Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Hard Drive is Korrupt and Kaput.

Good evening.

Seems that ever since I made some domain changes (and joined FaceBook), my computer had been acting up, shutting itself off for no reason at all.

Techie says my hard drive is corrupt (not a new one on me!)

Machine is now in shop.

Will be missing a lot of emails from you wonderful readers--at least in the short run.

What is it with us Quarks?

Half the Quarks sick and the AntiQuark has a corrupt hard drive. LOL.

Hope to see you guys in 72 hours or so--About the same length of leave time as they offer mental health patients who have weekend privileges.

AntiQuark is going mental!


eric1313 said...

Facebook? Isn't that where to catch a predator trolls for candidates for their show?

Hope you get back on line, soon.

Peace out.

Josie said...

Ivan, we will miss you while you're gone.

You have to be careful which websites you visit. I think Blogger is fairly safe, but a lot of sites, well, I'm not so sure.

I hope your daughter is okay as well. Please keep us posted.

EAMonroe said...

Hee hee! Ivan! We wouldn't be "quarks" if we weren't mental. Hah! ~Liz Get unkorrupted soon!

Shesawriter said...

Oh, Ivan! I'm so sorry to hear about your 'puter problems. Hope it gets well real soon so you can come back to us.


Sienna said...

It is but a speck on the Prokopchuk world map...(hard drive out for repairs), you will be back (Arnie accent goes there).

There is a guy wanting to buy our Prokopchuk, he is from interstate, Peter the Red is talking business on sale at this minute.

The hopeful buyer heard how Prokopchuk qualified so well for us...speed talks apparently.

I am of mixed emotion on this, but business is business.

I say, are you having withdrawals on the cyberspace thing?

Corruption can be such a buggar.


the walking man said...


Donnetta Lee said...

Hey, I'm going mental right alongside you! Or, as Walking Man says: Going?

Donnetta said...


Hi. I think I'm back.

Oh, the things we do that we never get caught for....I think I'd still be in jail. said...


Big hello. I think I'm back, but with my luck I'm liable to flame out on this machine as soon as the IT guy leaves...Happens all the time.

My unfortunate daughter has a condition I'll have to look up.
Severe "female" problems. Menstrual blood will not void, therefore a sticking together of internal organs. She has had an operation, but don't think it worked.
But she seems well enough to work at a complicated and stressful government job: Keeping track of all luggage for all of YYZ...Hell, talk about stress! I know I'd have some if my luggage ended up at LAX.

I'll look up daugher's medical condition and let you know. said...

Hi Liz,

IT guy says machine is all right now.
Easy for him to say.

Last time, he had just closed the door behind himself and I got "korrupted." said...


We are back, but, I fear, easily korrupted. said...

Sienna (Pam):

Omigod. The horse named after me, Prokopchuk (try to say that with a mouthful of bit)--is up for sale?
Oh Carolina! Oh blues song from the Delta! They are selling Prokopchuk.
But I am so glad that my namesake has panned out.
...Actually, with my own checkered background as gigolo (not quiet up to Richard Gere standards) I have been bought and sold by many a banker's daughter. :) said...

Mark (Walking Man):

Here is a little ditty we learned at the Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly Plant:

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Here comes my wagon.
my wagon.
I can hear my keeper calling me!

Just like the nuts that fall
I'm a little cracked that's all.

Ding ding ding ding ding here comes my wagon
my wagon
My twuck. said...


I guess today's the day we find out the results of the real medical test.

But you are probably just coming out of sedation now.

Hope everything went well.

Josie said...

Is it endometriosis? It sort of sounds like that.

Gosh, I'm ready for it to be summer again...!

Josie said...

P.S. I just got the envelope in the mail, and yes I would be very happy to scan it and e-mail it to you.

Josie said...


Yes, it is endometriosis. And something else. Where the opening to the womb starts to grow, sort of uncontrolled.

I am still trying to google for that condition.

...Seem to have lost my brains along with the computer. Nicotine withdrawal. Not entirely my idea. :) said...


So glad you got that copy of my old underground newspaper from hereabouts, "The Main Street WhizBang."
There are, of course a couple of chapters of my novel, THE FIRE IN BRADFORD therein, published by--wait for it--RICCI's SPORTS BAR.
I just needed the RICCI'S SPORTS BAR logo to place it alongside my story--glad I didn't have to publish the initial version of my book by myself. A barkeep publisher is better than no publisher.
Yeah, it would be nice if you could reproduce electronically and send it to me in email...May be using it as an object lesson where a drunken wtiter talks the barkeep into acting as his publisher.

Thank you in advance for the work, Josie. I am certainly overbudening my son the techie and the extra help is really appreciated.


Josie said...

Ivan, it's no problem at all.

Josie said...


eric1313 said...

Well, if you're back, drop by for a spell...

I'm sure there's something I've written that may induce a thoughtfull word or two.

And if not, you can tell me what went wrong.