Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rumors that my pal Andrew Krystal has a Christ complex are greatly exaggerated

I see by my site meter that I have a hit from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It's probably from my phone- in radio pal, Andrew Krystal. Andrew has left CFRB in Toronto to work in Halifax. Halifax? Is that where they send a sharp-tongued Stephen Colbert in Canada?
Andrew is the the founder of the Krystal Nation, which has a large cult following. Surely, Andrew wasn't sent to Halifax because he peed-off the Pope.
Gotta say Andrew has a graphic sense.
I think he has a Christ complex, though I'm sure he's not exactly Catholic.
Still my radio pal!
I won a couple of prizes after spending some air time with Andrew on CFRB Toronto.
Missing his sharp wit and on-air company.
(Yeah, I know. God is going to get both of us for this blog!)


Josie said...

Hi, Boychik, you're a star in your own right :-)

Josie said...

Nice to orbit some of the big boys and girls sometimes.


benjibopper said...

here's another hit from Hali for ya!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


You are something else and now I see you have a playmate or shall I say partner in crime... ha! I would love to be a bug in your pocket.

smiles said...

Hali Holy!

Ivan said...


You the sweetest thang.

Ivan said...


Congatulations on having a chapter of your novel published in a Ghanaian newspaper.

It is late at night, and I only read the first few papragraphs.
Looks good!

Ivan said...


You must get Andrew Krystal every morning 9-12 on "Maritime Morning."

Ain't he somethin' else?

Talking about his gay brother in Truro, Nova Scotia.


They'll tar and feather him.

Ascerbic sometimes though.


Anonymous said...

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benjibopper said...

truro, where they just banned the rainbow flag. poor bastard.

haven't heard his show, but i'll check it out if i ever get up before noon again.

yeah, the ghanaian newspaper. it's a start, of sorts. that and the TAC grant. said...


Andrew has had a run-in with the mayor of Truro.

TAC grant.


There's gold in that there Coast. :)