Thursday, March 06, 2008

Josie, The gloomy Slav still waits

My intention had been to put up the latest picture of correspondent Josie here.
Josie is beatutiful, talented and very smart. She has her own blog and a large following.
Ah poor Ivan the Terrible ("Good Grief" said Lorrie Goldstein, Editor of the SUN. "Is that what you call yourself?")
Yep, terrible at putting up pictures. Josie's latest, beatiful photo would not come up for me today.
All that came up was was a blurry picture of old Ivan...I had sent to picture to the Quarks, our, sort-of literary club. If nothing else, they could have a good laugh over an image of this disheveled old tippler.
Pam, from Australia, had a little fun with the photo and outfitted me with pink shorts and and fuchsia socks...or are they puce?...Light pink, in any event.
Hell of a fashion statement.
I pondered the picture.
Good old Pam, taking time from her busy Ausralian ranch life to produce a really wild new me
I just had to put the treated picture up!
Hey, I could maybe even attract women!
So up goes the picture of old Ivan in pink shorts and ever pinker socks.
I was now becoming chary of my notion.
What if the picture reaches San Francisco and I get a whole bunch of "Yoo-Hoo"s in my email?
Or even Yahoos.
Nope. At least not after an earlier version of this blog.
Instead, something else appeared out of the ether.
My fidling with my gifs somehow produced a picture of a Cassowary bird, known among other things, for walking right up and eating people.
A purple people-eater.
Story of Ivan's life.
"Take me. Devour me."-- I was offering myself to the world!
"I'll come over and eatcha all right," said the wild-eyed cassowary.
Playful treatment of my photo by talented Pam from Australia.
And now there is a cassowary to the fact!


Charles Gramlich said...

That picture might attract interest where you don't want it. I have to admit to looking at it only out of the corner of my eye. I thought it might cause retinal damage otherwise.

Josie said...

LUUUUUV the pink shorts.

"By a calm moonlit ocean
love's flame were in motion
and stirred in me pink boxer shorts
as we theorized for hours
the pollenation of flowers
and the validity of whiteheads and warts."

I sure hope that ugly old bird photograph is not in place of me.


Monique said...

I had to blink again and again. Which one is you?

ea monroe said...

Pretty in pink!!

Copy that into your explorer window, Ivan. I thought you might find it interesting!

PS -- How the heck did you get those two pictures to overlap? said...


"Besides that, Mrs. Licoln--how did you enjoy the play?" said...

That no bird of paradise.

I think it's afer us! said...


Foghorn-Leghorn meets whe wild

"I say, boy..." said...


I guess I shouldn't blog while still drunk.
Thinking of Ray Davies and his song, "Lola" where this band member dances with someone pretty in pink and the "girl" turns out to be a guy.
I worry about Ray Davies' smile.
It's wall-to-wall. said...


Darn blogger.

I think Josie's picture came out as a "spacer" gif.

Josie is no "spacer".

Why is Google trying to scuttle me?

...Or maybe I've become the Nearsighted Mr. Magoo!

Those photos come out as TLF's, that is to say, Tiny Litte *ckers.

H.E.Eigler said...

Thanks Ivan, I'll have that damn purple people eater song in my head for days now. said...


It is insidious, isn't it?

Lyrics seem to have made it even to your generation.

I myself think that lately, I've been "Playin' rock'n'roll music through the horn in my head". Heh.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ivan, hope you have been well. When I last visited, you were still Ivan the terrible, now it would seem that the ladies have turned you in to Ivan the Pink! Stay away from their feminine wiles! said...


Well, I did know a fashion designer once who liked to dress up his girls.
This is a totally new concept for me. :)

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