Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cat's got my blog. Poetry on the nog.


I can't find my images on blogger. Just the gif numbers.

Picture file corrupt. Just like the blogger himself.

I'm tired of trying to be smart and pick, pluck and pray at the numbers, hoping an appropriate image will come up.

All that supposed ingenuity to bring up the image I want, and I get the same sleepy cat.

Cat's got my blog.

Lassitude's got my nog.

Ah well. A poem from the past when I was young and in love.


You caress the rosewood

of the silver-fretted cherry-black guitar

It rings

to a thousand life-songs

It sings

Of two lovers frisking on the bank of a life-bestudded river

It scatters


of colour and light -- that other side of sound

As if to mock our inability

to mimic not only life

But steel and wood


...And Blogger will not reprduce the poem the way I would like.

But some people have said they liked the poem.

Not so much when I was in the Service.

"Hey Homer, I hear you're a real homo."

Ah well. Those were different times.

Not all of them bad.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great poem. I love "cherry black guitar." said...

Thank you, Charles!

Josie said...

Ivan, noooooo! Not again!!! said...


The computer problems?

The repeating cat?

My poor poetry?

What do you mean, jelly bean?

the walking man said...

"...Of two lovers frisking on the bank of a life-bestudded river"

I was one of those two on the banks of the Delaware river. It was a crossing for a young military man.

If the cat has your blog you could always shoot thee cat and eat it, that would be fitting in this circumstance eh?

Midnight said...

Yeah , don't pussy-foot around !

Btw , lurve your poetry , Ivan .

Always grateful , for a lesson
from the Master ...

(Btw , may I post comments here ,
when I'm drunk ?).

Cheers , and , Nice Driveway !

Midnight said...

Also , looked on the net and tried ,
but couldn't find the Greek for :

'shining bright' .

(from the previous thread)

Hit me . said...


Wellwe're supposed to be bilingual in Canada.
I am still trying to learn French.

The cat sank? said...


This is not a graffiti blog but I'll try to pick up that thread. Here it is:

From the Greek phallos "a penis, wooden club. ... "shining, bright".

Serious scholarship, you understand.

(No, I am not coming on to you).

Midnight said...

I had said : 'Hit me'.

Not , hit on me .

But thank you for the blurification .

And wtf is a graffiti blog ? said...

Scat writin'.

Like scat singing in jazz.

Midnight said...

Got it .

"Scat gots nine
nine to make time
nine lives in a hole.

"Scat gots nine
nine to feel fine
no heart to console."

-- Salty Dog

"Cat's Got Nine"

(slightly paraphrased)

From the album :
'Every Dog Has Its Day'
(1990) said...

Uh, yeah.

In spades!

Midnight said...

Ok , I have to ask :

Just how much did the cat (in the picture) inhale? said...

Cat grass?

Midnight said...

Only in the dry season.

It preempts 'Snatch Scratch Fever'. said...

Gotta go out.

Before I get set up for old James Bond film heroines.

Midnight said...

Tally Ho !

Pussy Galore?

Catch ya later. Been a pleasure.

Josie said...

Ivan, No, I love your poetry. I meant your computer problems.

Yours is even worse than mine...! said...


Thanks. I should have tested all my links on my machine immediately I got it back from the shop. I wonder if I can still fix my picture file on the old billing.

Glad you liked the poetry.

I know how you feel about the old run-of-the-mill Moon-June-Swoon

Walking by the Holland River this morning, I wonder why Julian Lennon didn't go further with his mysic and poetry. He had one line in a somg which I especially liked:

Sittin on a pebble by the river, playin' guitar.
Wonderin' if we'll ever get that far.

In his father's shadow, I guess.

And we're all wonderin', sometimes. said...

Thnx said...


The thnx was for Midnight.

Midnight said...

That cat either swallowed a canary,
or a mushroom.

You decide.

Midnight said...

Maybe a band name?

The Mushroom Cats.

Already got the perfect cover ... said...

"El Gato Frio".

As in 'Kool Kat".

Midnight said...

Permanent Siesta.

Midnight said...

Glue the pussy
To the keys

It's your life
And she's a breeze

Snatch the vixen
If you can

She expects
You be a man .

Donnetta Lee said...

Just beautiful, Ivan. So old blogger doesn't want to cooperate, huh? Just smack it around a bit. Give it a sip of scotch!

Midnight said...

"Give me one ping , Vasily." said...

Vasily lost more teeth today.

Is sick and can't comment.

Will be at dentit's all day.

If this is A.E, I can't make it to your daughter's weeding tomorrow, Saturday.
This blog is temporarily on hold. said...


Thanks for the appreciation.

I need a shot of Scotch..

Health suddenly down the tubes.
Teeth falling out all over.
Gad. Hope this is temporary.
I know I am so old I remember the fall of Rome, but I'm starting to be like George Washington...Will have to invest in wooden teeth and pemanent specs.
Me? The Dick Clark of journalism?
Dance Party. Gotta dance.
Dance my way over to the oral surgeon.
Ah. Snaggle-tooth the lion.

benjibopper said...

really enjoyed that poem - a heartache ode to the blues? whatever, it was good. more poems! said...

Thans, man.

Dr.John said...

But always remember " Blogger is Free". said...

Well Reverend. Uh, Hell with that.

I need a Mac. And they ain't cheap.

Josie said...

How's by you, boychik? You're going through a rough time right now. Just wanted to give you some moral support.

Josie said...

Hi Josie,

Looks like I survived.

Appreciate the note.

Hey, I see your self-appointed inquisitor is back on your blog.
Gee whiz. Why do people write in just to torment the webhost?
I was going to do something, but you can't insult some of those people.
Nothing is foolproof, says Professor Peter in his Principle; fools are ingenius.
Envy, I guess. Deadly Sin.

Yeah, I know.
Why me?

Sic Dr. John on them?
Do they still exorcise people? said...


I just visited your blog and noticed that you deleted her.


Middle Ditch said...

More please said...

Oh Monique,

You are so nice.