Monday, May 14, 2007

Ego Sum

Every so often, unpublished writers get under ones skin, especially if they jump around, throw up tufts of earth, turn various colours and generally do a Rumpelstiltskin in front of you.

You want to say, why, you young whippersnapper. I was already published while you were just being born.

And your trendy sexual polarity?

Heh. My family was already homosexual while yours was still in the trees. :)

So you make the mistake of republishing your old work, just to show enough length. You hope, to win.

And so you reproduce your old short stories, post them. Two weeks go by, and,

Dead silence.

Must be something wrong with your machine. No email. No comments.
Surely, there is something wrong. Blame it on Blogger. Maybe the security on your site is too high.

But another week goes by and it looks like you're the guy in the singles bar waiting for the women to come to him, instead of the other way around.

At the end of the night, cartoon image of a skeleton having a beer and a smoke.

So with all this in mind, I will republish an old poem of mine.

Hope the results aren't as bad as last time.

I have certain images of a lady's big-headed cat that I din't like very much. It's out of an old country song. Seems that down there, in the alley, a boot came down and drove the cat out of sight.

At least that what seemed to happen to me last time I plagiarized myself just to produce a blog.

My old poem reminds me so much of these know-it-all "rats-in-the- slushpile" lady bloggers who seem to have more attitude than actual ability.

By Ivan Prokopchuk

Through the labyrinth of soul
I crawl
Up through the maze
Down to the dregs
And sideways, left, right
But always returning to centre.
Ego centre.



Josie said...

Ivan, I sure hope you don't mean Liz's Siamese cat. Roo is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to go out and buy one myself.

Your writing and your poetry is fabulous, Ivan. After reading some of the other stuff out there, yours just flows so seamlessly. You shouldn't be sad. You have a talent.

Josie said...

I should have said, "After reading some of the other out there, I think yours just flows so seamlessly."

Well, you knew that.

islandgrovepress said...


I could grow to love Liz's cat.

Okay, punsters out there, lay off!

I took the word Siamese out just so there would be no misundersanding.

The cat I had in mind belonged to an older lady who was slightly nuts.
I had been walking my dog, and the lady's cat almost attacked us.

"What's your dog's name," the lady had asked, as if nothing were happening.
"Gulliver," I'd said, curbing my Walker Hound.
"Gulliver," she had said.
"What a funny name for a dog!"

I began to walk away, but heard her calling her cat.

"Come along, Batman!"

islandgrovepess said...

Thank you, Josie.

But I think I have a long way to go to get anywhere near one of our contributors, Janet Harvey....She has such depth!


Anonymous said...

p.s. to Josie,

You are an empath.

Yes, I was feeling "sad".

Wrote my way out of it, I suppose.

Felt even better after I helped out a friend who was really dragging his ass.

Better to give...?


Donnetta Lee said...

Oh, I do like your poem.

There seems to be a lot of stuff out there that has length to it and a lot of beating fists on chest type of writing. Anyone agree? It sort of slaps you in the face, sits back and says, "Dare you to top that." Rather acidic. Oh, well.

I do like your poem.


islandgrovepress said...

Thanks, Donnetta.

I hope you are feeling better.

What a nasty thing to get!

Hope the specialist can pinpoint the problem. But watch those guys. They just love surgery.
Stay away from that if you can.


Donnetta Lee said...

Hey, I'm all for some good drugs and a special diet! Maybe that will do it. I'm crossing my fingers.

islandgrovepress said...

I think they've found a couple of new drugs that might treat your condition.

Definitely a special diet!

You eat popcorn you come out all fluffed. :)


EAMonroe said...

Ivan, I like your poem, too. You tell it simply and truthfully.

Hey, you plagarize yourself better than anyone!

Hah! Roo the Siamese is lucky she didn't flush herself the other night!

islandgrovepress said...

Maybe Roo the Siamese Cat and I should hang around together. I swear I almost stepped into the toilet bowl again this morning.

I can just imagine Roo, scratching around in his bowl, mewling in Chinese talk balloons, "No flush, preeze!"
Enough to make you catatonic :)


EA Monroe said...

Ivan and Josie -- talk about Ego! Some crazied artist named Eddie has done something weird to JR. I think JR might be lost in Eddie's alter-ego Twilight Zone!

Josie said...

Liz, where did you find Eddie? I haven't seen him.


Josie said...

Ivan, have you checked out JR's blog? Very, very strange.


Anonymous said...

JR in bondage.

JR in chains.

And Eddie has the keys?

How big is the cell?

The mind boggles.


islandgrovepess said...

Josie and Liz,

Somebody wrote into JR to say, Well, you've messed up writing--hard on the brain, and now you're screwing up art.

Not 100 per cent sure what this is all about. I think Liz has it right.

JR trapped in his own alter ego.


ivan said...

Thanks, Josie

--seems to be the key.

I'm starting to think that JR might be something of a renaissance man...Whole bunch of disparate talents.


islandgrovepress said...


This is starting to drive me to drink (not hard to find a reason).

The cocktail hour is upon us, there is a cobra in the square.
Gotta get that Mongoose!


Donsie said...

Hello Ivan

I do like your poem. I always believe in pulling a poem appart. And if I understand this one correctly you are moving through your mind trying to find your way through old, new, strange and long last memories but always go back to your inner-self, self image of place of emotion.
For me that is the savest place to be. You can go through the maze of memories, relife it, but control if you want to get upset about it...
Anyway, thats just me...

islandgrovepress said...

Thanks, Donsie,

Nice to be able to communicate something to someone and that someone gets it, resonates.


Sienna said...

I love that Ivan.


Dan said...

That excellent poem of yours describes the exact route I take to work every morning! Uncanny!

islandgrovepress said...

Thank you Pam.
And I was so glad to hear you got lovely rain in what had been a bad drought in Victoria, Australia.


islandgrovepress said...

Thank you Dan.

This is most welcome, coming from a high-volume blog like yours.

I have seen footage of the traffic
snarls in New Jersey. Maze indeed.

Just like the 401 in Toronto.


EA Monroe said...

Dan's place is like getting lost in a crowd, Ivan! Crowds make me too nervous! So does rush hour in Norman. Interesting stuff to read though.

islandgrovepress said...

Dan is more popular than a hooker in a mining camp!

How many blog responses last time?
Two hundred and sixty? Wow.

And he writes so smoothly.