Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Sage of Baltimore

It was the time that the great sage of Baltimore, H. L. Mencken fially blew the associative cetres of his mind, shut down his Batimore Sun articlesfor good, and was living in tenement aparment obove which was a noisy neighbour, who kept walkin around upstairs, causing old Heinrich Ludwig to cry out in exasparation,"Idiot!"
Well, I'm no H. L. Mecken, but I sem to have lost some of the associative cetres and I too, am yelling"Idot" at the guy upstairl wh has has just set his kitchen on fire. Thank God the fire department was on theitr toes,and they came to put out the kitchen fire.
Now, the "idiot" seems to stay pretty close to me, as I am not the only friend that he's got.
I've got my own problems over here.
I woke up last night to have n,my entire left side seizing up, thought it was a stroke, but all is semed to be was
not aloeter "Ein gutest bier"
Never mind, Old H.L., you were the greatest columinst of the twenties an thirties, and the only thing I shre with you is that old bubly, which, I'm sure was a lot bettet than that swill they brew over in MIlwakee, which is all I've been able ro afford lately.

Ein Prosit, old sag of Baltimore, my hero and one of my mentors.

I am Falling apart, Dave. I feel t, I can feel it.



Monique said...

PHEW!!!! You are alright!

Not entirely though. Your writing on your post is all over the place! Not like you at all!

Take care Ivan.


Anonymous said...

thnx, monique,ivan

Josie said...

Ivan, we are a bit worried about you. You need to know that. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you, if you need it.

You're our mascot!


Anonymous said...

The evil witch change me into a newt.

(I got betta) :)

Anonymous said...

Ron Gardiner,

Could not access facebook today as advised .Feeling out of sorts.


Charles Gramlich said...

Whatever it was, seems to have been a humdinger.

Anonymous said...

Jojo...y'all bin kissin' dat hoppes toad too fer down de road...get back,get back,get back to where you once belonged...

Anonymous said...


Hooh-Ha. :)

ivan said...


Donnetta Lee said...

Hey there, Antiquark! Good to see you writing. You STILL need to rest and take care. Are you eating well? How is your speech? Forget HL, we've got Ivan! Get well, my friend. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way...
Donnetta Lee Quark

Anonymous said...

HiDonneta Lee Quark

Wilde Oscar's Starchild Dept

Still woozy Donetta,
Can hardly speek

Just when Scrooge wants to come down to collect.


H.E.Eigler said...

Ivan, I hope you are well. Glad to see you back on blogger.


Webcam said...

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benjibopper said...

whoa, sounds ruff whatever it was. maybe you should get yourself a saint bernard, just in case. glad you made it, hope you're back to doing backflips on your mattress just to practice (to paraphrase buck 65) in no time.

Anonymous said...

Just lik the Shukill Exressway in Phileadelphia.
Shu to kill ya


Anonymous said...


I think we've both have had a life-changing experence.


Lana Gramlich said...

Gads! I hope you & your place are both alright!
Sorry I've been absent lately, but the mundania monster has had me firmly in its grasp. Hopefully it'll be letting up soon. Happy St. Pat's!

Anonymous said...

People. Faith & Begorrah

ea monroe said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day, Ivan. The Irish don't have any thing on you. Did ya ever kiss the Blarney Stone, laddie? ~Liz said...

Hi Liz,

I was just gonna write you
Faith and berorra.

Anonymous said...


I hqve resumed my four-mile long walks. Beedown on the old Vic D.
Eatining lots of salmon for the Vit.A
Might work. Maybe.


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