Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An apocalyptic dream in the middle of the night

Twin towers

The symbol for eleven

Like strange love gone bad.

Like America.

Like the song by a new group called Finger Eleven

Look at the shape I'm in
Talking to the walls again
Look at the state I'm in

No hostage has been held like I've
Been holding mine but I'm just fine
Since I've been without you
No prisoner could climb the walls
That I've built up in my mind
Since I've been without you
But I'm holding down and out
I'm desperate without you
Look at the shape I'm in
Talking to the walls again
Look at the state I'm in
Bent and broken is all I've been
No universal truth this time
No other universe but mine
Could ever feel as unaligned
Since I've been without you
No instances from time to time
Feel like things will turn out right
Since I've been without you

The wonder of the beauty of America crying in the months after 911, the beautiful singers, Faith Hill, and Jewel and even our own Shania Twain singing a dirge to America and love itself as pirates took over the White House and Congresss; and America, like William Blake's Rose was sick, and the solitary worm that flew in, "in the in the night, in the howling storm", found out America's bud of joy, it's ethos and its culure, and ground it all into the dirt.

And so, to the tune of old Beatles, "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people":

Look at the shape I'm in
Talking to the walls again
Look at the state I'm in

Art bows to commerce and where there is no commerce, there is no art. But you can't kill art if it's for itself.
Even though the pirates and the con men continue to confound Congress and more trillions have been poured into the continuation of the Iraq and Afghan wars and we are hardly near to where we first began.

The Saudi insurgets' game was so easy to see through if one had studied the "Arab Mind" the almost Christian Byzantine deceitful ways of it--the image of the the nimble, vituperant serpent and the exhausted ibis trying to harpoon it. And failing, and almost dying.
Flailing, failing, again and again, until the Ibis is almost immobilized out of fatigue and about to be dispatched by the asp.

And with a fool at the helm, America, like the Ibis seems exhausted, culturally and economically, waiting for the evil bite.

And the serpent, who had heretofore keened, "Let me in, oh tender woman.
Let me in for heaven' sake"
About to give America the thorough, poisonous gnaw that is the asps's.

But the serpent, down-looking, earthbound, could not see the Chinese kite overhead and its high-seated observers.
From above: " Lower the snake-killing goddess. Those foreign devils will understand that.
They are, both, the Nubian and the Scyth, so simple- minded!"


Charles Gramlich said...

The Marilyn Manson song, "Beautiful People" comes to mind. Or his "mob Scene." he actually has some pretty politically aware stuff. said...

Gee, I'd hate to be in that kind of company, but I read somewhere that his IQ was fairly high.

Bobby said...

I'm going to build my own island and declare independence.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

The world is in a race to destroy itself and it will if we allow it to do so. But what does it matter when we are so fake inside and to each other anyway?

Nice to see you Ivan.


Anonymous said...

beware those who choose to act behind the curtain... said...

Welcome, Well, you'll have a nice blog on that island from what I read. said...

Hi Tara! said...


I'm searching for a Frank Zappa quote.

the walking man said...

By the current American standard Ivan, the administration did not become corrupt until the economy fell.

Yes it is a Saudi insurgency. Oh the Wahabi.

Yes the Chinese are still well positioned to suck the remaining blood and any new blood that may emerge from this debacle...ah how true it is, they were hiding in the open.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

"The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced."

"I'll give you a simple formula for straightening out the problems of the United States. First, you tax the churches. You take the tax off of capital gains and the tax off of savings. You decriminalize all drugs and tax them same way as you do alcohol. You decriminalize prostitution. You make gambling legal. That will put the budget back on the road to recovery, and you'll have plenty of tax revenue coming in for all of your social programs, and to run the army"

"Stupidity has a certain charm - ignorance does not"

Frank Zappa

Soft love,

benjibopper said...

so the prophesy was true.

this is by far your most political rant yet, Ivan. rave on.

that's one hell of a frank zappa quote, Hands and Hearts. said...


I think you're right, and it seemed to start early, like in the Seventies.
Who doesn'tlove Jimmy Carter but who is there to defend his weakness in handling the hostage crisis in Iran; and then the oil cut off and all of us trained to be like coolies, to line up and pump our own gas? And start paying for it large?
And then the abortion of a reascue effort where Sea King helicopeters and Cl30's were used, the carburetors on the helicopters gummed up with sand in a storm, and the "rescue" aircraft all crashed into each other instead of going to Iran on the commando raid.

It was well to start Habitat for Humanity, but I think dear, dear Mr. Carter did it all wrong and the ayatollash felt their power and they and Amihenejad feel it to this day.
If you had to invade you would have had to invade Iran, way back, in l972, and not Iraq in 2003.
Mr. Carter has now written a book abut his administration and he does tell us all where he seemed to bo wrong.
And now Iran is firing off its rockets, saying, in effect, if we want to hurt you, America and Israel, we can. said...


I think the authors of the Constitution were very cool cats.

...Darn, it was so beautifully written, it may as well have started up American literature, which, I must say, up to a generation ago, ago, was very fine.
Future problems were forseen and amendments were made to handle those problems, but yes, starting in about l905-- the time of the first Great Pirates-- the laws were enfored less and less and plutocracies and Companies Limited were set up to fleece the public and poison the air.
But came the Second World War and FDR, the greatest President and possibly the greatest man of the twentieth century somehow got it all together, helped to defeat the Axis powers and by l947, America was the greatest country in the world, morally, financially and politically.
But came l948 and it all fell apart as the thieves and pirates got back in.
The Eisenhowers, the Kennedys tried to get it right,
but the Kennedys and activist blacks were suddenly offed right and left.
As dead Philip Wylie might have said, "Oh Generation of Vipers."

We start again, I think, with Barack Obama.
Oh to get that Constitution and those fine laws back.

Yet I can't, with Frank Zappa ignore the man behind the curtain. said...


That's a terrific Frank Zappa quote. said...


Yes, Tara's quote was right-on.

My what a blissful President.

And our own Mr. Harper, though far from a fool, seems to be going kind of Neo Conny himself.

Lana Gramlich said...

Welcome to the beginning of the end...or not long after the beginning of it, anyway. Still the ignorant sheeple pump their fists in the air & chant "USA! USA!" *snort*

Josie said...

I think the United States has just gotten too big and is about to collapse in on itself. There are too many divisive factors - regional, political, cultural.

The two-party system has created a huge division between the American folks. Perhaps in some ways the Civil War never really ended.

America is no longer the greatest nation on earth. It is far, far, far from it, but Americans still buy into the "myth". Unfortunately, America is an easy target because of this. It makes me think of some huge mythological monster that has grown to such proportions that it no longer has strength, but just thrashes around trying to defend itself. said...


I just hope it isn't the demolition derby. Guess the good ole boys have no choice but to be good ole boys.

Guess I could introduce an oxymoron: Belligerent sheeple(s)? said...


I know you're not all that fond of going "back to the Barack" or the barricades, but uncurable romantic that I am, I have high hopes for Obama.

He is so much like a Kennedy.

But...Oh gawd! said...

p.s. to Josie,

You say the Civil War may not have ended.

I say the Sixties never really ended. Began with JFK's assassination, I guess. And now we have a black version, and to me, he might just be the Moses.

But as I say up above, I'm an incurable romantic.

Josie said...

Ivan, no, no, no. Obama is no Kennedy. The Kennedys were real. They played touch football. They rolled up their sleeves and got dirty and sweaty. They were brilliant and America had never seen their kind before.

Rev. Jesse Jackson was recently chastized for saying Obama is arrogant and "talks down to the Blacks in America". Rev. Jackson is right. Obama is smug and arrogant. He actually had to be taught how to give speeches using a less "hoity toity, fruity" accent.

Jackson marched with Martin Luther King 40 years ago, when Obama was still wearing knee pants. Jackson knows whereof he speaks.

Obama is no Moses.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

::shakes head::

T said...

Obame smug and arrogant?

Jesse Jackson, at the last rally, thinkingg his mike was off, boomed,

I"m gonna cut that guy's balls off."

Tonight, Jay Lenno ran the footage of part of Obama's speech, weith falsettto dubbed in.

And when it came to family values, Leno noted that Jackson was a lot like old Teddy Roosevel. "Walk softly, and carry big srick." said...


Ah well. But Obama is a master-stroke bowler :)

Obama and his preachers some of them randy.

Josie said...

I will just sit and wait for the the "I told you so moment". :-)

It will happen.

the walking man said...

As an American I am not a nationalist believing that all that was America, still is. America is the place I live, human is the race I subscribe to and history tells us a lot but not if we focus on the wrong portion. I can find a historical context to prove any point eh?

Should we have or would it have been better to...makes no difference in a historical context. America responded as America responded to the Iran of the ayatollah, the Sea Kings and C-130's were not meant for desert climates the way they were configured, it is not Carters fault but the colonel and captains that planned the rescue effort who did not consider this singular environment.

Now Iran fires missiles that do nothing and harm no one...why? Look back a week...Iran is in talks with Europe about accepting aid in return for disbanding its nuclear program, then the price of oil started to drop, fell ten dollars a barrel and next thing you know Iran, the little puppy, barks and the world is seized in a paroxysm of fear driving oil up again. Would it be best if America fired a live missile in response? A tactical nuke maybe? That will be the response if they target Israel. Then the conflagration will begin, Iran is cognizant of this, as are Israel and America. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. That is not the way business works. using any means necessary to drive the price of your singular commodity up...that is the way business works.

That many in the world gleefully look to the fall of American might is no new thing. Since WWI when American intercession in Europe brought to an end that nightmare, the worlds peoples have always talked behind their hand about the evil of my country. Yet when the shit hits the fan where does the world look? Where did Churchill and Stalin look? A more modern example of American generosity in the face of adversity is the Tsunami relief efforts of three years ago.

What nation has given more in blood and wealth to the world at any time in history than America? What nation has openly shared as much science and discovery as America? Russia, the Soviet, the Chinese? None is the answer. Yes other nations and cultures before the 20th century gave America a base for science, no one would be anywhere without Arab based maths and Chinese based explosives...but it is America which moved them beyond where they had evolved.

Einstien was a German who would have been murdered had not America offered him shelter. Oppenhiemer also a German was given room to develop his theorem which has done much FOR the world, but it was in America that he thrived beyond the gulag structure(produce or die) of Hitlers Germany. And the list goes on.

Think for a minute on the "sheeple" of my country. The reason your prescription drug prices are so low is because your nation and all of the nations of the world cap those prices, yet America does not, so which peoples funds the research and development and profits of those drug suppliers? In essence one could say we die so you may live. We generally receive no government subsidy or support for prescriptions.

But do not think that I am not aware of all the evil this, my nation, has done as well. I am aware of the governments we have tried to overthrow and dictatorships we have propped up in the name of "national interest." We were wrong then and wrong when we overtly toppled a sovereign dictator named Hussein. In all cases that pigeon has come home to roost and we paid the price for it, not only on the world stage but in domestic turmoil. At the same time though we have, in each instant to date, reformed ourselves, taken our blows and moved on better for the discourse and change.

Is America falling in on herself? That is one possible scenario. But which nation will step in to fill the multi-trillion dollar void? China? Russia? Canada? Germany? England? India? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Which is it? You know the answer as easily as I do...none. Will the American people suffer if we no longer police the world and her oceans? Not really. We can keep our considerable wealth and talent within our own shores then and the rest of the nations of the world be damned.

We can by government fiat then take back ownership of all foreign owned properties that are within our shores. Investment be damed.

We can stop all overseas foreign aid and let those countries find solutions within their own shores or through the largess of someone else. I am of the mind that too long we have propped up other places to our own detriment. Your nation won't pay the American price for American drugs...then you should not have them. It is the same with all American intellectual property. Let each pay for what they want. Let each train their own scientists and engineers, we have started the ball rolling now let the other nations take it and run with it, America has enough talent and capacity within her to survive adequately without free trade agreements. There is no crying national need to export food and commodities on the open market. America is on the short end of trade imbalances yet no one praises her for that.

Is this the world people beyond America want? When it happens then there will be anger at America because there will be no other fatted calf for the nations of the earth to suck the tit of.

Personally I feel as if the next leader of this nation is not the right one to transit us away from the wrong that America has become, we will simply wait until the next cycle comes and try again. The same as every other country of the world. But the one thing I will not do, even in understanding what my nation has done wrong in the world, is look away from her in a time of need. There already are to many willing to do so.

Josie said...

Mark, you're brilliant, and I totally agree with you. Now, why doesn't someone like you run for President? None of the smart people seem to want to the job. And yes, America is going to fall in on itself it it keeps going in the direction it's going. And it will be the world's loss. The Roman Empire was a great empire too, and it also collapsed from mismanagement.

I don't think either McCain or Obama are great men or great leaders, and your nation needs a great man to lead you.

Who ya gonna call...? said...

Good, Mark.

I'll have to revert to history and say that (thinking of old Hoover), isolationism is not new). Nor earlier isolationism with President Monroe. The Monroe Doctrine is still in place, certainly with Cuba.
But it's what America owes.

The debt for oil and to the Chinese and to the Japanese, if you were to place $1oo bills flat, and stack them to the height of twenty World Trade towers-- gives you some idea of how broke America really is.
And as they told Clinton, "Well, we'll just have to keep going back to the Japanese."
Kennedy tried to introduced the Greenback, a made-in-USA dollar, and look what happened.

Screw. The People's Republic of China owns America, and that's why Bejing is tolerated and even kow-towed to.
There is also another factor which we can't write about.
Enough that the country has been Enronized and the ghost of Kenneth Lay seems to run congress and the presidency.
But there is a sideways progress in idealistic progress in spite of all the Masonry and and intrigue.

Dang it all, I'm all for Obama.
He knows what's wrong. He will be supplied with the truth, of course, once he is elected.
But you could start in small practical ways, like maybe building up the greeback from home again, Like Kennedy tried to do with actual $20 bills backed by the treasury.
Face it. America is Masonic, has always been Masonic, right from the God symbol on the one dollar bill.
Another symbol has replaced the pyramid, but I don't think I want to talk about that.
In a word, you need an FDR.
But a black prince. Maybe at about the right time.
--To prove your point of the greatness, altruism and generocity of your country in spite of it all.