Saturday, May 03, 2008

Things to think about during the intermission

I have featured an intermission in my play just below, "The Fire in Bradford," the fire being, as it is turning out, being largely in a randy professor's pants.

Ah well, he could have been the late Professor Irving Layton, of York University, who was reputed to go after anything that moves.

"Speedy Gonzales", the sexual sprinter, who was said to be remarkably fast with women who, when pursued by a rival and in full heat, is reputed to say, in a joke, "Senor, you have your finger up my kulo." That's speedy . Gotta be fast to catch up.

(I've got to stop this drinking. Slows down the play production and yout have to write crap like the above).

Ah well, it's intermission.

My intention had been to write a story of love, betrayal and loss, and ultimately a reconciliation.

Nice work if you can get it. I fear my heart really belongs to Dada.
Got to stop painting moustaches on Mona Lisas or displaying flush toilets as art, as the Dadaists did.

But look at their influence! The famous painting by Marcel Duchamp, "Nude Descending a Staicase."

Of course today, in America's hot political scene the cartoons are endless, especially with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich getting back into the action.

So do we get that outdoor photo of Gingrich again, going down the steps of Congress?

Title? Newt Descending a Staircase!

Ah, my own descent into hell when I try to make it as a playwright.

This is hard work.

Like Bush says, I work hard

We all gotta work hard!

Ah, how easy it would be to try to imitate the actions of a playwright like W. Somerset Maugham.

But it's hard.

We all gotta work hard!

You listening, Tomcat, political blogger?


the walking man said...

R.A.T. Random Access Thought.

Intermission is good to while away doing this eh?

Personally I like the Dadaist philosophy of ending their school a bit more with each form explored. But the nude never winds up at the bottom of the stairs eh? It is where the jail or the bedchamber or that toillette is maybe.

Newt can just stay under whatever rocks little lizards hide under now that the evangelical movement is beginning to repudiate their political stance. No comment, no comment...

I am not going to begin to work hard any more, instead i think I will just stroll through the lobby during intermission. Patiently waiting for the ushers call, to go on in the exploits of a randy professor.


mark said...