Tuesday, January 08, 2008

They're not making the girls the same this year...Been waitng in the pub, hoping they would come to me, but I think I've turned into a skeleton.

I've got two things in the can right now:

A script a former theatre director is editing;

And old isssue of The Main Street WhizBang being recopied by "Quarkettez" Josie so I can show some folks some of my projects of the past (mostly lead-balloon projects).

I don't have Photobucket, and am in fact about ready to kick the bucket, only my doctor and dentist in there pitching in.

Josie is down with a code in her node, I am down with bronchitis (which in no way diminishes my need for a cigarette).

This seems to be a period of waiting.

We are, I think, all of us, waiting.

Waiting to get "betta".

Monty Python: "The evil witch changed me into a newt.

" (I got betta!)."

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

We are all waiting.

To get " betta."

We need to be betta writers (though I think Josie is so good she hardly needs improvement).

Betta in our health, for something out there is out to get us this winter. And it ain't foolin'.

Like Josie, I can't wait for spring, that season of great promise, when the grass is green and all those winter viruses will finally be knocked.

We certainly wait for British Columbia to be a paradise once again, instead of a poor imitation of Colorado and Nevada those mythical vacation spots tuned so suddenly into inland lakes.

All good things come to those who wait, my wise ex-wife used to say.

But I don't think she's waiting for Ivan any more.

Literary "prize" turned booby-prize.

Oh if I'd only been a truckdriver!

...But then I have.

That wasn't so hot either. Southern rednecks throwing themselve under my eight-wheeler just "fer to get the insurance."

I guess they sit and whittle on the side of the road an wait.

Come on eighteeen-wheeler!

Run across eight lanes of traffic for one!

Beep! Beep!


Some Canadian idiot made a movie of it.

I'm another Canadian idiot wating for his book to be turned into a movie.

Ah, the gloomy Slav still waits.

I still think of of my old prof.

"Two things are certain. You will get your book published, and you will get laid."

Come on eighteen wheeler!



Charles Gramlich said...

I wish there were more than two things of which I was certain.

TomCat said...

Hang in there, Ivan, and get healthy!

Anonymous said...

Damn that Blogger and its strikovers.

Here is Charles Gramlich's comment:

I wish there were more than two things of which I was certain.

ea monroe said...

It's the new moon today, Ivan. Time for new beginnings. Btw, what were you busy doing last April? I read something about seeds being sown last April that might sprout during this new Capricorn moon. I thought about that. I was starting fresh ideas, notes, scenes, outline, etc. for a book that I've been thinking about for many years. I think I will start working on it now.

Well, if an eighteen wheeler doesn't get me first. Arrrggg. Splat!!


eric1313 said...

Ivan, I hope you get betta, too!

I was once turned into a newt.

Then I had to evolve into a snake which was no good--snakes can't write. And it got old talking lady folk into eating apples all the time.

So I made a u turn back into a newt, then a lizard (a lounge lizard!), then a rat stuck in a race going nowhere, then finally a monkey where I made a living for a time doing GW Bush impersonations wearing a blue suit with red tie.

Then I evolved into a full-fledged bum poet.

Can't say I got betta, though....

And I can't blame the witch either. I was kind of asking for trouble when I slipped her my number.

eric1313 said...

I'm going to post this because I haven't got anything betta to post...

Shesawriter said...

Keep at it Ivan. You're doing great.

BTW, can you post more pics of men in kilts? LOL!

ivan said...

You are a charm.

There is a very short film cartoon out of Canada whose title is "Godzilla Meets Bambi".

You can imagine.

Almost as bad traipsin' around the freeway and meeting an eighteen-wheeler! :)

Anonymous said...

Charles Gramlich,

Well, back-to-school is certain.
Hope you have some energy left to produce your blog and update us on your publishings.
But you're going to pull backk from blogging? This I can't imagine. It's a popular blog.

ivan said...


Men in kilts. Heh.
No skirting the issue here.
Sean Connery- type dudes are devastating to most women.

Saw a military Scotsman sitting on a bus in Toronto. Put a leg up on a rest.
Enthralled the women. LOL.

ivan said...

You are posting better than you think.
Your comments always somehow evoke images for me.
There was one Image Liz Monroe and I have had a laugh over, The Serpent with a punk haircut trying to make a Goth out of Eve.

On being turned into a newt, there is a marvellous (though impossible to find) story by Oscar Wilde titled "The Star Child", written well over a hundred years ago.

Mr. Wilde may well have liked to back up on lightbulbs, but that crazy Irishman could sure craft a story about a Naricissus-turned-newt. Genius, actually.

benjibopper said...

i hitched a ride once with a newfie trucker on vancouver island. he told me that several people had killed themselves over the years by jumping in front of his rig. he was a giant blast of sunshine.

TomCat said...

Ivan, I hope what Benji said isn't a suggestion! ;-)

ivan said...


Sounds like folks liked to have truck and trade with your driver.

ivan said...


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

There was a song out of my generation, titled "Throw Mama from the Train", but for old Dada here to leap in front of a truck?

Donnetta Lee said...

Hey, my friend. We have no where to go but up! Gotta get betta. WILL get betta! Take your meds and rest. Me, too.

ivan said...

Yeah, we "sickos" gotta link pinkies. :)

Anonymous said...

Ivan, good to see you are still working away. This computer is more fun at night.
ron g

ivan said...

Thanks, Ron.

Looks like you've been having a looksee here.
Browse away.
Does pass the evening hours, donnit?


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