Saturday, April 05, 2008

Who will buy this beautiful morning!

I have of late become more eccentric than normal. Heh.
Gloomy thoughts about the old spouse, the cat, the dog.

Mushrooms sprouting from old trees. Wet spring. Some crocuses croaked.

But this morning! Even that old candy-ass rocker, Donavan would have much to say about a morning like this.

"Sunshine came loudly through my window today!

Had to close it, and almost offed a robin who was after my windobox tomato seeds.

Brings to mind an evil little poem I learned in the Air Force

"I smiled sweetly at his song
And as there passed a lull

I gently close the window
and crushed his f*cking skull."

No, no.

Keep on rockin'!

This morning, "all the little birds on Jaybird Street
Love that lil robin goin' tweet, tweet, tweet."

It would truly be a sin to stay indoors today.

Weatherman says Ontario will be bathed in sunshine for week.

(Fr.): The cat may have sunk, but I am surely rising.

To greet a morning ringing with promise.

See you after my stroll in lovely, park-filled Newmarket.

Hey! I saw some Japanese tourists around.
Samatter? Haven't seen a subdivision before?

Thank god the parks are protected.

Ducks honking for the road.

Hah. Dare I quaff a daff?



Charles Gramlich said...

I generally appreciate my morning birds, but on occassion I have considered quaffing one of them by ripping off the head and drinking the blood when they've awakend me from a sound sweet sleep. said...

You'd snuff a a Cape May Warbler? :)

Donnetta Lee said...

I love the morning birds. Haven't thought about quaffing anything as yet. Although there was this neighbor's dog recently...Hope you got out and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshiny day.
Donnetta said...

In spades.

(Or should I say, diamonds!)

Anonymous said...

it's my understanding that Batman thoroughly "quaffed" the spring...the worm saw the whole,there's the joker... said...

That is not an ambiguously gay skit!
Holy Spandex, Batman!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


Run, run as fast as you can. Take in the light. I will sit in the shade and worry about finals.

Love the cat by the way.

Soft love,

Anonymous said...

far from garrulously gay...more worthy of mirth,I'd say...spandex aside,the duck ployed its ply,in an ambiguous way... said...

Well,like my retarded friend at Fairy Lake says,"We could snuff a duck."
I think he began to conversation with "Do you thnuff duckth?
"Nah," I'd said. I am philosopher with a rock
Hm. "To everything, tern,tern," he had said.

Squawk! said...


I have a tan in April!

And now I will have a drink and get really tanned. Good luck on exams.

Josie said...

Well, Ivan, you're catching up and passing us there in Toronto. It's still cold and damp here. Brrrr. Next month you guys will be boiling hot and muggy. You wait! said...

Hi Josie,

It's a beaautiful morning. Again.
Just can't stay inside today.

Will be absent all afternoon.
See how my 100-year-old mama is doing....She might decide to beat me up; dunno.

TomCat said...

Did you write something, Ivan? I never got past the hottie pinup pic at the top!!

Anonymous said...

thufferin' thuckatash... said...


Control yourself! said...


I t*o**t I saw a puddytat

Lana Gramlich said...

Hooray for Spring! :) said...

Yup. In spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love.
Just came back from visiting parts of my family.
Do you ever get these nagging thoughts?
They are all mad.
They probably love me, but they are all mad.
Maybe it's just April.
Or I need to get married again.
Or sumpin'

ea monroe said...

Hiya, Ivan. I got a sunburn at the Medieval Fair over the weekend. On my street in the hood, everyone hurried out to mow their yards, edge and wack weeds.

Enjoy your sunshine. It's been a long time coming! ~Liz said...

Dang it all, Lizzie, I sometimes swear you write on at least two levels.
Yep. It was long in coming.