Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! here comes my wagon

Seems around here everyody's on the same wavelength.

Mention pyramids and psychology and somebody's bound to speculate on aliens, though the truth is probably more prosaic.
Those weren't aliens, those were antique Ukies, Scythians. If those little garlic- snappers could invent the wheel, pi and the pyramids couldn't have been far behind.
The Scythians came down from the Caucasus into Mesopotamia l7,OOO years ago. Everybody in the same Mesopotamian hot tub after the flood. In India,t he black Dravidians were replaced by Aryans.And Greece was already turning Alpine and white, heretofore being dark-skinned and Mesopotamian. Lot of migration back and forth.
Trouble was with the horse. It hadn't evolved far enough, and it took a whole herd of them to pull a chariot.
More like dog team..

What is this? Art Bell?

Nah. Just me trying to fight off the alcohol chucks. It is far from noon, and I dasn't have a drink, though along with W.C. Fields, I'm sure it's noon somewhere.
To have a drink or not have a drink at ten a.m.
My friend, journeyman lush says, "Should there be any doubt?"

Well, put in the time tapping away. There is a full moon tonight, it will leach out all your resolves, make you a quivering neurotic all over again and all progress will seem to stop....Keep telling ouselves, "I've got to be better than this", and most times we are. No matter what social bullshit there is in the air, the rules are timeless.
Character is everything even among hippies, and they too pick up discipline and get into the stock market or something clever like that. That or vegetate or even die. I notice that in the Sixties, there were so many abnormally tall, lonely, frightened angels in army overcoats walking around. Christs in stormtrooper greatcoats. Wonder where they all are now.Dead, probably.
Said Ray Davies of the Kinks, "I wonder what became of the Rockers and the Mods.
"I guess they're all making it, they've all got steady jobs.
"And I wonder where they all are now."
I do worry about Ray Davies. He has this 6 1/2 inch smile and he keeps writing songs about picking up drag queens. Lola.
Ah well. Genius hides in the strangest places

In l974, Professor Irwin Thompson of Ontario's York Univeristy put forward the theory that society's captain had been killed and the crew had taken over. This accounts for all the murder, mayhem and total moral breakdown in society. The family is all but destroyed and only the babysitter is in there pitching in. Break the family, and you can lead the poor confused bastards by the nose. And the moguls do.
So now with the family undermined, people go into strange cults. Not fully matured psychologically they go along with charismatic "churches" and cult leaders, and even today, they get into communal farming and polygamy. What strange shapes arise when the captain is dead.
But then the Fifties were no screaming hell either. Earth's gravitational field knocked out for a full fifteen minutes because of all the A-bomb testing, and the Strontium 90 is still around, giving us cancer and all those other things that must surely make the medical-industrial complex salivate.

Our cat is such a Pfizer,
Oh dear me.

Saudis knock down the World Trade Centre and Bush and Cheney play into their hands and attack Iraq.
Brings to mind the story of the viper and the stork.
The stork will try to harpoon the viper, but the snake is fast and cunning.
Eventually, the stork will tire, approach exhaustion
He can then be dispatched with a single bite.

They are bleeding America unto exhaustion and Msrs. Bush and Cheney took the bait, hook, line and sinker
First you kill the captain and then be led by fools in the crew.
And yet they will not learn.
"Gotta win against the terriirists!"

And then you go over and give King Fahd a blowjob.
Fer to keep the price of oil down
Have you been to your local gas station lately?

And now all the auto plants are shutting down and an entire middle class is desttroyed. We have become like Spain, Only an upper and a lower class. And there is no noblesse oblige.
Loading your cattle onto an airliner, because there is nowhere else to put them if you are trying to get them to market. Your seatmate may be a goat. Is he strapped in?

It is miracle that a man like Obama has appeared on the scene.
Just don't put him into any motorcades.

The plutocrats have ruined America.

Getting to be like Canada now. Constitution? We ain't got one.
To find out what your bill of rights is, you have to go to a constitution commitee, and that's under the auspices of the government in power. An now, it's very right-wing.
O Canada.
Human sacrifice after all these advances, to have been the peacekeeper of the world, and now sacrificing its soldiers in stupid Afghanistan.
Get out! Yesterday!
Okay. Uncle Tommy was a commie, but our own New Democrat Jack Layton is saying the same thing.
Parliament now has blood on its hands, and it's just a matter of time now before we become a target outselves.
Who killed Canada?
Probably started with Trudeau and now Mr. Harper will finish the job.
And the Liberals are headed by a peasouper who appears to have no clue at all.
There are other factors, but some things you can't write about.

.....end rant.

Well, how're we doing? Hey, it is eleven now, only one hour to go.
Feel proud of myself.
And you should too, Sunday morning imbiber, because it will soon be noon.
Hah. So late do we learn that what good is happiness? You can't buy money with it.

But they have taken all the money.

Oh what the hell. They'll just print some more.

What has been done to us?
Makes me think of a stupid song I learned in the Air Force, to the tune of Frara Jocka:

I am crazy
I am crazy
So are you
So are you.
Happy little moron
Happy little moron

Ho Ha Hoo.


Ding, ding ding ding ding here comes my wagon
I can hear my keeper calling me
Just like the nuts that fall
I'm a little cracked that's all
Ding, ding ding ding, here come my wagon.
My twuck.

............Well, it's really got to be time for a drink.

Ein prosit.


Josie said...

Speaking of Art Bell, we had snow in Vancouver last night. That is venturing waaaay into Twilight Zone territory.

Please send me a plane ticket to balmy Toronto.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

If I were to coment on your rant, then I begin a rant of my own and well, who would want to hear that? So, I think I will just agree with you that Bush has driven our country into the ground and we have sat around and watched him do it. Now, it may be too late to fix it.I cannot comment that much on Canada, but if your guy is anything like ours well, I bet you are right.

Lastly, I will however comment on that picture, the caption really. "Why aren't you married yet?"Ahh, but I was and it just didn't work out after nearly 28 years. I would like to again, but not if it means marrying some man that thinks he can control me. However I wouldn't mind marrying the mind of a certian man I know. He is brilliant.

Ahh well, such is life, right Ladybug?

Soft love,
T said...

It is beautiful beynd belief here.

70+Fahrenheit and suuny.

I jumped the gun and put my garden in. said...



Josie said...

Tara, yes, he is brilliant. *heh* said...

(Tries to eat ice cream cone, and hurts his forehead)

Josie said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "brain freeze".

Charles Gramlich said...

someone definitely is getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

we split atoms,values,and families all in the same bang...given all,we are entitled to drink at any hour,any day,anywhere...hit me with your best shot...and beam me up,scotch... said...


Hee. Wondering why I'm getting all these mental blocks. said...


Hopefully by not Ray Davies' Lola. said...


Hic nobis!

Anonymous said...

da....Za vashe zdorovye said...


I bet yout got your daughter,in the mids of Russsian literature, to phrase that.
Спасибо. Thank you.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

oops I meant 18 years.... ugh said...


I was wondering.

YOu don't look 50.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

lol, Im not 50. But it will come and I will smile just as I am now.

Maybe I will be lucky, my grandmother never looked her age. When she died she was 85 and didn't look older than 50.

She was part Apache and part French.

T said...

High cheekbones.

My mother is almost 100, and looks sixty.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Well see, we have good genes inside us both.

I wonder what else we will find?

T said...

Oh-oh. said...

Well, I have this friend in a glass overcoat.
No, not the Arte Johnson overcoat.
Besides, I can't find the false pantlegs.
Red wine.
Sleeping pill.
Hypnotize the damn snake.

the walking man said...

Aye pops, at times it is best to anesthetize your self instead of enter into the midst of the battle.

Where have all the hippies gone
where have all the hippies gone

into politics everyone
minds blown awaaaaaay

he warbles this out with a bourbon cracked voice for he was at once in his youth both hippie and commie fighter.

Now just pissed off because them that started the commune left it; letting the idea of it grow fallow. And them that never moved on were forgotten as "the lost generation," even them that went off to war, guns in hand, forgotten, cast off in this pyramid society of slaves and masters.

I am not a foo' fighter he recalls and dissuades himself from joining the call to action and arms because he is tired and just doesn't give a shit anymore. easier to pop a cork than bust a cap no?

Rant, rave and you still scratch out an existence in a lonely garret tower wondering about the hubbub in the crowd below. fuck them, fuck you, fuck me, who's fight is it anyway.

Certainly not the war of Jim Beam, after all that motherfucker belongs to the upper class even when he leaves his Tennessee roots.

What is the name of that low brow hooch again?


mark said...

Old English 800, made by Stroh's.
Will make your crazy and rot your guts.
But it kills the pain.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Ivan, Как сладостно делает муху дня мимо когда вы вокруг. Но когда вы пойдены, они понижаются не доходя хотеть. Т

Make sense?

Lana Gramlich said...

Most people don't realize this, but most of America's oil comes from Canada. Unfortunately the gov't there taxes it so heavily it's just asinine.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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