotica just now.


Anonymous said...

Techie sez:

It must be the new blogger beta. Stick with the old one. I haven't played with it at all, but I bet your website template is getting screwed up with the new blogger if you try to publish from it. And then if you republish with the old blogger version, it probably fixes it up again. There seems to be a lot of people out there complaining about problems. I'll mess around with it when I get time next week. In the meantime, use the old blogger.

ivan said...

R.J. Baker is aware of the problem too, if you click onto his site.

Josie said...

Good morning, everyone. They're making me work again today, but we have TONS of chocolate.


ivan said...

Good morning, Josie.
Egad, I am switching from high octane beer to hot chocolate for a come-down.
Here I am, drunkest man in town turning into a hot chocolate granny right before your eyes!
Must be some little tranquillizer in the Nestles.
I like it.
Glad you got lots of it around the office.
You're a medical type.
There's something in chocolate that calms you down. What is it?

EA Monroe said...

Hi, Ivan. I already had my hot chocolate for the day. And I'm at work, but getting ready to sneak out. I'll catch Josie and you and everyone else out on the playground!

Josie said...

Ivan, I think it's the calcium in the milk. You can buy chewable calcium tablets, (Shoppers Drug Mart sells them, ask the pharmacist) and they act like a tranquilizer. If you take one or two before you go to sleep, they act like a sleeping pill.

Liz, I'm on to the bebinca now.


ivan said...

Hi Liz,
I am in advanced DT's, not having drunk last night; into the hot chocolate, which I had to boost with about four coffees.
Needed some eergy to put up another chapter of The Black Icon.

...I once got fired as a crime reporter for being in this state in the course of a bank robbery.
Everybody was busy being robbed and frisked, and I was busy with freakout. LOL. Maddest reporter in Southern Ontario.
...Screw your bank robbery, I'm having a sugar freakout!
Talk about being effed up and misemployed!
Monty Python: I got betta!

ivan said...

Thanks, Josie.
Calcium, huh?
Probably a good dose of Vitamin D as well, from the milk.
Aarghh. This pirate was probably a scurvy knave; vitamin-deprived.

I suppose I was also after acid from the beer. Strange need for acid. For to kill the bugs?

See what happens to men when they are left to their own devices?
If I hadn't had women to take care of me in the past, I would have surely turned to drugs.
Now I am just older and progressively dumber.Not dope, just dopey. LOL.

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