Monday, May 05, 2008

Bringing Home the Bacon...No, not Francis Bacon--I wish!


One is suddenly out of money and will have to work.


The word is anathema.

But sometimes you gotta do it.

So we put the dream aside for a bit and go to work.

Last time I worked, I did it out front The tax Man and the pension man could see me working.

Ivan working? This is rare.

Ah but you can't earn more than your Federal Pension.

"You worked?...Why you no-good bastard.

So they dock my Canada Pension.

Ah. Only in Canada, you say?

Seems with all this "nanny society" stuff going around you are forced into working under the table and getting your cigarettes from Mafia Miltie.

Forcing a population to be crooked because there seems no other way to get what you need, which, for this generation seems sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Do what your want. Work underground, but don't let us catch you either in the act of smoking or not filing your income tax. Starve to death. But don't light a cigarette.

People work so hard for their money in Canada. And all this nanny stuff, the political correctness stuff, the rape of your paycheck by the feds. And provincially, he latest UKAZ is that you can't smoke in your car wih kids in it.
You orinarily don't do this this from common sense. But they have to make a Provincial law out of it.

And in Toronto, it's the Wild West. Deadwood. OK Corral out in he streets, drug dealers killing each other, innocent bystanders shot.
But what the hell, they're just Bohunks.

But don't smoke in your car.

No wonder the criminals all come out during a prohibition.

Booze, cooze, smokes.

We got em.

What a smooke-free hell.

And Mafia Miltie rules. And he saves his money Toronto Dominion

And he launders it at the Toronto Dominion.

And he puts it into real estate development in Newmarket, Ontario.

And the ruling elite say "If it weren't for development, we wouldn't be here."

Well yeah.

Everbody on the make
Everybody on the take.

But then, as commenters on this blog say, "What else is new?"

Christ, , they had finally gotten Al Capone for income tax evasion

But today, all the Mafiosi are alive and well, emigrated from Milan, where it's getting hot, and living in my region.

And the tax man never goes after them

He goes after me.

"The bastard.

He actually worked!"

Remember that old frame-by frame drawing of human evolution? Australopitchecus. then Homo Habilis, and finally, Homo Sapien--us ( The nomenclature is just dying for a pun).

There seems to be no evolution here in York Region, Canada.

Ah. We're stuck not with Australopithecus Boisson.

But with Austarlopithecus Paisan.

Obviously, I need to go to work

The malnutrition is causing delusions.

Put the play aside for bit.

Hello Central Casting!

Hopefully, not concrete casting.


benjibopper said...

"oh bright minds of poverty
hold on to your heart won liberties
and discard your store bought realities
don't let them take the joy that you make
on your own
work when you need to maybe
don't let em bleed you baby
they do nothing more than feed you lady...
I quit my job
I'm free today"

--Old Man Luedecke from Chester Nova Scotia, words to live by said...



The noble Lunenburg kraut is right!

Dr.John said...

But are you happy? If not then pay your taxes. said...

Dr. John,

Though you are obviously, university-trained, I sometimes worry about your reading comprehension.
It ain't all content.

the walking man said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..."Welcome to the real world she said to me..."
while the old lady said "damned if you do and damned if you don't" but not condescendingly.

Ivan, government is a living organism designed to protect itself and nothing else.

Of course they are going to dock your pension, it simply can not allow you to have a gristly flank steak as opposed to imported mad cow tainted hamburger, if even hamburger. They'd rather find your withered cadaver than continue to support you that you might have any food.

No man, if you want to bolster your income the best thing to do is get hit by a bus, or find a mafioso and engage in some button work for them. They do pay in cash for that sort of thing.

Maybe they would have you toss a 9mm at the one who disallows smoking in cars because it cuts into the illegal cigarette trade.

No, papa, it ain't your grannies Canada anymore. Hasn't been since Pierre and Mags took the society poofish.



Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


I am in a writing mess about Bishop and Crane. Crane uses almost cryptic writing to hide his romantic nature and Bishop completely the opposite as there is much clarity in her writing. Both emotional beings and yet they both struggled. Ugh where are you Ivan! said...


I am hoping this is a phase.

And yes, It seems that Mr. Trudeau
and Mad Meg seemed to have taken Canada the wrong way.
But now we have right-winger in power who has just come back from selling every bit of gritty oil to whoever will buy.
No need to invade.
Give it to ya cheap.
And no pipelines from Alberta to Ontario. All to U.S.
Freeze in the dark, you bastards.
Evrybody hates Toronto anyway.
Chinese very happy.
They are halfway to Saskachewan where there is even more oil.
Ah, so! said...

"Oryx and Crake"?

Wild goat and egret?

Maybe Margaret Atwood had something there. said...


Thank you for taking the time to read the recent blogs.

Where am I? Well, along with the mad Dane Kierkegaard, It's "Either/Or"

Between the subjuctive and the indicative.

I just try to write good.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Ugh, was that sarcasm? Perhaps I am here far too much.

T said...

No sarcasm meant.

I was a too busy and hungover morning.



Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I am headed out for a while Ivan. I wish you continued luck with your writing here. I have a few things I must address.

love you madly.
T said...

¿Qué te pasa?

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Soy cansado y tengo la gripe y captivated totalmente por usted.

T said...

Madre de Dios. said...

Alíviate pronto. said...


Me halagan mucho tus elogios.
I'm totally flattered.