Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hanes His Way

I dasn't call what follows a blog, though I was intrigued by ordinarily demure blogger Josie calling out to all the ladies to throw away all that ligerie, at least for comfortable wear and go to the back of the store and get
sensible Hanes Her way cotton undies.
Nothing like a cotton undie panty flash, I say. Something of the oldfashioned lechery.

And garter belts and suspender tops.
I can't stand it!

Ho. Ho.

Anyway, the ladies (blush) asked me what sort of shorts I wear and I promised I would send them a picture of my
undergatchees, which is shown above.

DOM syndrome.

Passion-arousing, no?



Tai said...


And I thought Josie's underwear blog was outrageous!

ivan said...



Josie said...

Omigod, Ivan, you're too funny. Where can I buy a pair of those? They're too cool...!


ivan said...

There's this man from Nantucket I got them from.
Weird dude.

Josie said...

And wouldn't they match my yellow puddle jumper boots?

Oh, this is getting really sick... hah.


ivan said...

I'm into high hysteria, for some reason.
Will try to indulge my other passion, film director.
Selected shorts?

There is a serious blizzard out Toronto way...And I'm running out of Mongoose Beer.
This might end up being a taxiing experience.

Aaron said...

Daaang, Ivan. No wonder you drink Mongoose Ale - tame the crotch cobra.

Yeah. That's what I tell all the girls. ;)

ivan said...

Thanks, Aaron.

Great new avatar!

ivan said...

p.s. to Aaron.

Crotch cobra.

How'd you know?

ivan said...

p.p.s to Aaron:

I tried commenting into Alberta Blogs. Failed.

Must be the beer.

EA Monroe said...

Omigosh, Josie! See what you started!! I've been busy taming The Crush all evening!

Now, I'm hysterical!

ivan said...

Somebody putting on his freak over there in the snows and and live oaks?
That chick is mine!

Erik Ivan James said...

Mine are Hanes Briefs "His Way"---with holes in them. I have a critter in there that keeps trying to dig its way out.

ivan said...

Persistent, isn't he?

Looking for live ones.

Ladies, come back.
We're starting to become D.O.M.

EA Monroe said...

Sponge Bob sure has a big ole happy grin!

ivan said...

I was going to go into a Little Red Riding Ho routin, but I stopped myself. Almost.
Spongebob Squarepants like Little Red Riding Ho. The better to...?

"Hey Little Miss Ridin' Hood
You sure be lookin' good..."

JM said...

Never thought I would snicker
Over Old Ivan's knickers

ivan said...


"Alexander Pope" no dope.

I have been sort of crotchety of late.

ivan said...

I can get through now to comment now on Alberta Blogs. Gad, you got more projects than Alexander Graham Bell.
Next thing I know, you'll be installing a YouTube in Alec's old digs in Florida. Right next to the rubber tree, which surely must have been cloned into a Michelin Man by now.

Bill-Muskoka said...


Why you D.O.M.! LMAO!

Yes, before panty hose, there was a magic about garter belts, bare upper thighs, and cotton panties. Then came the PH factor, fancy schmancy lingy thingys, and that is the outer wear, body piercing, and tattoos!

Today the concept of 'virgin; is a female without disfigurement!

Oh heck! Now I feel OLD! Remember going down to the river to watch the Submarine Races? LMAO!

ivan said...

Stop it Bill.
You're turning me on.
No, not you.
The subject matter!


Josie said...

I remember garter belts... They're still "in style" as it were. People recognized how sexy they were.

There's always too much fun going on over here.



Shesawriter said...

Oh, Ivan....

ivan said...

Thanks, Josie.

I am at the stage of hysteria when I might have a lot of class--but it might turn out to be all lower. LOL.

What you ladies have wrought, albeit by osmosis!

Doubting Thomas just emailed in,saying I've got my shorts all in a knot.

Ah well. Agitprop from the Three Quarks! Raise a little hell/Raise a little hell.

ivan said...


Yeah, I know.

As a lady you want to agree.

But as a religious person, you might want tell me that I am going straight to hell!

EA Monroe said...

Then I must be a virgin! No tattoos, no pierced anything... And in our small town there wasn't anything to do but Raise Hell. So, we did.

EA Monroe said...

PS Josie:
Oh, this is getting really sick... hah. Ain't it the truth! :-)

ivan said...

I got the freak -on for Josie.

Sitting there in her Medical Office tower. Who knows what (whom) she's got the freak -on for!
There is, of course Anton Checkov's "Cheery Orchard".

Ah, to this twisted mind, everybody's still woking in her office, dreaming of "The Cherry Orchard?

Seething passions, on a work-a-day afternoon.


But Josie is cool.

Josie said...

You guys are too funny.

"I might have a lot of class--but it might turn out to be all lower".

Can I borrow that? I love it. It just might be the quote of the day. Hah!

BTW I'm getting my new computer tomorrow night, so I might switch to the new version of blogger then. I'll let everyone know first. I understand it's much the same as the old version.


ivan said...

Oh Charles Ludd, where are you when we need you?
I am totally begaffled by the old
Blogger, let alone the new.

Luddites, you may have had the right idea.

Stone and chisel, I say.
Cuneiform <<<<<<<<<<

Did you know that the cuneiform artists of old Ur-Babylon could translate this wedge-like script into four languages?
We were already fuddled way back in
3,OOO B.C. !
And today, with Beta, this is just the beginning!
Charles Ludd, bring your hammer!

Josie said...

Good morning all, we had another snowfall last night. I'm sitting here at my desk with my shoes off and my feet soaking wet. (I refused to wear my yellow puddle jumpers one more day. Big mistake.)



ivan said...

Ah, those boots are made for sloshing!
Sorry to hear about the wet feet.

Hope you were wearing flats, poor dear.
Liz just wrote in with some worse news. Those ice storms in Oklahoma!
Her poor hubby slipped and fell on the ice and may have broken a rib or more....Felt so bad. I know how tough it is to get around normally with taped ribs! Been there.
Hope the doctor's report just shows a bruise or two.
I am suffering self-inflicted wounds here. The John Barleycorn has left me delusional and slightly incompetent--Hey, what else is new?
Phone ringing all day and I left everything to my answering service.
With my luck, it's a big publisher who refuses to leave messages and may just trash my manuscript out of sheer frustration; it's happened before. Old Ivan sleeping at the switch, or fiddling, like Nero...Or did Nero actually play the water organ...Ah well, I have something in common with Nero too, though like Nero, I find it hard for someone to show me how to off myself. Ha.

Josie said...

Ivan, I wondered where you had disappeared. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Poor Liz's husband...!

We're in the middle of a blizzard here as well.


ivan said...

How did you know I was "indisposed"?

I was.

Had to punish myself by doing something useful, i.e., reproducing the excellent story of "Quark #3".

I have been fighting with Blogger to properly set up Liz's story, The Crush, which you've already read on her blog and had commented on how Liz''s youthful falling in love was so similar to your own experience at age l5 or so.
I would be so happy to reprint anything by "Quark #2", that is to say, you.
I will then add something of mine.

Damn my computer illiteracy.
I almost messed up Liz's story.

When we decide what we want to reprint from your own blog, maybe you could send it to me in Word and I'll stop having nervous breakdowns.



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