Thursday, November 08, 2007

American woman will have to wait

Old Jimmie Rodgers, c. 1939:

Well I'm just as blue as I can be
Since Susette said goodbye to me

My life is just a failure, I see
She won't be my gal no mo' no mo no mo-e

Gonna pack my things in a grip.
Take me a long ocean trip
Out on a great big steam ship.

You ain't gonna see your daddy no mo no mo'e

Ah, another heartbroken Okie.

But this honorary Oakie really needs to take a trip.

I am stuck on my American Woman essay.

Need a change of scene.

Working holiday.

Boarding not a steamship, but a bus. Damn. Had to shoot car.

Have to survive. Need a trip to--wait for it--Hamilton, Ontario...That's like Toledo, Ohio, the rustbelt of Ontario,--but the money is clean.

So Ivan is off to Hamilton, where men are men and, lately, it seems, so are half the women.

This is a shinplaster blog.
Mainly because my shins are raw from being kicked around as a writer in Toronto...but not in Newmarket, Ontario...Start where you stand, I say.


"In the shadow of the pole, I will clasper to my soul..."

Of course, in Hamilton, which is known as "Yakshamayesh City" I will be in the shadow of the Pole... Come to think of it, I used to always get the "Polish mark" at Toronto University: C+

Probably because old lovelife was keeping me from getting sleep.

It was an American woman. My intention is to write an essay on her.

But the American Woman essay will have to wait.

I need to restore my EQ, that is to say, Ethnic Quotient.

Maybe good food will give me the magic to write on the American Woman.

See you all on the weekend.



benjibopper said...

know what bothers me about this whole Giller thing? one minute nobody knows Hay, next minute they can't print enough of her books to keep the shelves warm. if she's good now, she must have been good before, so why is this the first most canucks have heard of her? and of course, there's thousands of other unknown geniuses (geniui?) at work. wouldnt it be nice if A. all those bankers spread their money around a bit and instead of one 50 g prize gave 5 smaller ones, and B. if fussy consumers would give local lesser knowns a chance? yep, sure would be nice.

enjoy the hammer, Ivan.

ps. strangely i have to be logged into blogger before entering your domain in order to comment. can't log in here like at other blogs. funny thing.

Sienna said...

Safe travels Ivan and have fun.

Don't forget about the world's best kept secret; Australian women.



Liz said...

Have fun, Ivan!

Josie said...

Have fun, Ivan. (My cousin lives in Hamilton).

And hurry back. :-)

the walking man said...

Don't take the bus, use a stick and a bindle...not only will you ride free but people will buy you things on the way.

get your head back where you think it needs to be.


mark said...


Good morning.

I am baack, though I don't know what it is with Blogger. Ever since I logged into FaceBook, I seem to have problems...That and other places I've logged in.
I think you can access my site easily by today. Should be no problems now. If you have a Mac, go Firefox.
Yeah, the Giller.
I have yet to find an author who really tells me where I live and among whom I move. I feel sorry for the pavement dwellar in Calcutta or Nunavit, but as a near-pavement dweller in Toronto, I really need to know.
I did enjor "Hammer City," thanks.
Some peope out there are unexpectedly hip, especially the musicians and old DJ's. said...

I am still splitting my sides over the Aussie version of foreplay by the guy:
"Brace yourself, Sheila." LOL. said...

Had fun, thanks.
But so many young panhandlers on the streets. One third my age.
Probably the same thing in OKA. said...


Oh those Sixties shades.

Gives me a Forties response:
Hubba hubba! said...

Don't want to coin a phrase here, but you are right on.
The goodness of people when you're carrying matched luggage, that is to say, two shopping bags from Winn Dixie and a day's growth of beard.
Yes, "you" are a shit-kicker and a bum, but nine out of ten, so many people have hearts of gold.

But in the last count, aren't we glad we are middleclass?
There's always Sis to go to. Or Bro.


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