Monday, June 04, 2007

Prayers for Madeleine McCann

Please pray for this little one. Please read this message and pass it on!!!!!!!!!
As you are aware my niece, Madeleine, is still missing and I am askingeveryone I know to send this as a chain letter i.e . you send it toeveryone you know and ask them to do the same, as the story is only beingcovered in Britain, Eire and Portugal.
We don't believe that she is in Portugal anymore and need to get her picture and the story across Europe as quickly as possible. Suggestions are welcome.
--Phil McCann
Please Pass this email on to everyone in your address book and they reckon it could cover 80% of the world's inboxes in 2 weeks.
Madeleine's Eye Holds Vital Clue
(Updated: 18:00 , Saturday May 12, 2007)
Madeleine McCann's family believe a new picture of the missingfour-year-old could play a vital role in the search for her. The photo of the youngster shows clearly the her distinctive right eye, where the pupil runs into the blue-green iris.
The new poster of Madeleine: It is this distinguishing mark that will identify Madeleine to those onthe lookout for her, according to aunt and uncle John and Diane McCann.
The Glasgow couple aim to distribute the appeal poster, which features the Crimestoppers telephone number, as far afield as they can. Family friend Andrew Renwick told Sky News that support for the search hadbeen "overwhelming" and her family were extremely grateful.
Her right eye, Mrs McCann said: "The purpose of the poster is to highlight the distinction in Madeleine's eye. "We want to make the most of it, because we know her hair could potentially be cut or dyed."
Mr. McCann added: "The poster was designed by a friend of the family and I've begun Emailing it to acquaintances in different parts of the world."I'm asking people to circulate it the best they can and make it be seen." Madeleine's Eye Holds Vital Clue. Our home website is

"There is no one so good that he can save himself; Neither is there any so bad that God cannot save him." Thanks be unto God for His wonderful gift: Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God is the object of our faith; the only faith that saves is faith in Him. "


Josie said...

Ivan, this is lovely of you to do this. Beautiful little girl, isn't she? So many mistakes were made and this little girl paid the price. I don't think she will ever be found, unfortunately.


islandgrovepress said...

Police did have a suspect, a "person of interest".
The person of interest has vehemently denied he had anything to do with the girl's abduction from a Portugal hotel bedroom while her parents were unwittingly having dinner.
The case is indeed turning colder.

Ironically, the family had been visiting the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, a site known to produce miracles.


Donnetta Lee said...

Poor, poor little baby. I send out prayers, as Josie says, to the universe.


Josie said...

The police really botched it. When they first investigated her disappearance, they didn't search any of the other rooms in the vacation complex. How stupid is that? Why do people go away on vacation and think they can let down their guard? What parent would leave three babies unattended in a room? Anything can happen. They will be paying for that mistake for the rest of their lives, sadly. I am heartsick for those parents.


islandgrovepress said...


Doesn't it seem a times that the authorities are so incompent that we might as well be left on our own?
...I am thinking of Virginia Tech too.

islandgrovepress said...


If the universe is one huge computer, maybe it'll pick up something.
Certainly our prayers.


EA Monroe said...

Speaking of incompetent authorities -- it's kinda like the guy with the TB who was traveling around and coming and going. It's not just the authorities, people need to take responsibility, too. Ah, well. I guess it's just being human.

EA Monroe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EA Monroe said...

Ivan, that was me deleting... de-rezzing like in the movie Tron.

Blogger was gumming up again!

islandgrovepress said...

You got something there, Liz.

And all those guys with HIV, infecting people and not giving a damn.
Don't you long for the late Fifties where things seemed in order?
But then we would wake up every morning wondering if this was the day we get blown up.
My countryman Nikita S. Khruschev saying groovy things like "We will bury you."
I think I'm going to move to Australia or New zealand.
But there are Hobbits there!


EA Monroe said...

Ivan, at least Hobbits' have holes in the ground! They're used to dealing with the Dark Lord. Boy, do I remember "Duck and Cover!"

Would you believe it? Even in Granite, OK we had missile silos and bomb shelters. I remember Donnetta's mom telling me they had one of the silos just back of their farm! We weren't that far from Altus Air Force Base.

islandgrovepress said...

Yes, Liz,
Weren't those the days?
Our Prime Minister then, John Diefenbaker would say "no nuclear warheads over Canada"...and over Winnipeg, (where I was working a radar set and straining my brains at the verification codes)--we had two B-52s loaded for bear on the way to bug the Russians.
And just south of us, In Minot ND,
we saw the blips of American F102 interceptors loaded with MB1 Genie low-kiloton bombs, the idea being you fire a nuke at any invading Russian bombers.

"I fired a nuke into the air
It fell to earth, I know not where?"
"...I lose more damn nukes that way!

And yet, leaders on both sides somehow kept us from being nuked, either by the Russians or our own stupid nuclear bombs set off into the air to stave off Russians!

I Don't know how world leaders managed to get us through this madness
without somebody dropping one of those Mothers.


Anonymous said...

From Aaron Braaten.


Dude! You loaded tonight? I'm gettin' gunned on some Gibson's finest. I smuggled it down from my last trip to Ottawa in May. Not that one can't get Gibson's down here, but I like to pretend I'm like that gangster from Saskatoon.

I figured you've posted enough drunken comments as it is, and I think it's time I returned the favour and emailed you while I'm rocked on a weeknight. I only hope I'm running for some political office one day, and your heirs dig up this email and publish it, all to my demise.

That would be supremely awesome. Nixed from politics, all for a drunken email I fired off to the coolest old codger in the Canadian blogosphere. Fack. It's worth it. At least people will appreciate my forecasting abilities, at the very least, not to mention my penchant for redundancies (you'd catch that subtle humor if you were buzzed).

Ivan, this isn't some drunken claim, as I've thought about it for a while. My buddy Gibson only brings out my honest style. What do you say I drive up to Newmarket or wherever you're at, and we have Canada's first Borgesian Boggers conference? I don't pretend to know too much about Borges, but one thing I know: Borges is one awesome character, and I think it's time two Canadians post a tribute to the guy, just because. You're gettin' long in the tooth old man, and who among the Canadian populace can claim they had the world's first two-man Borgesian Blog Conference? It's rhetorical, I know, but just roll with it, old buddy.

I'll fucken rent a car and drive 9 hours just to get loaded with you so we can blog about it. All I'd need would be a phone number and an address.

Whaddya say? Does this weekend work for you?

Yeah, man, go ahead and post this as a blog post. Do it up! Bloggging for blogging's sake, I say. One thing I can guarantee (can never spell that word right) is this: my nine-hour road trip won't get you the babes, but it will certainy get you the adoration of the babes. It's a bold move, man. A nine-hour road trip for one blog post. Chicks dig that shit. Or at least that's what Gibson tells me.



Anonymous said...


You are welcome here anytime.

Unfortunately, I drank up my miserable Old Age pay and am now living on plastic, which will max out by about Sunday.

But what the hell, we might still do a really good Kalamazoo on the Gibson, which I dearly love, even though
everybody's girlfriend seems to like it too. Sort of like Kahlua.

Should you want to come, I am at 540 Timothy Street, Apartment 304, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 5N9.
Telephone number is (905) 868-9814...bring your cell phone; the damn apartment security system has been on the blink lately. In the lobby is my name up on a board. But there is a coding system that always gets screwed up.

Something has been eating away at me lately. I think it's the lead in that fershlugginer Mongoose beer.
This old coot is getting soggy and a bit hard to light...But I've seen some of your stuff up on Facebook and you seem to be setting the East Philly woods on fire.
Take care.
I will be in much better shape about June 28, but maybe we can make a soiree out of it before then.


Donsie said...

this is heart breaking!!!

islandgrovepress said...

Yes, Donsie it is unacceptable.
I for one, with my breadcrumb sins--and things like this happen to whole families!
Makes you really think about the evolution of laws, and I must say it leads straight to the Talmud or Bible. We need the ancient words. We need the psalms.
We really do need to pray.
Pray for Madeleine and her family.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

I am forwarding an important message from Suzanne Fortin.

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Giuseppe Gori

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No virus found in this incoming message.

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