Saturday, February 02, 2008

Here's one hip groundhog who's not coming up this year

Peerless Percy, the subdivision groundhog, will not emerge from his hole today.

"F*ck this," he offered, by way of explanation.

"I keep coming up at the wrong places, the Wal-Mart parking lot full of early morning drug dealers, the soccer field with its frozen soccer moms in the snow, the hockey arena which collapsed right on top of me because of all-weather termites, the park, where I got duck shIt on my shades.
"I've had it, I'll tell ya.
"Never mind Wiarton Willie and Punxsutawney Phil, those exurbanites. They still got space to come up in.
"Fourteen- and -a -half square miles of Newmarket, Ontario and every square inch is developed.
"Crap, if it weren't for Grounhog Welfare where the truckers leave me some grain and nuts just behind the Dominion store, I'd hardly have munchies after my weed.
"Okay, okay, I'm a Sixties throwback. They do, in fact throw me back when I have a pee in between the SUV's.
"I'm going to stay in my den."
And with that, he ambled off.

There will be no weather prognosticating In Newmarket this year.
Which is just as well.
Last year, they almost shot the poor son-of-a-Marmot.
Coldest, longest spring for some time.

"And f*ck you," Percy added before crawling into his den.


Lana Gramlich said...

I haven't even seen winter yet, way down here in the deep South. Ahhhhhhhhh. (I'll probably be singing a different tune come August, but for now I'm happy.)

ivan said...

Does get hot in August in the Deep Suth.

ea monroe said...

Hi, Ivan! A ground hog with attitude! We had sunshine. The old son of a marmot would have seen his shadow! ~Liz

ivan said...

Oh oh.
Eight more weeks of Winter for Oklahoma?

ea monroe said...

Something tells me Spring is coming anyway! ~Liz

ivan said...


Wiarton Willie saw his shadow over this way. It means an early spring!

(I do believe they wanted to strangle that poor groundhog last spring, which was very late in coming to Canda).

ivan said...


I got it bass-ackwards.

Wiarton Willie did not see
his shadow, which means an early spring for Canada.

Monique said...

We don't have groundhogs but some sort of old folklore saying usually predicts what we will have next.

I can't remember what it is though.

ivan said...



Friend of mine came back from the U.K. some years ago. She said Badgers.
Gonna come and gethcha.

Charles Gramlich said...

Percy has the right idea.

ivan said...

Perceptive, Charles. Very perceptive.
Dostyevsky's Underground Man?

Doubting Thomas said...

And don't forget about Balzac Billy from Balzac, AB. Imagine listening to rats. Granny said, "What's gonna be, is gonna be."

Been mighty cold here, and we're waiting fer the writ to be dropped. An election in our future. Balzac Billy should go into election augury.


ivan said...


No need to prognosticate.
The Conservatives have had Alberta for like about a million years.
Alberta has more oil than both Kuwait and Iraq.
Mr. Bush is going to give Mr. Stelmach more tongue than he gave that Arabian king.

the walking man said...

My kind of fucking ground hog! Develop me out of my home will ya? Then fuck it, keep guessing!

You know they eat groundhogs don't you?



ivan said...


They eat grondhogs?
Poor Peerless Percy.

Alliterated and stewed.

No wonder he's paranoid!

Anonymous said...

February 3rd, 2008

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ivan said...

Feel for ya, Giuseppe.

Your message was not sent in error.

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