Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hi there, Don!

I should have really saved the following blog in draft form, for it is a little mawkish and perhaps showing the writer as not the nice guy he seems to have been projecting.
There is a bad taste in my mouth over an experience with
Facebook. They are not scoundrels, but they are slippery when pressed to come to a client's aid.
Totally befuddled over their trying too many things at once and thereby befuddling any number of computers, they seem to lose their heads and blame it on you.
For example. "It is your browser. Yout need a new browser."
There is nothing wrong with my browser. The problem is at your end and you are making up for your incompetence, like all people not entirely up to their jobs--on externals.
What dos MY computer have to do with your on-again-off-again features. And the more features the Facebook client adds, the more confusion.
People all over my street are saying it.
So smarten up.
This is probably not the first angry anti-Facebook rant.
Practise listening. Or hire better techies.
So with the keen of anger still in my craw, I will now offer this failure of a blog instead of the success I had hoped to publish.
The novel shall contain six characters, but unlike in the case of Pirandello, ,it will not be Six Characters in Search of an Author.
I have heard it said that in the case of disastrous forays like my own into literature, there must be a final, conscious creative act. My characters will be tight, as if in in tin cans and I resolve to beno more be grist for my own mill, featuring yours truly as the hero.
This is going to take work.
Perhaps more than I can muster as I go from he cocky outpouring of a bright young guy to the halting exhaustions of an old man.
But they say that the crazy live almost forever.
I used to tell my mother that art is long and life is short, but she ansered with a very segacious "Not for all."
She should know. She is nearly 100. She has had all the wrong things happen to her, yet she survives and very nearly overcomes.
Ha. All the wolrd's great philosophers versus my mother.

So here we go again. Odysseus trying to recruit a new crew, having himself raved madly At verious times on a Hippocratic pallet.
Don Quixote, still bedevilled somehow by Eldonza the Whore, but the landscape seems somehow polluted by windmills and something has to be done.

Norman Mailer died recently. He was always trying to be the champion novelist, after Hemingway.
Well, I'd like to say he did a better job of emulation Celine, (who in retrospect might have been a stronger writer than the two of them).
But like Ezra Pound, Celine got on the wrong side of politics--as in his own way did Mailer?--and I, as an interested reader, certainly went the political route running for mayor twice with the same sad results.

Niccolo Machiavelli: If you lose, claim fraud. Heh.

Fraud, I say. Mountebanks, themselves frauds! The Mafia owns southern Ontario and one man with a lance can hardly make a dent.

Rum and coke. Booze and cooze. Classical ecomics does not work. But Mafia Miltie does. Need a girl?

The City of Milan has been trying to oust the Mafia for years.
So they all come over here. Hi there, Don.

I suppose the trick is to become so eccentric that nobody can compete with you.

At this I am good.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

You have spoken the truth. But we all are good at something, now, aren't we?

A question to those that comment on your blog.... What are you good at?

Me? Nothing...I confess to knowing absolutely everything about nothing!



Charles Gramlich said...

"the landscape seems somehow polluted by windmills and something has to be done."

Now that's a very nice line. Excellent.

I've stayed off Facebook and this helps me continue to do so. said...


Your university results should be in, no? said...

Thanks, Charles.

The Facebook experience has left me frustrated and annoyed.

Anonymous said...

Subject: Boycott Hershey


Submitted by a retired Hershey employee.....

A sad story for those of us who remember growing up with Hershey bars, and just as sad for the generations of today. What will be outsourced next? Pennsylvania is a big state and Ontario is a big propvince, but it amazes me in this day, how some news doesn't make it over the mountain to the front page of our papers or the top of our news hours in Western Pennsylvania and Ontario.

Milton Hershey, this year, will be joining H. J. Heinz in rolling over in their graves. Hershey Chocolate is moving to MEXICO!...whoopee! They're even closing down Hershey Canada, in Smith's Falls, Ontario! Don't buy any more Hershey Bars. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite and they are made by Hershey. But, I will not purchase another one!

M.S. Hershey had a dream... "I will buy my OWN Sugar, Milk, Cocoa beans, (all natural mind you!) and make candy"...(no tariffs etc..) even during the depression he and the company made money some corporate bigwigs are ruining the name and the product M.S. created...

Please pass it on...What a bunch of college- educated idiots!

Thank you M.S. Hershey for all the things I have and all you have done for me and my family...I do appreciate it... as for 'Dick' Lenny and Company, you greedy, money-loving introvert're ruining the name, the company, and MANY lives in central Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada. Read on...
Enough is Enough!

So, Hershey executives are closing plants in the US, and Canada laying off over a thousand people, and destroying Mr. Hershey's dream, all to cut labor, material costs and AVOID PAYING ANY U.S. OR CANADIAN TAXES!

The company will save about $170 million a year, all on the backs of the American and Canadian workers. The top executives will still make their megabucks and the laid off workers will have to find other jobs, most probably at minimum wage due to their age. All this to take their jobs to India, China and Mexico.

WHAT part of "Everyone's Favorite Chocolate Bar" is left?...NOTHING! These countries are no doubt laughing at us (who they don't like anyway). How long are we going to sit around and let big corporations do this to us? We must all band together and let our politicians in Washington and Ottawa know we've had it with NAFTA, CAFTA and 'SHAFTA' and we won't take it any longer!

Please, don't buy any more Hershey products! If the company wants to take the work to Mexico, then let Mexicans buy the product. We don't want it!


Please pass this to everyone on your email list so it gets all across

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

One more week of finals dear Ivan. This week coming is going to be a slammer. Last 4 exams, two researh papers. UGh... I hope someone is smiling down on me.

Graduation is in 3 weeks.

Soft love,
T said...

Well there ya go.

the walking man said...

OK Bud, now it's on..."you name the time and place and we'll go crazy together over techie tools" This latter he said as an insult not a noun.

Try Mozilla as a browser, it's open source and has fewer problems than something trying to gain billions of worshipers away from Microsoft.

But it also may be time to clean the guts of your PC unload all the crap that accumulates.

D-load the Eusing free registry cleaner 1.8

google it. It is a very simple download and install.

It does a very good job of de-cluttering the deepest parts of your machine , it's free (unless you choose to make a donation), and then that will settle the bullshit that a tool from facebook is telling you.



Tara, I think in all honesty the only thing I am Truly good at is being loved by and loving the One who created all of the cosmos and all levels of said cosmos.

Which has freed me from the constraint of any bullshit dogma of men.

But that has been my, some would say, fucked up way of skating through without having to adhere to their reality.

She and I say "fuck 'em it's our reality." They can have theirs with Him in their own way if they can find a way.

settle in for the final push, good peace while taking the last of your exams and writing your papers. said...


This is important stuff.
All God's chillen got a robe!
I got my sheepskin from Rock University. Dean's name was Flintstone. Registrar was B. Rubble.
It wasn't easy.
Oh, that nine-pound hammah. said...


I hear you.

I know tha years ago, they used to operate the Whang machine.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

A quick smile and nod then off to work on my papers...

soft love,

By the way... thanks Mark said...

Break a leg, Tara. :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

rest time... One paper done 19 pages. Can we say Thesis?

What will have to write for my Ph.d?


T said...

Thesis, almost. Mine was 35 pages, closely typed.

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