Saturday, February 10, 2007

Running for Mayor of Newmarket, ON

Ah, if we could only see ourselves as other see us.

I saw myself as a serious candidate for mayor of my home town some years ago, but some cartoonists saw me as quite something else.

I did have a rep for canvassing with a full briefcase full of lunch, beer and other chewables.
I was also a lounge singer for money when not writing for the Independent News.
In my briefcase too, were novels I wanted to sell.

I can't say it was quite Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trails, a la Hunter S. Thompson.

But my opponent did burn my campaign office down.

No sense of humour, that incumbent!

Ah, the thins we do to get our 15 minutes.


doubting thomas said...

Ivan, you are in good company in having run for mayor. Rimstead did it. And so did the Calgary Sun's version of Rimmer, Rick Bell. Back when he was drinking. He got off the sauce, quit smoking, and dropped enough lard to make a little brother. His columns were pretty dull after this transformation.

King Ralph was a television journalist, drank, smoked, hung out at a local watering hole. Ran for mayor...and keeerist! won! Kept on running as an MLA, and finally got to be premier. Got us out of debt, made Alberta the envy of the rest of Canada, Maybe journalism and strong drink equal dreams of public office.

ivan said...

Hey man!


Josie said...

Ivan, they should have elected you on just how cute you are... ha!


HeiressChild said...

ivan, i hope you run for mayor again. that would be neat. then i could say i know you from the blogs. and if you do decide to go for it again, i hope you win!

we have a mayor and commissioners where i live. i thought about running for commissioner, but it was a 3-yr term, and i wasn't sure if i wanted to commit for that long. now it's a 4-yr term, so if i thought 3 yrs was long, doesn't look like commissioner is going to happen.


ivan said...


ivan said...


I don't quite know the set-up in Maryland, but running for third-ward bigwig could be interesting.
There would be, of course the work to be done, and it is deadly dull.
It's fun to be on TV, it's fun to make the speeches, but then it's zoning applications, deputations to face and all the special interest groups to appease and please.
I must say, in retrospect, it's better to have run and lost than...

JR's Thumbprints said...

We, the citizens of the United States, would have voted for you; hey, we voted for The Shrub (aka Bush) two terms in a row.

ivan said...

That is so funny!
I thought, for a while, that if I couldn't be a Redwood, I'd be the best damn shrub in the valley.

But some shrubs still seem to think they're redwoods.

What's up with Yale anyway?

HeiressChild said...

someday, i just may be in politics some way. i always work the election polls, which is fun.

ivan said...


You could run just to publicize yourself as an author.

Worked for me.

But losing--Ouch!

Says Niccolo Machiavelli, that great Machiavellian:

"If you lose, claim fraud!"


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