Thursday, January 31, 2008

She wears an Egyptian ring

Google is playing with my brains again.
Tells me all sorts of useful things when I try to blog.
"You are currently using 15MG (1%) of your 104MB.

What in *(*&%% are they talking about?

All I'm trying to do is put up a blog.

Well, I hope blogger lets me throw in italics and all kinds of fancy sh*t I want to do...But likely not. They are f*cked!

Ah well, it's a politically incorrect and somewhat prurient blog to begin with.

And so we begin:

"You haven't had any attention down there for a while, have you," the gypsy girl is saying.
"I too, have been alone, and for a long time."

Well. Two loners with gregarious tendencies get together.
It's not quite a parody on the old song, "My boyfriend's back
And there gonna be laundry," but it was something like that.

How is it that we end up alone sometimes.

From the very beginning, girls and women have made a huge fuss over me, as, I suppose, men have made over the beautiful gypsy girl. We have a surfeit of sex, and then, suddenly none at all.

But there is always the transitional person.

And old pop song by Melanie Safka:

Beautiful people
You take the same subway that I do
Every morning
You go the same direction too
And it ain't right
We never met before today
(I'm afraid to say)

We'll have a meeting, invite everyone we know...

Well, yes, there was the meeting, and we did invite everyone we knew, though largely "rounders" and lost people, a little like ourselves.

Screw up your marriage and you end up in the world of shot horses and fallen women, as Flaubert might say.
But what did Flaubert know?
Every time his long-distance girlfriend would come to see him, he would throw her out.
Why, after all his letters of intimacy and endearment?

Well, another song, not quite politically correct, a play on Puff, the Magic Dragon.

"Puff, the tragic faggot
Worked for the CBC
Went around the vestibules
Goosing you and me..."

Flaubert and his real needs.

Ah, we have needs, but the head gets in the way of the project at hand, a man's shift-lever mechanism sometimes fails--it is the guilt of it all; you should be with your wife.

Hemingway says the most noble thing a man can do is put a knife to his lower head and a gun to his upper head, but that, I think is pretty extreme. I don't want to go along with that object lesson.

Back to the transitional woman.
"Isis," she would say and you knew damn well that was really the case.
"Fix ya." And she did.

"She wears an Egyptian ring
Sparkles when she speaks"


Ooh-ooh. Gypsy woman.

"Zagrai Cyganka," I hear in old Slavonic.

Play something, gypsy girl. Play me.

Well, better than poor old Puff.

"Puff, the tragic faggot
Sat there on the shelf
Couldn't find a .... to grab
So he ended up grabbing himself.

Here's to an oil change.
Here's to writing the unwritable...Again?



Charles Gramlich said...

For as long as I can remember, most women have been repelled by me. A few have liked me terribly much. But they were definitely outliers

ivan said...

The CR you drive is a big plus for some women.

Donnetta Lee said...

We women are fickle, they say. Never like one man for long. Tragic magic.

ivan said...


I'll have to be diplomatic here, but that was the way with my gypsy girl. Fickle.
She did come back the other night, but Lordy, did she put on weight!
I was going to make my L M (as in Large Move) but there were other people in my house.
Ah well. One on ice is better than none at all, I suppose--and I'm sure I've scored a TMI here. :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Woman can be fickle I guess. But I for one would like to find one normal man in the world. I see beautiful men here and in the "real" world and I do not just mean physically, but then, they speak.

Horrid to say, I can be great friends with a man that has nothing to say to me but, "How ya doin?" But I need a man with a good head on his shoulders. If he has nothing to say to mean about anything, I think I unintentionally would offend him by falling asleep." The sex for me anyway can come later.

Ivan, now I was once told that my standards are too high because of the intellect factor. But I am wondering what you or man that reads this considers beautiful?

What is beauty? What is sexual attraction? What is sexy? Your post has intrigued me to ask.

Care to give it a go?

Once again you have got my attention Ivan. See, you have much more to give yet. ::smiles:::

Soft love,

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


Repelled by you? Why? I find that curious. You aren't what some would say ugly and you have the brain the size of Texas. How sexy is that? I am sure your wife would agree!


ivan said...

I must say I like smart women.
And beauty is also nice to have around. From your pictures, I'd say you qualify.
But it's hard to have a relationship where you hadn't travelled some common roads and the poor girl doesn't know what the hell you are talking about...Or the other way around, I suppose.
Hell, lets be gallant. I even like women who are smarter than me, which isn't too hard.
Lose the chess game but gain the bed!

ivan said...


Toronto is snowed right in.
Nothing is moving.

Good excuse to stay home and have a drink.
If I'm awol for a bit, well, you know.

Monique said...


ivan said...

Hi Monique.


I have just interviewed Peerless Percy the Newmarket groundhog in the blog just up.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

My God I meant women!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

i also meant men... geesh where was my brain!!!!!

ivan said...

I know what you mean, jellybean. :)

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