Friday, March 07, 2008

In the garden of Gethsemane. Three teeth gotta go

Ah, when we try to do the good!
I had intended to put blogger Josie's picture up for all to see, but blogger images foiled me again.
Ah well. At least I was able to put one up of The Man, hoping I would get some Divine Assistance in the course of my long, long appointment with the dentist today.
My attempt to put up a cartoon of people waiting for the denstist was cropped the wrong way...I think I am cropped the wrong way!
There will certainly be parts of my mouth missing by this afternoon. Ouch!
Hey. Divine Intervention. Already!
A picture of Josie finally came up in my Gifs!
...Will have to save Josie's pleasing likeness for another day.
Migod, getting Blogger to work propersly is like pulling teeth some days.


H.E.Eigler said...

Awwww hope the evil dentist goes easy on you!

ps, my first Creative Mom feature post is up....please check it out!

Charles Gramlich said...

WWJD = What would Josie Do?

Luck with the dentist. said...

Okay Quarks and readers of this blog,
Go visit Heather at Maternal Spark.

Google "Maternal Spark H.E. Eigler"
if heather's highling doesn't work from here. said...

Thanks, Charles.
Heh. "What would Josie do?"

--Our Pallas Athena, mother wit, goddess of wisdom. And a looker.


...Just got back from the dentist.

Hey, both dentist and assitant were women!...It was surprisingly painless.

Ah,old Odysseus on his Hippocratic pallet, tended by gentle nymphs.

Gentle nymphs...Oh I wish! :)

Josie said...

Ivan, you are too funny! The forces of the universe are preventing you from sharing my likeness with everyone on the Internet ... for good reason. Everyone's computers would crash.


eamonroe said...

Hey, Ivan, you survived! Did they give you the toofers so you could tuck them under your pillow for the tooth fairy? Oh, I can see that now -- the tooth fairy coming to visit you! Might have to write some thing about that! ~Liz

Blooger is giving me problems! WWJD! said...


Clever Charles and
Divine inspiration, somehow.
Enlightenment from above.

Gives a totally new meaning to WWJD.
Jesus and Josie in the chat room! said...


They showed me the toofers, but for some reason I didn't want them.
...Wish I'd taken them now. There was a lot of surgical gold hanging off one. Drat.
The Tooth Fairy.
Oyez. I can just see him in his spandex superhero outfit in a Smigel skit out of Saturday Night Live.
"I'm the Tooth Fairy, and I've come to..."

Donnetta Lee said...

Oh, the Tooth Fairy! In his tutu (spelling?).

I'm glad you got it over with. I have to go this week and get my new cap put on. I dread it so badly. Dentist is a nice guy, but pain is pain.

Smile. Donnetta said...

Tutu is okay, as in Archbishop.

I have to go back for part dentures. Egad. Elmer Fudd!

I think I lucked out, however,
My two lady dentists are nimblefingered and relatively painless.
Well, not quite "relatively". I was concerned at first that my Orientals would do a real pain job on poor helpless Kabloona here, but they are skilled. Not Cleeps.
"Ah, not see since Vancoova!"
"No, I said. "That's where Josie lives."

Luck on the cap procedure.
It's the thinking of going to the dentist that worse than the actual procedure.

Lana Gramlich said...

I had problems w/Blogger today, too. Hope the dentist goes easy on you! said...

Everythling fine, thanks Lana.

Adept lady dentists. Almost painless, save for the three needles to freeze. "You will feel a little pressure with this one."

Did she pick up the fire extinguisher by mistake?

Anonymous said...

now you know why the term "extraction" is used by the military... always some pain attached...hang in...apply liberal amounts of gov't approved topical relief,and pray the tooth fairy doesn't find you...and finger-nimble you...with fire extinguisher...get well... said...


Sounds like Tony The Tiger to me.
Gasoline tax.
We are all lost!

Anonymous said...

one should never forget their roots.... said...

One should never forget one's roots?
You mean teeth? Your hair?

How was deVry Institute anyway?

(Community college spelling).

Anonymous said...

very positive,electronically speaking.... said...

Beware of homotrons and high- Ohmage sites.
Also the Tooth Fairy.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh...the famous "dance of the electrons" piece de "resistance",ohmically speaking...12 inch woofer,and 8 ohms...size matters...just ask the transformer...

ea monroe said...

Ooooh! That nimbled fingered tooth fairy!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

ohmigawd... kzapped...damn those fingle-nimbered fairies...where's the fire extinguisher?...if you give this man a ride... said...


Never trust a naked transformer. said...


He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

:) said...

Is something eating away at you?

Anonymous said...

gnaw..not really... said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

goodnite,and good luck...pleasant dreams of frivolous electrons dancing atop a naked transformer...hold the sugarplums... said...

And with a knick-knack WTFack, give a dog a bone
This old man came rolling home.

You drunken Old Fart!
You into the good stuff too?

Anonymous said...

two outta three ain't bad... said...

Tooth fairy will play knick-knack on your knee.