Sunday, March 02, 2008

Omigod! I got an E on my essay

Like many another vain body, I sometimes put up a great quote by somebody and then follow with what I hope is good prose just underneath.

Well, I just got a great quote from TomCat who has me on his list of "E for Excellent" bloggers.

Blogger Josie! I will now join you at the podium where you thanked everybody for your Blogging Mentor Award. ..And congrats to you on that one!
I too would like to "thank the Academy", though my award seems to come from the letter E.

The award come at a good time, as I am not all that well these days, and neither is my poor techie.
Soon-- as both techie and I feel better-- I will put TomCat's award up on a permanent post.

February has been a terrible month for just about everybody. Tomcat is bright and political as usual, despite his own bout of ill health; the Quarks (our club) have also had things happen to them. The best that can be said for February is that it's over.

One seems to be recovering from one's funk ( and really bad teeth), but now comes a period of healing which is usually accompanied by a severe bout of March Hare Syndrome, that is to say, jumping from place to place while trying to stay in one spot. The Red Queen?

Recovering from an illness seems to leave you a bit vulnerable, and even shy.
Oh, say it on. Ya got Spring Fever!
We try to keep ourselve under control, we try to hold ourselves back.
We do this by compulsive blogging and some ladies here by actual compulsive knitting.

So many projects in the can. Stories to do, some contracted. But one is still illish (Like Vladimir Illich?).

I certainly have that "Uncle Vanya" feeling like the Chekhov character who knows he has to do someting, knows he has to get a move on, but his wheels just won't go.
Ah, Chekhovian character. Dreaming out all his fantasies, some of them sexual, in the middle of the Cherry Orchard.
"A change, change change will do ya good," sings my love fantasy, Sheryl Crow.

Well, getting a blogging award is certainly a good sign, and a portent of change.

It's been awfully damn quiet around here!



Donnetta Lee said...

Congratulations, Ivan! You deserve the award and more. February has been a bit tough. And oh that spring fever is definitely in the air. Here's hoping spring wafts its way to you soon. And to us all. Take some vitamins and eat well. Don't forget to get some sun as soon as you can. And keep on writing as only you can do! Quarks rule!
Donnetta said...

Thanks for the good and enouraging words, Donnetta.

Quarks Rule!

Lana Gramlich said...

Congrats on the award! Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but the mundania monster's had me pretty fully in its clutches! said...

thnx, Lana.

ea monroe said...

Congrats, Ivan! I'm with Donnetta. You're the best! ~Liz said...


Thanks. Much.

If that is your story segment on Donnetta's blog, it is creative writing indeed.
You and Donnetta!

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats. Awards are rather nice. I enjoyed my sillyness award not long ago. I still treasure that memory. said...


Yeah, they keep you going.

I recall a cash reward some years ago by the Ontario govermnent.
Said they would give me four thousand dollars for my latest tome at the time.
After everybody on top made his car payment and indulged into some odd payola, I was finally given
$250 for ten years work on my novel.
This cat hunted and hunted, and was finally offered a dead mouse.

And still I am not hunting with the big cats.
I am, at least, hunting wirh TomCat, who is one brainy guy. And brave.
Big writers in Ontario get $20,OOO just on a promising novel.
Ivan gets a pat on the back and a weekend drunk.
Okay, okay, I'll stop the violin music. :)
Thanks for coming in to comment.

ea monroe said...

Thanks, Ivan. I knew you'd catch the "McTimmin" (Timmons) reference!

Donnetta and I have always had a lot of fun feeding off each other's creativity and coming up with the wildest stuff!

It's fun getting to be silly and not worrying about being silly -- instead of the usual "movie" in my head when writing a story, I was visualizing an "animation" instead.


PS -- enjoy your award. This surely calls for a rowdy party!

Josie said...

Yay, Ivan!!!! You certainly do deserve the award.

I like Liz's suggestion that this calls for a rowdy party. We haven't had one of those for a long time! said...

Yeah, I recally you asking "Doubting Thomas", an Irishman, if he knew any Timmonses.
Your early stories always mention a Grandma Timmons for sure.
Oh a party. We must have a party. said...



Doesn't Liz know how to write up a virtual rowdy party?
We've got to have one! said...

p.s. to Liz and Josie,

The other day we actually had a rowdy party, and I went out and gambolled around the snow in my shorts.
The guy who took my picture at that time was a stoner, so I'm not sure if he even remembered taking the picture, but if it turns out, I'll send it along. Heh.

H.E.Eigler said...

Hey Prof! Sorry to hear you've had a rough February! It seems I've gotten itchy feet as well as I've abandoned Phantom Keyboard and moved on to

please visit me from time to time. I'd miss you if you didn't.


the walking man said...

I received the same award, though I do not feel my boring little blog, comes close to yours, but I was honored by Claudia who went out on a limb to give it to me. Now if I could only figure a way to post it. But then I can only guess that awards are cool having only one a very few in my life time.

Yes it has been quiet around here I see but I won't take responsibility for it just because internet games grab my ass at about 0300 and won't let go until the wife needs the puter.

Today though I have to go see the shrink who has to sign off on what my be my upcoming surgery on my spinal implant next month or so, so I have to blog the insanity out or I may be drugged forever into E's to you mate.


mark said...

Hi Heather!

Another blog to follow you old one, "Phantom Keyboard".

Raising baby. This should generate great interest from all the mothers on these pages.
I am at this time experiencing problems with Microsoft; my computer is all gaffled up.
...Hope the problems is temporary; I hate problems when I am not feeling quite up to par.
I will advise the Quarks, our
"members" here to visit your new site, and will myself visit Maternal Spark as soon as I can figure out what has gone wrong with Microsoft as it applies to my computer...Heaven forbid it should be my late internet bill payment! Sheesh.
Most people like problems, challenges. This old Luddite hates them.
Will visit as soon as I clear up
Microsoft's interference with my site...I hope it's temporary. said...


Right now it's not computer games that are gumming up my machine, but Mircrosoft itself, who is saying there is a problem between
Microsoft and my own computer.
I keep trying to fix the problem (updates and all that) but the damn
"Microsoft has discovered a problem" box keeps coming up and I can't get rid of the damn thing unless I go right around Microsoft's irritating information box and blog anyway.

The E award.
You got one too? I am not surprised as your writing has evolved from mere personal complaint of pain and irritation
with just about everything to well disciplined, clear, interesting writing.
E-E-E Ein prosit!
I will visit as soon as Microsoft lets me.

TomCat said...

Ivan, you're not passing it on?

Mark, with your boring little blog line, you need to touch base with Josie. That's her favorite line. said...


My computer has gone haywire, I can hardly blog or link.
Each of the Quarks is welcome to the E award, though one has stopped blogging. Josie already has the big E.
I like to think all readers of this blog are heads-up people and all of them welcome to copy the E award symbol.
I think that with my technical problems and strange stage of life, I am fas losing my mind, as will be demonstrated in my blog just coming up.
Hope Obama does well today in Texas and Ohio, though Hillary's appearance on the John Stewart show last night reveal a compelling, charismatic, and sometimes funny lady.

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