Sunday, April 13, 2008

Borges is Borges, But I do give a sh*t for Rabelais

I think that either I or my computer has had a senior moment.

Wrote a draft for a blog, and where she goes, nobody knows.

It was about the late and great Argentine fabulist Jorge Luis Borges, who writes like nobody else. Five lines out of Borges equals five hundred pages of closely-reasoned thesis.

But I have lost the piece on Borges.

This time you'll get Ivan trying to imitate the actions of this Argenine jaguar, who, at different times can be a pussycat too.
Like:" Persistence and tenacity once inside the labyrinth, will lead straight to the minotaur."

Al could get gored?
Well, over here in Newmarket, I am certainly malled. (Clang!).

My memory, at one time pretty good seems to have swiss cheese holes in it, but I will, for a moment, try to write like Borges.

"As everyone knows (Yes, yes, of course. Of course we do!) the 14th century caliph of Baghdad had been put into a labyrith by his enemy Akbar qur Said.
The caliph prayed to God and was released from the maze. Then God put the caliph's enemy into a straight labyrinth, which, as everyone knows, is the cruellest, and most complicated."

Went to my prof and said I wanted to be Borges.

Said prof. "Borges is Borges. Find a plot and write to it."

Came back feeling very young and inexperienced.

"Come, Dick, come."

(Its right in Dick and Jane. I've bookmarked it!...serious scholarship, yout understand!)

This is how your brain feels when you've been intellectually flattened by writer like Borges.

Go into some kind of compulsive-neurosis. Automatic writing.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

Bits of useless information are remembered:

Sextus was Rome's first censor. "Lines like 'Tibulsus eats it!' will be expunged, though it may yet be put up on a column as graffiiti , and Randal the Vandal, good at that kind of thing, will surely retaliate by scribbling "copularte tu! " on the bathhouse wall.
"We shall look out for him. We didn't invent cement just so that the vandal can scribbble on it."

These are the kind of thoughts that go through your head when you're in trouble as a writer.

Small wonder that a generation back Borges was invited to lecture at the University of Oklahoma.
This was a coup against all the Ivy League universities. God come to lecture.

Of course, none of this is going to make me write better.

Bragged to my editor Gerry Anglin at the Star Weekly. "I am taking university courses. I am very much into Borges. "Good," said Gerrry. "Is it going to make you write better?"
It didn't, but it seems that just hanging around with that top editor did transfer something of his style, though mine still leans toward the scatologist Rabelais: "If all else fails, seek communal relief."
You can't not give a shit for a line like that.

Rabelais again: "The battle is between the shitters and the retentives."

Goodbye cruel world.

I am going to pull the loo chain (again).

All this technology is driving me to empty the overhead tank.

I think I have tanked!.



Josie said...

Ivan, I think we need to take up a collection and buy you a new computer. Yours is toast and it seems to be eating up and spitting out everything you do. It's not you, it's your computer! said...


Yes? That's what Facebook has told me too.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I am off to my bed. I have a lovely new down comforter that makes me swoon. I dive into my bed and curl into a ball. I am not sure I could be more comfortable anywhere else.

Ivan... you are wonderful.

Toast ... to you and to me... one more paper and 4 exams to go. ::faints:::

kiss kiss,
T said...

Soggy and hard to light tonight, Tara.

Shouldn't mix my cocktails. Wine will kill ya!


the walking man said...

the walking man said...

Hit the post button to soon.

the first address copy and paste into your address bar and d-load the registry cleaner Ivan.

The second addy is the whole PC tune up article but I do not know how many more days they will leave it in the public domain.

"The battle is between the shitters and the retentives."

better the former than the latter, pull the damned chain if you must, it's only a bit onto your water bill.



the walking man said...

on the first address add


for it to be complete said...

Thanks, Mark.

Better do that before the full moon, at which time I can't tell
geese from flying saucers.

I do hear that Plato would sometime get katatonic and just stand there. Maybe at those times they used him as ornamental geek, uh, Greek.
I am not Plato, but my frustration with this machine seems to have driven me to distraction.
My machine is katatonic.
Tomcat, the political guy who visits here sometimes, is catatonic, but not schizo.

"Nothing in excess," says old Play-dough.
I think I blew a circuit-breaker somewhere in my go-rounds with Facebook.
Bloggin' too much in any event.

What time does the ocean close?
Getting so nutty of late, you cold swear I come from Laguna Beach. said...

p.s. to Mark,

I'll never mix wine with vodka again!

ivan prokopchuk said...

Good night Tara.

What am I doing up?

Brings to mind the old joke. "Where is Calpurnia?"
"She's in bed with Insomnia Sire."

"Why that Greek bastard!"

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Morning Ivan,

I am having my tea and then off to my first exam. Just wanted to share a wink with you.

Soft love,
T said...

I'm having Chinese coffee.
Those dudes make anything now.
Maka hoi!

No try since Vancouvah.

It's good coffee.

Just the tiniest amount of arsenic to keep the instant mixtue in suspension. ::

Raise a mug to ya, and have good luck.

Lana Gramlich said...

Sorry you lost your blog draft...I can sympathize. <:(
Also sorry for the recent absence...Mundania intrudes! said...

Hi Lana.

And welcome.

Yep. Mundania. There were times when younger, I'd wish I didn't have to sweat the small stuff and just groove.
But my editor says, if you don't sweat the small stuff, it'll lead to macro problems.
Don't work for him any more, but we sure do drink together.
Things are looking up. He says he might let me use the company's rotary press. :)