Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jesus says shut the .... up!

Upbraid a fool and thou shalt be a fool thyself.
Do not upbraid a fool and the fool will persisit in his vanity.
Ah that old Mesopotamian Rag!
Sleep with they neighbour's wife while he is away and the adultress will liken you to a piece of bread. You shall become a piece of bread.
The last of the Mesopotamian people walk amongs us. They carry their literature and largely, we pay no heed.
We pay no heed to 20,000 years of living, because we are more enlightened, smarter, hip.
And all the while echoing the manifest to of some l9th century no-account who came upon an ass's bridge, thinking he knew more than all the men and women of history. Karl Marx, that upstart whose philosophy all we liberals unconsciously ape, right down to political correctness and our homage, even admiration for the Chines Garbageman/woman.
They want us all to be Chines garbagemen/women.
And they have very nearly succeeded.
Religion is the opiate of the masses, they tell us, while here in Canada, Marxism seems to be the opiate of the asses.
Soviet Kanuckistan.
What this country needs is a "Barat" from the Glorious Republic of Kazakhstan.
He'd straigten us out. But movie attendances are down.
The Brits gave us a country, gratis. No bloodshed, no civil wars. A gift.
And what did we do with it? Became carbon-copy Americans, right down to the credit cards.
Became Chinies garbagemen/garbabewomen. Sold all our resources and became drawers of water and hewers of wood.
Three balls hanging off the pawnbroker's sill.
Our balls hanging in the wind.
Donald, where's your troosers?


EA Monroe said...

Ivan, I swear you are psychic. This morning as I was getting up I thought, you know, for the past 2,000 years or so, folks still govern their lives accordingly to Jesus and the other ancient religions. I thought that was rather odd and wondered if a thousand years from now, folks will still be doing the same.

the walking man said...

If people understood the message the prophet brought and governed their lives off the will of an ageless Creator it'd be right; but it's simplicity is too base for most people to believe and live by; much less understand. That's why through the sowing of confusion there are so many "false prophets" getting way rich off of preaching hell fire, brimstone and JEEEEEEEEESuuus.

Freedom is a hard thing to believe in, much less live.

Ivan Canada has to change it's gun laws to become carbon copies of us and You and I know that the lunatic Marx was just an excuse for the Bolsheviks to rally round. Wiley Coyote would have worked just as well for that revolution except he hadn't been invented yet.

Now we are all soon going to be dealing in the Yuan as the international currency (fine by me) and the Chinese can police the world to protect their oil and markets.

Personally I would like to move North America to an isolationist stance , pre 1875 and what the two nations could not produce together we could do without.

Just a thought after a little nap.



TomCat said...

Interesting post, Ivan. I agree with Mark in that the problem is not faith, but rather, the misuse of the pretense of faith by modern day Pharisees.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


You are off to a raging start here and I think just touching the surface. I am American, but I have to say not to proud of the things we say are "not" doing behind each thers backs. Reminds me of high school girls in a cat fight, but on a much larger scale.

I believe that the only reason we are mirrored images of other places is because we have become lazy and just let big brother take the reigns. It is either that or we are just pathetic fools.

As for the aspect of 2,000 years ago. Ha! Sweetheart, not many of us would survive. Even those heathen fools learned that when we do what we want, we suffer the consequence. I can attest to that, as I am sure many can. I just hope we all learn our lessons soon. Or the saying, "Hell in a hand basket", will be sitting on everyone's doorsteps.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


I guess it took a long time (and a lot of plain Satanism) to finally craft the church into an art form
that is nothing short of beautiful.
And there are services and songs among the Baptists that are also a mass, also beautiful.

But there's always some dork in a shack who thinks he has a private line to God and then starts talking in tongues and gets a lot of other fools to go along with the madness. Weak-willed people with nowhere else to go.
There was a Marjoe Goertner some years ago, a prodigy of a young preacher--who exposed all this.
But you are right. There was certainly a time in Moorish Spain where all three religions, Christianity, Judaism and islam somehow co-existed--till the Satanism of the Inquisition wiped all away. It was a long process to the Reformation.
Fact is, a good Rabbi knows the score. But we don't listen.


ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


Yeah, a little touch of the Monroe Doctrine would help (That's President Monroe).

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


Yep, the Jimmy Swaggarts and Bakkers are all around us.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


We find out, don't we that it takes grit to live and if we tamper with a commandment, all hell breaks loose.

The longer I live the more I realize that something out there actually punishes...But I guess the ancient Greek playwrights knew that long before Moses.


Donnetta Lee said...

Ah, well, there is nothing new under the sun. Things tend to mutate a bit through the passing of time, but the same old dilemmas exist. The same old doubts. The same old bias. The same old fears. A thousand years from now, Liz? Same old patterns. What goes around comes around again and again. Atlantis falls. And Jesus says, "No, that isn't it at all!"

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

I especially like "No, that isn't it at all!"


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

So all hell breaks loose, in this I agree. But for how long. I believe we all make mistakes but I lifetime of punishment isn't exactly fair.

Too many excuses so I guess someone decided to hell with us all!

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


I kind of like old Bill when he said, "The quality of mercy is not strained.
"It droppeth like the gentle rain from heaven
"Upon the place beneath."

We are all trying to get somewhere.
And is it ever great when we are finally "home."


Josie said...

Ivan, Christiane Amanpour has a three-part series on CNN this week called "God's Warriors". It's about the conflict between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Tonight is Judaism, tomorrow night is Islam and Thursday night is Christianity. I can't help thinking, all this conflict going on between three philosophies, or religions, and for what...? For what...? We are all the same people. We create cultural differences and then we go to war over them. Each of us one life, one kick at the cat. I don't believe, if there is a God, that He intended for all of us to be doing battle with each other all the time, killing each other, losing our lives over a philosophy???. The point of life is to enjoy it. Breathe in, breathe out. Love, laugh, live. Period.

All the rest is bullsh*t.

benjibopper said...

no bloodshed?! you serious?? it was those 20,000 year-old wisdom holders who shed the most blood for this country.

rick mercer is our borat.

Josie said...

Benjibopper - Hear! Hear! Omigod, I love Rick Mercer. He is indeed our Borat.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

There are things we can't write about, but it seems to me that when one religion becomes too arrogant, an equal and opposite religion will bean it right on the head.
Newtonian theology, I suppose.

...And the Caholics will take just about anybody, and that takes some of the steam out.
Still, I don't think I'd encourage my grandson to be an altar boy.

The founders of the United States of America were all Masons. No Masonry, no U.S.A. It's right there on the American dollar bill.--Some of the Founding Fathers were very weired cats, what with with Hellfire clubs and a terrorizing of the populace.
...But I guess in those days, anybody with an IQ over l00 was destined to be a Freemason; this was the educated class.

Still, any state withtout a religious matrix would, I think quickly lapse into barbarism.I will not state obvious examples.
A high religious ideal keeps people civilized. This worked for a long time with international commerce--with the ideal of Christianity (Judeao-Christianity?)right on the heels of trade.
I have heard people say that if God is dead, we might have to rescucitate Him.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

The whole world is becoming more like a copy of America. It is the capitalistic and rampant consumerism culture that is becoming a global culture. This cuts across all religions....in fact it is the new religion.

Personally, I am standing and raving against it. I think Canada and Canadians have resisted Americanisation and considering your proximity to USA and the flood of media across the border, has done reasonably well. Of course, ground has been lost and we need people like you to keep the country and society vigilant.

I am a Christian but I can understand that the actions of some have given Christianity a bad name especially in North America. It has gotten so bad that I have heard of some who accept and follow the teachings and Lordship of Christ but do not like to be called Christians because of that bad association. The message of Jesus is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago but some "churches" have indeed become gatherings of Pharisees.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Your first sentence is profound.

We all come from farmers and they were certainly aware of 20,000 years of living, right down to asronomy, religion, moral codes and the righ times to plant. Also thoughts on the ideal society...Our society could have been called ideal in the years just after World War II.

I liked Rick Mercer (Canada's Will Ferrel, I suppose) when he was with
the TV show 22 Minutes. I think he's gone way downhill since.
But The Royal Canadian Air Farce does, in its sometimes acid satire, keep us entertained and informed--besides making us laugh.


ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Lone Grey Squirrel,

It is people like you who give Christianity a good name.

This is what I meant when I said somewhere that there was once a Judeo-
Christian ideal along with all the commerce.


eric313 said...


I think Marx and the commies are just a scapegoat that people point us at and say "that's what liberals want us to be like", or otherwise tell us to fear what the man and the politics represent.

Now, I don't like communism much, socialism much, or this Masonic experiment in setting up the old noble Roman republic in a new land--us, or the US, if you like. That's what it is.

But I think that what's really going on is the world is a lot closer to Orwell's vision than anyone will admit. I may be called crazy for pointing that out and so be it.

But the English speaking nations draw closer together as we speak. The nations of the Middle East do as well, though it doesn't seem that way. One more invasion by us in that region will make that apperant, I'd bet. Europe is also one, though Britian faces pangs of regret for joining. We fight a vague war against a vague enemy with no tangible goal that people didn't already seek before, with out using war, I might add. We are told that those not for it are against it, and americans are encouraged to report any suspicious activity by their neighbors.

The two minutes hate detailed in 1984 is the two minute slot on the nightly "news" updating us on Osama's pursuit (bee-beep), which once belonged to Saddam, which once belonged to the Soviets.

War is something we in the US are expected to live with as if it in and of itself were actually vital to our security. It is nevver vital to kick the crap out of the week to take what is their's by right and by geographic luck. It is never a sevcure thing to pick fights with people who have nothing, can lose nothing and will sacrifice themselves for what they believe in.

Lunacy by me? or by another party?
don't mind me--I'm always this cheerful!
peace out

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


You seem down... ::hugs for my Ivan man:::

the walking man said...

The Koran instructs all Muslims to respect all people of the book, meaning Christians and Jews because they follow the same God. It also instructs the Muslims that a jihad is waged only when someone wars against the holy land and that the Holy Land specifically is Jerusalem.

The Torah gives 631 LAWS for living which include the "ten commandments" the rest I will not put down as there are to many.

The Bible exhorts Christians to reach out to others and tell them of the resurrection of a man who paid for all of mankind's sins thereby allowing man to once again be children of God.

as he lay dying Siddartha, the first man in that culture to become Buddha (enlightened) specifically told his followers to go their own way and not to start a religion from his teaching but to live in peace and harmony with all things and people and that would show others the way.

The Vedas exhort one to kill the enemies of Sri Krishna for it does not matter because they will find a new life.

Just about every other religious posture comes from one of these writings, including worship of the dark one.

So what's the matter here? More people have died over a god they believe in but have never asked the one who created all things to teach them. Why is that?

What are we so involved in as individuals that we can not see that the spirit world is a very real and distinct place and all of those prophets sent by that one to teach man truth have been truly and honestly neglected for their words.What is it, there are no pictures so we can't understand what IS there to be read?

Why do we look for complexity when there is only simplicity to be found, for shits sake we award PhD.s in Theology and Philosophy which is a classic example of "ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the TRUTH.

Truth in spiritual matters is not subjective thought, it is as it knows itself to be, does not matter what I think of truth because if my thoughts of it do not fall in line with what it is then I am at fault not truth.

Which animist religion of the aboriginal cultures of this land can be called devils because of their beliefs and their understanding of the prophets that came among them and gave them word of mouth instruction to be passed down from generation to generation?

NONE. which besides the greed for their lands was one of the reason starting with the "Christian" Spanish of the 1500's began to systematically wipe them out or enslave them to their own ideology.
Which is no different then Osama bin Ladens Fatwah of 1996 said kill all them who do not adhere to our ideology, but again the grab for lands was in the mix, to move all non natives off the Arabian peninsula.

What are the Hindus and the Muslims of Pakistan fighting for in that barren piece of land that separates them, nothing Just left over tribal warfare from the migration of the Muslims to the new Nation of Pakistan when India finally was given it's independence from the British empire.

You are having personal troubles, why is it the creators fault or problem if you do not ask the Creator for aid. Instead you either ignore the spirituality within you and hope that somewhat educated doctors can practice it out of you or you fall to your knees and ask a dead prophet to help you.

Yet in all of this all have the ability to be one with the truth, one with the Creator but no that s to simple an answer and therefore because of the complexity of the human minds ability to discover, reason and think and come to true conclusions of the physical realm within which we live we have as a world ignored the truth.

Do I know truth, why yes, yes I do.Do I walk with the One who created all things? Well sure this is certain.Is this a brag, no it is a simple statement of fact; the same as the TRUTH has been laid before mankind in the simplest way the creator could make it. With different words easily understandable to all cultures of the earth through out all time.

But it is easier to kill them who do not think like you than it is to believe in some hobgoblin creator who may or may not exist...isn't it?



ivan@creativewriting.cva said...


You are spot-on about George Orwell. We are very much in l984.
This is not at all the ovservation of a "character." It is really the case, from American politics, to ours here, and certainly in the People's Republic. l984 is here, right down to the slogans. "War is peace", and all that.
And what did Winston say in the last chapter of l984?
I think it was, "Under the shade of the apple tree
"I sold you, and you sold me."
You are far from a "lunatic", eric.

l984 is politics writ large and there is no question that we are in something like totalitarianism, here and abroad.
Mark Twain liked to say, "If voting mattered, they wouldn't let us do it."
Seems to me the Good Gay Greeks did invent democracy; it is older than philosophy.
But they could only do so much.
We proably need a Francis Bacon now; Bacon worked on all these things.
Or perhaps Thomas Beckett, though he was assassinated too.
It is my opinion that Bill Clinton was very, very good.
But, of course, he uh, wasn't one to blow his own horn.


ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

The Walking Man,

Thank your for bringing up the Torah, or Book of Laws.

I keep getting it mixed up with the Talmud, which is a commentary on the Bible. (Got my PhD in Plumbing, Heating and Drains).

Philosophy is defined as the love of truth.
Seems we've had lots of philosophy and little auguring for the truth.
Maybe Einstein went the furthest when he reached for (I swear) the Equation of God.
...But we are just one small fart in the universe.
Maybe you have, independently, found the equation of God.
Who's to say?


ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


Even at the bottom, there are these little pockets, where you can sink even lower. :)

Richard Farina: "Been down so long it seems like up to me."

Now ain't that a cheery thought?

Like I was telling E.A. Monroe some time ago, it's getting up on the throne and pulling an old-style British loo chain.

"Goodbye cruel world." FLUSH!

Someone just sent me a manuscript.
First line:

"They were both gone and the world was better off for having them gone."

Cheery thought.

But my mother lived to be 99 because she was crazy. People with mental problems seem to live for a very long time.

Cheery thought again.

And for all that neuroticism, I think of The Walking Man.

I think courage for him is getting up, getting dressed and going to work every day--which is a damn sight more gritty than me sitting on the throne and contemplating my navel.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Oh dear Ivan.

I do not want to be at the bottom so long that i get use to it. We all carry heavy loads and the idea of giving it all a big flush is enticing. However, maybe it is my punishment because asking for forgiveness was not enough.

I should like to believe there is more to life than regret and penance. So I shall hold on to my heart and let it swin the sea of love, even if the love is solitary.

soft love Ivan

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

For me it's more like solving specific operating problems. Also some very steep mountains for some members of my family.
It's not depression, really.

It's like a deer pacing around. What's he doing? He's thinking.

In your case, I'm sure you're forgiven. A friend of mine who has been through the fire says "now forgive yourself."



Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


To forgive myself is a tall order.
The sleeping giant is still awake. There is no forgiveness for the wanting.

I do wish you family well. I shall light a soft white candle for you, as well as them.

Soft love

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

I understand.

And thank you.