Monday, December 03, 2007

Lucifer as scapegoat

The column will be an example of professionalism.
The column will be proof copy, not a word wasted.
The column wil deal with matters large and small, though the column itself will be tiny, almost transfinite, and capable of pointing the reader to larger works where fine points could be argued.
The column was inspired by George Boole, who figured out all the ways a person can think, long before Microsoft.
The column is you.
We are jogging together.
Inside this computer.
Rah Rah Rah
All things come from God.
But I don't think, Mircrosoft.


the walking man said...

Dear editor:
Re "Lucifer as scapegoat"
by Ivan Prokopchuck.

While well written I do believe that Microsoft has given men all the ways they think.

Mr. Prokopchuk's Idea that it is any other way is heresy and he should be pilloried in the town square for such thoughts.


Mark Durfee CD (college Dropout)

ivan said...


We are somehow on he same page.
There was a time when I had the power to grant college diplomas (You listening JR?).
What the hell, we'll start a university right here, but the requirement is to out-Plate Plato, outshop Schopenhauer and out-kirk
That is not to say I am a PhD.
(Hell, I used to be a D.P.) :)

What got me going on this particular rag I'm chewing was the wildlife illustrator Robert Bateman, who said in a recent TV interview that electronics will wreck a young person's mind. (He then went on to offer his website where more could be learned about these matters, incuding Mr. Bateman's wonderful art)...I guess he can't do without Microsoft either.
Thanks for the comment.
My piece came after a round of fairly heavy drinking and even heavier exercising in the snow.

Like you sometimes in the mornings, I had this sense I could see around corners and after seeing what I'd written I was afraid it was jejune and really somewhat amateurish.
In the middle of a drinking jag while watching PBS, there was a section there on creative writing and one authoress said "do not be afraid of what you've written...Forge ahead."
Welll so I did, but I am no 100 per cent proud of it.
Thanks again for the comment.

benjibopper said...

'not a word wasted.'

ah, to dream the impossible dream.

ivan said...


E. A. Monroae is "steaming" her work to get the required page count for a contest.

I for one certainly get wordy at times and have been accused by a Montreal publisher of same.

So now I write tight.
Maybe too tight. LOL.

Josie said...

Microsoft is my enemy, but I couldn't live without Microsoft now.


ea monroe said...

Hiya, Ivan!
I'm still "steaming." ;-) ~Liz

TomCat said...

Dang, Ivan! Since I know so much about Bush, may I have a BS in Bullshitology?

ivan said...


I believe God, being a High Class Act--uses a Mac.

ivan said...


Happy pruning.

Hey, you're just about done now, no?

ivan said...


By George, you've got it!

benjibopper said...

what a coincidence, i just spent the past few weeks steamrolling my subway novel to get down to length for the Atlantic Writing Contest. a painful process - i cut a third of my hard work onto the floor. but, i'm happy with the result. me, i lean toward wordy, so hard editing is good for me.

ivan said...

I guess being a lawyer and having to handle much verbiage--then turning writer, well, what a trick!

Josie said...

Ivan, why are you not logging in properly. What's up doc?

Shesawriter said...


You're insane. You do know that right? But I think that's why I love you. LOL!

ivan said...


I have almost given up with Blogger/Google.

The only way I am now able to comment on other people's sites (or my own) is to use my "nickname", which I in desperation finally complied with.
The only way any comment of mine gest anywhere is when I used "Ivan", the so-called nickname.


...Damn. I just put in my user name and my password, which is, "creative1"--and nuttin'.

So here I go with the "nickname".

In plain community college spelling: Fok! said...



I have been certified by the best. :)

ivan said...

What time is it getting to be?
Almost ten and I'm sober.

Getting onto International Drinking Time.

Looks like for the next four hours,
I'll be drinking with the goat in my illustration.


I will be obtuse and even abstruse--now there are some ten-cent words for you. LOL.

snakesbeer said...

Ivan ,

That's sum funny lookin' Camel .

ivan said...

In my current state, I'd walk a mile for it.

ivan said...


JR's picking on my again.

ivan said...

sh'd read "me".

--Charlie Brown

shaky said...

You know, even I'm starting to feel sorry for JR (whoever he or she is).

I am proud to say that I have never used the name JR, or anonymous, for that matter...

a corn said...


In your pre-winter-hibernation
accumulative state, you should be thrilled to collect a few nuts.

ivan said...

"Ding, ding ding ding ding here comes my wagon.
My wagon

My twuck.

desert drip said...

Not to worry...
It's only late night humour.
But I swear that goat has two humps.

Josie said...

Ivan, are you into the good stuff again?

What's up with your computer?

ivan said...


I think the spammers found a live one. Something has begaffled my machine--takes three tries to boot up. I finally got into your site the normal way.
Anyway the problem is internal (though it's driving me to drink--hell any excuse will do!)

My family is hinting at the possibility of me getting a new computer from Santa, and, Yes Virginia!

Hope your overload at work has eased.