Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yes, but is it art?

Last week film fans turned their eyes north of the border, as the Toronto International Film Festival became the temporary center of the cinematic world. The festival, which wrapped up tonight, featured plenty of high-profile Oscar-bait movies getting splashy screenings — Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Atonement, and I'm Not There among them — but there's only one film at the fest that had Toronto newspaper editors chewing their fingernails, and Vulture gleefully awaiting the upcoming awkward headlines: Young People F*cking, a romantic comedy directed by Martin Gero.

Left Photo:
Josh Dean in the nearly-impossible-to-Google-Image-Search-for Young People F*cking Courtesy of THINKFilm.

This is Toronto the good?
Saints preserve us!


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Ivan? Only young people do this? ::cough:: said...

Actor Josh Dean seems to demonstrate that People seem to get their Diner's Club membership at a younger and younger age.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I can not say when anyone should get their membership card, either way, "Have card will travel".

Why do you think men hit their prime in their late teens and women in their 40's? How insane is that? said...

I was a devoted trencherman well into my forties.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Ahh well .. I am off to bed. I think I may do a voice poem tonight or tomorrow... we will see if my muse visits me as I sleep.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

::grin:: Thats all I will say to that. Night Ivan... rest well

Dream a little dream, sing something sweet and when you wake... smile knowing we were all watching you have that dream outloud!

eric1313 said...

At least you keep it all in perspective, Ivan.

Let no man go hungry
as long as love tastes
so sweet;
brings us so high
and yet
so very, very
low said...

Yep, Eric,

I think I'm surfing pretty close to bottom here.
...All these cheap sex shows posing as documentaries.

Ivan's blog posing as movie review.

Ah what's trainwreck on a big operation like this? :)

Josie said...

Ivan, have you turned into a hidebound reactionary?

Say it ain't so....! said...


Father Mulcahey says these things are sent to try us. :)

Ivan said...

One has become a Chekhovian figure.

Seething, repressed sexuality in the Cherry Orchard.

Come to think of it, those kids, until recently, were certainly in the cherry orchard!

O Canada.

Ladybug ladybug
Fly away home
The sheep's in the meadow
The cow's in the corn.

eric1313 said...

And a good night to you, gentleman Ivan of the cow corn fields.

Lady bugs everywhere appreciate you efforts to show them the way home.

Sienna said...

I know, I know, art is supposed to be difficult to pin, but I love this attempt (at description) by Urgyen Sangharakshita...(say that quickly after 5 blonde beers):

*Art is the organisation of sense impressions [into pleasurable formal relations] that expresses the artist's sensibility and communicates to his audience a sense of values that can transform their lives.*

I would watch this movie, don't know much about it....can't really comment on it's merit..but:

*It's hard to be funny when you have to be clean.*
(Mae West)

Josh certainly looks like he's having fun..


Pam :)

Donnetta Lee said...

Donnetta said...

As always you say something 'a propos.
There is a theory that it is the artist and not the social scientist who knows the way home.
Still, one is tempted.

The way to a man's heart is through his...?
You are what you eat? LOL. said...


Ah Mae West.
Thinking about Tami's poem by Verlaine. Something about huge mountains.
Bob Hope was supposed to say to Mae West in a restaurant, "You haven't got heartburn...Your left breast is in the ashtray!"

I think this blog has gone the way of the ashtray, but what the hell,
I think even Confucious loved carnal sights.
"Woman who fly plane upside-down have..."
And: "Foolish man gives wife grand piano.
"Smart man gives wife..."

Yep, it's hard to be funny when you have to be clean. :)

Ivan said...

Oops...I meant to say Tara's poem.
Tami is another blogger.

Darn cigarette withdrawal. Addles your brain.

Ivan said...



I think web surfer got a wipeout here.
"When Dashing Pierre of the Lafayette Escadrille goes down, he goes down in flames."
What would Snoopy do?

Yeah, well.
I try to soar like an eagle and end up a mere titmouse.

(And I'd better shut up at this point). :)

Oh, what the hell. You should have seen young Josh trying to explain the movie title and his role in it on MTV the other night.
Things have gone to hell!


JR's Thumbprints said...

I'm reminded of a short story aptly titled "Sex Sells." It's about two elderly women peddling their wares at a flea market. Of course one of them out does the other by showing a little skin. said...


For the life of me, I don't know why I've put up what I've put up.
This ia a high volume blog--no need to sell, thanks to help from the Quarks.
But I seem to have a prurient bent.
Would you believe I even found something like porn in the I-Ching, that Book of Changes?
Serious scholarship, you understand.
Ah well.

To do a weird take on a comment here, "Pornography is in the groin of the beholder."


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I should be like Rimbaud... not of the same sex variety but lost in writing until unhappiness left with him no pen to write. Perhaps then I will become famous and not just a run of the mill poet.

Hello everyone. said...


Rimbaud a denizen of Brokeback Mountain?
No wonder I only got 64 per cent in Modernist Literature...I knew I shouldn't have taken that Florida Holiday in mid-term.
Ah well. An Illumination. Heh.

Tara, your poetry is highly publishable. I think it found its way here once.


Was it Rimbaud who said the pen is mightier than the plough?

(I'm getting a little silly with the tobacco withdrawal).


EA Monroe said...

I wonder. Is there a story to this movie?

Sex Sells. Anything for a ummm... buck.

Enjoy your Sunday with the family, Ivan! said...

I do the poet injustice.

Here is one I missed in French Studie--and my French is lousy:


A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: vowels,
I shall tell, one day, of your mysterious origins:
A, black velvety jacket of brilliant flies
which buzz around cruel smells,

Gulfs of shadow; E, whiteness of vapours and of tents,
lances of proud glaciers, white kings, shivers of cow-parsley;
I, purples, spat blood, smile of beautiful lips
in anger or in the raptures of penitence;

U, waves, divine shudderings of viridian seas,
the peace of pastures dotted with animals, the peace of the furrows
which alchemy prints on broad studious foreheads;

O, sublime Trumpet full of strange piercing sounds,
silences crossed by [Worlds and by Angels]:
–O the Omega! the violet ray of [His] Eyes!

Damn. Rimbaud used colours in his poetry. I can't reproduce colour here.

Ivan said...


I think some more illustrious people than the present director of YPF--did a better job on the theme.
It was a Czech movie, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being."
...I have completely forgotten who that director was, but it was a beautiful movie, set in Russian-bullied Prague. Two. Soetimes four people of all sexes, making out.
But there is a lightness of being after multiple sex partners. And that is the truth of the story, though that lightness of being can often lead to the hooded Man With the Scythe.

There is a story in YPF--the strange turns of sex, its mysterious ways, but I'm sure the
Canadian director missed it--though I haven't seen the movie, and that might not be fair.
But then I have my naughty VCR's and I am loath to spend money on YPF.

Somehow, I feel vaguely guilty of talking about all this.

The family is indeed arriving.
I will probably hit somebody for a pack of smokes.
Some patriarch!

Ah, well, what are families for.

But I am really looking forward to seeing the grandkids.

You have a good memory.
My own "munchkins".
I am sure Josie is having a good time with her grandkids.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Rimbaud used heart. He was a man that saw far beyond what his age was.

Quite emotional.. but then one should expect that. He held everything out there, left it raw to be devoured by anyone that took notice.

And those that did ... left scars on his soul and those that bit into heart, took all that he had left to love nt once appreciating it.

He would be adored by many if he were alive today.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Rimbaud did say, "Morality is the weakness of the mind". Ha! This could be why sex is always a draw to the box office. We are all weak of the mind and the flesh.

As for, "The pen is mightier than the plow". Some say he did say that because his father wanted him to be a farmer and never a writer. But there are a few that suggest it was just a saying used to described how Rimbaud felt about his writing compared to being a farmer.

Either way.... We all know Rimbaud chose writing and we all the better because he did.

eric1313 said...

LOL!!!! Ho droll, Ivan. How clever...

Then by that theory, I am nothing but lasagna, garlic toast and a drop of cheap champagne...
Hello, everyone. Hope all is well.

eric1313 said...

How droll, I meant...

not that I'm callng you a ho...

unless you are varying your diet

benjibopper said...

I believe the movie 'Kids' covered this topic adequately already, 12 years back or so.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


You are hardly a bland meal. But to get to know you one must first understand you and what has brought you here.

Long story, a familiar one. But what is a heart without the color red blanched upon it from years of agony. So right and true are words spoken from such pain and denial.

Rimbaud was like that as well. His heart was a canvas that he painted from, not on. He heard what it spoke so deeply and knew such pain and disappointment that he could not even do himself justice when it came to loving. Inside, he chose those that although interested in his romantic nature, they were not interested in knowing him. That is the biggest mistake most people make .. there is more that lies under the surface. But it is buried and only the truest of hearts can find it.


eric1313 said...


It's nice to hear that from you. You understand much about the fire that drives the heart of men.

"He heard what it spoke so deeply and knew such pain and disappointment that he could not even do himself justice when it came to loving."

How poigniant that statement is. Thank you for your words. Though I should understand my own value, I really don't. It makes it almost impossible to love somebody for more than what they are from a far. I keep trying to climb higher mountains all the time, trying to be a better writer and find the meaning of internal peace. No amount of outside teaching can bring me there, it's something I have to find my own answers to. I can read what others write, and assimilate it, but their story and meaning belongs to them, and I have to find my own words.

So glad to hear from you. said...


There are readers who turn nauseous, but I for one am rather partial to what Josh is having.

The only thing I have in common with Picasso is that he missed his formerly ribald sex life as he grew older.
For some reason, I have turned monk, but even the repentant St. Augustine would have his own pornographic flashbacks.
I fear I have become a monosexual.
Everybody is screaming for rights-- animal rights, gay rights, immigrants' rights.
Rights for us monosexuals, I say!
We, who like Pee Wee Herman, are prone to sort of go off by ourselves. This, of course, is hard on sports equipment and the constabulary often gets involved.

I hope monosexuality is not a permantent state with me.
I know for certain, that just before I take up the priesthood, wicked Mary is going to come around again knowing for sre Ivan will have bib and tucker on, and ready to rock and roll.

Gotta do something before I take out the entire village!
It is time to think about a one-night stand. Maybe two nights.

Ah Hemingway: It is nobler for a man to cut off his lower head and put a gun to his upper head.
...Not sure how noble.
...Gotta get tickets to YPF.
Take oneself in hand.
This also noble?

Married, we are unhappy, single we are unhappy.
Perhaps small, cute animals.
Koalas are nice.
And they look clean.

Ivan said...


It strikes me that the artist,as aristicrat--for that is what they really are--should first consider the consequence of his proselytizing.
Adultery, for example involves contract and transgression. A man can be reduced to a piece of bread.
Also bankrupt, like me. Seems we pay for every six and nine that we get. Somthing out there punishes.
There is a world-squirm after the "sin".
Or maybe that's the way it hit me as a lapssed Eastern Catholic.
Maybe I should have kept on going, and populated a village.

Ivan said...


I remember "Kids."

Yes, yes, drunkenness and licenciousness--the good stuff.

You may be right.


EA Monroe said...

eric1313, that's a statement of insight. So few have discovered it, more fear it, and it takes a lot of heart to pursue it. You're not alone in the journey or the search. Often, it's a very lonely path to tread; sometimes we meet familiar sojourners along the way. Good luck.

EA Monroe said...

Ivan, the nuns got to you!! ;-) said...


You are probably right.

Sister Gemma had it in for me. Probably in more ways than one.

Something like a primary relationship. I would sincerely have loved to have gotten into her habit.

Psycho-sexual Catholic rock and roll.
Chekhov again, though he was Orthodox...But he came from my village.


Sienna said...

Oops be careful with koala...
have been known to wee onya
can give people a fright
and also known to bite....

They are very cute, had toy koala bears as a kid, but as an adult am definitely of opinion koala up in tree can stay in tree...have only cuddled one once and it went well, but have seen them pee and bite while being nursed; be flight or fight response I guess.

Unbearable lightness of being, what a great and sensual film, The Piano...English Patient...

I think you are right, YPF will pale...but it takes all kinds right?

Art is complex...all films are not art then, some are just entertainment?

It would be good to see YPF....there maybe more to it than shagging?

Pam said...

Koalas wil sometimes bite?
That's no good then.

There might be a tao in YPF, though I somehow doubt it.
Will have to get it on dvd.


Josie said...

A guy sticks his location,
In a girl's destinstion,
To increase the population,
For the next generation.
Do you get my explanation?
Or do you need a demonstration?

Heh. said...


Saucy girl. :)

Donnetta Lee said...

I repeat:
Donnetta said...

Well, like I joked to Josie about another matter,"No need to go to the Winn-Dixie.
"The vegeatables are on me."


eric1313 said...

That's what I meant, too, Ivan.

It's a strange thing to get used to.

Tonight, I'm clam chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich. said...

There's brain in that there chowder.