Friday, November 30, 2007

Stupid Blogger and Stupid Google and Stupid Darwin

My intention with this blog is to see if I can finally break through and "goose" both Google and Blogger to at last allow me to comment in my own comment space. So far, I've been going "anonymous" in my own blog.
This is a drag.
If I were to blog for a living (and sometimes I do), a sticky blog site would surely drive me to the poorhouse.

Already in the poorhouse, I will nevetheless sally forth on this new blog entry.

I have been watching, again and again, documentaries on Evolution vs Intelligent design.
(Onward Christian soldiers?).
What is entirely missing in the debate is that right now, the same people have what seems a monopoly on Paleontology: The Darwinists.

"Bull roar!" roared my late uncle, Dave Smith, a former film diretor for Audubon.

"Men came down from space. They had their lunch....Then the sandwiches evolved into life, and ultimately, into us.
"We evolved from sandwiches!



ivan said...

This is me trying to comment in my own comment space.
Up until now, Google wouldn't let me.

ivan said...

That's halfway there.


eric1313 said...

Good deal.

So, how do we get paid for blogging again?

I borrow my photos from everywhere. The Rule (or law, as it where) is this: if you don't make any money, you can post anything you want. If you do make money off you blog (bombarding your fiends with ads), then they can come and sue you for it.

Fug'em. I make no money with the blog, and just try for publication.

Yeah, now to get that ball rolling.

Hello to everyone who comes here,

and the rest!

Off to Detroit.

Peace out.

ivan said...


You are one lucky guy.
The Amttrak going where you're going just got derailed.
I believe the track has been cleared by now.

Donnetta Lee said...

From sandwiches, huh? Knew we came from somewhere, but had no idea! Hey, what happens if we go picnic on some lone planet someday? Nah. Our processed food would never survive.


Shesawriter said...


You are having some weird web issues, dude. What the blazes is going on with your 'puter?

ivan said...



Now my Microsoft home page is trying to sell me something in, I think, Swahili.

(Whoops, that's Farsi!).

Yep. I got some issues.

ivan said...


Yep, you need trans-fat to hold he DNA together!

ivan said...

p.s. to Eric,

I have edited some poetry, several short stories and a novel for people.
The money for my services grew less and less, especially when the novelist was rejected and pretty well called a pr*ck.
I tried to explain that I was really editing the uneditable,suggested a rewrite, but the novelist passed the slap down and called me a prick as well.

Lard Tunderin'.
As they used to say in journalism, if the bastards can't take a joke, pee on them. LOL.

Josie said...

What kind of sandwiches?

Turkey with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce, on whole wheat?
Grilled cheese?

Makes a difference ya know...

Anyway, evolution isn't an end product, it's a process. That's why I don't believe in intelligent design. Evolution is intelligent design. It's the perfect example of it. Creatures adapt in the most amazing ways, in order to survive. That's what it's all about. Survival. Even viruses and bacteria evolve in order to survive. No intelligent design there.

Believing in evolution doesn't rule out the existence of God. It just means He was a lot smarter than most folks realize, and a lot less simplistic. People don't give Him enough credit.

Evolution is the perfect process, and it works.

ivan said...


Wonderfully articulated.

And yet, as a product of the late Fifties, I keep hearing that song in my head, slightly altered from a pop song at that time.
Who put the Meat in the Meteor?

Josie said...

The same person that put the ram in the rama-lama-ding-dong.

We have great debates about this at home, and I cannot possibly see any other process but evolution. Einstein once said that the closer you get to science, the closer you get to God. It's true. It's so perfect, why would anyone want to create some other process that is not as good, and then attribute it to God? He is not amused. :-) I think He is rather fond of His process of evolution.

I have to hit the hay before I evolve into one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater.

'Nite all. See you in the morning.

ivan said...


I once tried to approach the paradox of "race" through etymology.

Apparently, if I were to hang around Mount Everest and encounter a Kazakh, I woud say, in Ukrainian or Polish, "Yak sy mayesh", and the Kahakh would answer "Dobre".
So, forty thousand years later, the Kazakhs still speak Ukrainian?
Well, no, not quite. Kazakhs are after all from Kazakhstan, formerly of the Soviet Union and they mostly speak Russian today, a cousin language of Ukrainian.
I did read, however in a startling little book called The Red Queen, that the Australian Aborigine carries in him/her all the races of mankind.
This was countered in a PBS documentary lately which seemed to suggest that after the original Africans, it was the Kazakhs who started everybody,from North American Indian to Caucasian.
Ah well, the whole "racial" thing is a minefield anyway.

But there was one statrling assertion in The Red Queen:
It seems that the birds were there before the dinosaurs.
Now what was that all about?
...I was perplexed until I saw a sea turtle swim.

Heavens to Myrgatroyd!
T-Rex was just a big turkey? With teeth? LOL.

Anyway, g'night Josie.
Hope the three-storey high Tyrannosaurus Rex doesn't reach up to your tree hous and grab ya. Heh.

the walking man said...

Ok if men came from space ate their sandwiches and men are descended from those sandwiches my only question is it before they passed through the colon or after?



ivan said...

Escatology, or the study of final causes, used to be a serious branch of philosophy.
That and scatology, which is the study of sh*it.
There are times when I think Man is playing the Man vs Nature game.
Nature is oblivious of us, but it always somehow seems to win.
The call of nature?

There are times when I think Man is a knockoff of something, sort of a brussel sprout from a much larger stem.
I can't find the reference in Jung, but I beieve in a work deliberately written in a dramatic way, a holy man prays to God.
God answers by dumping on a cathedral.
I guess I am too much takens with mysticism and scatology. Somebody is going to "Hey Rube" me for sure. :)

ivan said...

p.s. to The Walking Man.

In spite of me trying to be cute, yours is a pretty sharp take on the subject (the subject being what it is, heh).
It is certainly bird sh*t that populates and turns green the atolls as the volcanoes rise.

chomper said...

I think we'd all agree ,

on the BLT .

No magic lost ,

'Cus trans-fats are free .

ivan said...

Agreed, Chomper.

Willie de Vamphire said...

To bite , to have , to scold .

My Gothy babe , is a wonder ,

to enfold .

ivan said...

Okay, Jay,

gotta get your glutemates.

Did you know that the tapeworm in humans has the same DND as humans.

Stupid Darwin.

ivan said...

sh'd read DNA.

Amd, in my drunkenness, I forgot
the cartoon film, Beetlejuice.

ivan said...

Josie is trying to help me unsnaggle my blogger.
Just trying here to post on my own blog in a new way to see if it works.

December 2, 2007 2:06 AM

ivan said...

Works, kind of.

Ah well.

Difficulties create art, an editor once told me--and then he fired me.

Reduced to writing "letters to the editor" locally these days.
Ah what the hell. Better a hundred thousand readers for free than no readers at all.
Your name in print at all costs, I say. :)
Editorializing is better than self-abuse! LOL.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm stil trying to figure out exactly how we've "evolved."

ivan said...

Seems to me we meatballs have been walking around for about three- and- a -half million years.
Charles Darwin was supposed to have said on his deathbed, "Only a fool would write a book (of this type)."
One of these days someobody is going to find an ignition key to a 1987 Datsun right alongside some Neandert(h)al's bones.

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