Friday, January 25, 2008

When the Photo Editor Wakes.


benjibopper said...

the mice go back in their hole.

ivan said...


The cool cat is back.

ea monroe said...

Ivan, you got blogger to put up a photo! Maybe I can talk Donnetta into posting the government warning about swallowing chewing gum! ~Liz

ivan said...


I get it, I get it.

You gotta out-see the SEE-I-A.

And our crummy security systems
tht really perk when they see "government warning".

Hey, I got my (your) cat picture) up!

Now I'm going to concentrate on chewing gum while I do all this.

Middle Ditch said...

This is so cute! Your cat?

Charles Gramlich said...

Sleepin' on the job, I see.

ivan said...


The picture was sent to me by E.A.
Monroe, who has a Siamese cat named Rukia Centauri, or "Roo, the Terror Cat."
...At least when she's awake.

ivan said...



Sleepin' on the job.

Like Google Blogger, until recently.

Pictures can finally be uploaded.

I am knocking on arborite so far.

Anonymous said...

Content preview: If you have trouble viewing this e-mail, you can view it online
Hi, it's Michael Koerner once again. I hope everything is going well for
you this month, and the holiday season was not to hard on your system. [...]

ivan said...

Hi Michael, old Royal Canadian Air Force buddy!

Will be checking your newsletter, "Old FCO News."


Middle Ditch said...

Oh I know everything about Siamese cats. I had several and I absolutely adore them. They are the only cats who will travel with you everywhere and stay loyal to you, not their territory.

Episode ten is posted. said...

Middle ditch,

I guess you have to be a particular kind of person to own a Siamese cat. They are very intelligent and they seem to think almost like humans.
Elizabeth's 'Roo" is highly manipulative, will sit on the roof of the house just to get attention.
Will try to type while Liz is on the keyboard. Liz wrote a story about Roo the Terror Cat, which I will post here someday.

I will look at your Episode Ten of Middle Ditch as soon as I find some cigarettes.
Having nicotine fits here, especially when flustered over not getting my pictures up right.

They say a writer is a person on the edge of a nervous breakdown without actually having the breakdown.

I am having a meltdown.

Gotta find some smokes.

Will read Episode 10.



Lana Gramlich said...

That's just TOO cute!

TomCat said...

Dang, I replied to this yesterday and Blogger ate it. :-(

Ivan, how do you expect me to pay attention to what you write, when you distract me with nekked kitty pinup pics?

ivan said...

Yeah, I was going to cut and paste your comment and put it closer to here.
Thanks for your patience and persevearance in
Yep,that sure is a fetching kitty for old Tomcat!
And posing nekkid!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

How did I miss this photograph. It is quite possibly the cutest I have ever seen.


ivan said...


Yeah. E. A. Monroe sent it to me.

Nifty feline for sure.
Sleeping Beautycat.

TomCat said...

Definitely. She's almost as cute as Tara.

ivan said...

Definitely as cute as Tara if you go by Tara's pictures on her blog.


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