Thursday, December 14, 2006

Screwed in cyberspace--and it's my own %^&# Luddite fault

I am so pee-ohed.

I was reproducing Chapter Eleven of my Black Icon, the core of it, and suddenly, up comes this nc notation as I was copying and pasting.
I clicked onto the chapter I was retyping and zip. Nada. Just "nc", whatever the hell that is. It certainly doen't mean "No Charge".
Cost me a hell of an outlay in energy to type out the vanished Chapter Eleven, and now it's gone.
At least I have the actual book in front of me.

To busy to learn word. That's what I get. The most important chapter of the black Icon lost in cyberspace.

I mean, art, did I have art, did I ever plan the thing out.

And now it's gone.

So until I get the energy up again, there will be no Chapter Eleven of The Black Icon.

"Thank God," you say?

Well, maybe.

Did you hear the one about...?


EA Monroe said...

We will carry on the best we can, Ivan. ~siiiiiggggghhhhh~ So, let's party instead!

EA Monroe said...

PS. Just open Word and start typing. Save frequently in case of electrical flickers and cuss because you didn't save and the power belched.

ivan said...

I think I got you, Liz.
I'll try that.

ivan said...

"*&*ing Ontario Hydro Corportation has been mildly doing these little power brownouts for a while. I should have pressed SEND to myself when I saw the first flicker.

I just bought a zippy little Remington ten-forty for a whole $4.50 at the Salvation Army.
Gonna type it all out and send it to you guys.Heh.
Whoops! Here comes Felix, the gay linotype operator.
"You are showing your age, you bitch," he tells me.
I told him to lay off, or I was going to hit him with my purse.

Josie said...

Oh, heck. I was looking forward to reading the next chapter. Phooey.

We're battening down the hatches over here. There's another monster storm rolling in. Do you and Liz want to come over for hot toddies in front of the fireplace?


ivan said...

I think we'd better come over.

Something wrong with the old tum.
Drinking and smoking too much.
Chewing on old shoes.
Hot toddy and fireplace a good idea.
Any Scotch in you?
Maybe we can mull something.

EA Monroe said...

Hi, Josie! That sounds like fun. Maybe we can play Twister. ;-)

ivan said...

Hey, this ain't Kansas!

Josie said...

I just happen to have a game of twister. No Scotch, though.

Do you guys like Ahmad Jamal? Pleeeze don't ask who is Ahmad Jamal.... :-)


ivan said...

I can handle some Herbie Hancock.
But then he's always been around.

There are days when I think that esoteric jazz was designed to keep us unwashed types out.

Beatle-browed to the end!

ivan said...

My friend JM, who only comments from his newspaper office, would probably give us a really good take on Ahmad Jamal.
But JM is on day shift and I guess we'll have to wait.
Myself, I'm more into Lighnin' Hopkins, Son House, T-Bone Walker,
Robert Johnson, those great initiators of the blues.
There were people in l962 who were called hippies, not longhaired freaky hippies, just people hipped on jazz. This was the tail end of the big bands. The Dorsey Brothers come to mind, Ellington, Count Basie. And the mahatmas, Bunny Berrigan, Charlie Parker Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, Charles Lloyd.
They all fell by the wayside when the old musician's union, ASCAP was superceded by BMI (Presley and company) and tastes in music were forever changed. But nice revivals with Stan Getz, Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Desmond, MJQ. They all took five, heh.
The middleeuropean operetta (Broadway) gave way to cool jazz and cool jazz gave way to the Beatles and the British invasion.
But, to each his own.

Intellectuals like jazz.

I like rotgut blues.

Anonymous said...

Dec 13, 2006

Dear Editor,

Here we go again!
The Ontario MPPs (currently earning a base salary of $88,771 a year, more than twice the average salary of employed Ontarians), voted themselves another increase of 25% bringing their base salary to $110,775 per year!. Cabinet ministers will be paid $157,633 per year.

By voting themselves this 25% increase in salary, they displayed inconsistency and arrogance.

Ontarians are tired with MPPs voting their own salary increases.
Salaries of MPPs should be legislated to be exactly twice the average salary of employed Ontarians (is twice as much as the rest of us not good enough?), should be recalculated with each budget, and should be fully taxable.

In this way MPPs' earnings would automatically be tied to Ontario's economic prosperity and tax levies, which they are supposed to control.

Giuseppe Gori
Leader, Family Coalition Party of Ontario
1 888 613 2645
12030 RR4 Acton, ON, L7J 2M1
H: 905 877 7473

Josie said...

Ivan, Ahmad Jamal isn't esoteric at all, he's very smooth. You should hear him play Poinciana, or Moonlight in Vermont. Very cool.

24% salary increase? Oh, lord. I work for the government and two years ago my salary was decreased by 4.06%.


EA Monroe said...

Ahmad Jamal. I'll have to check out his music, Josie.

Ivan, what about Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee?

ivan said...

Ah, you're probably right, Josie.

It is very possible that I used Ahmad Jamal as a template when I learned to play Moonligh In Vermont on the guitar. There was a clarity. (I couldn't read music at the time, so I had to get it straight from the record).


Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee practically lived in Toronto in l963-4. I was in Yorkville at the time (the local Haight-Ashbury).

A Ukrainian lady out shopping had said, "You never find a good Ukrainian boy out in the gutter with the hippies."
To which I'd answered in Ukrainian, "Scho?"

Josie said...

Good morning, you guys, I used to LOVE Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee. I haven't thought about them in ages.


JM said...

No Ahmad Jamal, no great Miles Davis quintet; no Kind of Blue; no epiphany for young JM (although I think it was Bill Evans on piano on the actual recording -- and Ivan, nobody remembers that Cannonball went note for note with John Coltrane and by times blew him away). I am down. (I saw Lightnin' Hopkins in an Ottawa beer joint three or four hundred years ago. He sweated profusely and wore polyester pants. And tore the place up)

ivan said...

Hey man.
What a lick.

ivan said...

Barritone blowing away alto?

I missed that one.

There was an unreported but legendary gig in Toronto c. l959--the guy with his sax in the hockshop and using a plastic one with which he blew the crowd away.
I believe Dizzy Gillespie was there too. Brown Derby?
Borrow a phrase from Liz--shadows of time.

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