Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day...Or is it "The Cat Sank" watching a silly Canada Goose?

Today, I met a FOOF.

FOOF?--Fine Old Ontario Family. Scion of United Empire Loyalists. (Revolution Americans would have called them Tories).
Still sounding vaguely English, though long ago up from Pennsylvania.
Sentient, Extremely talented. Somehow gay.

People who started Canada.
And now supplanted by by a parvenu of nerds, Pakistanis and other optimists.

Every year now, a "city" of 400,000 people prangs itself, like an asteroid upon our small population of some 31 million anxious, addled, and largelly unemployed souls.

Some would say cultural suicide.

Mammoth immigration is good, says Ottawa.
Elephantine immigration is bad, says the working man.
"Not the immigrants' fault--they haven't got a job either. But there just ain't enough to go around."
Doctors driving taxis. Surgeons hacking out auto parts...And now nobody's buying American or Canadian auto parts either.
Brake discs made in China. Crockery made in China again, as in day of old.
Wallmart made in China.

Kerrogu Korn Frex from Malaysia. But now domestically produced again, because there is no corn in Malaysia now.

Law of diminishing returns.Can we afford immigrants and their aging folks any more? the lone FOOF wonders.
But the FOOF, never a bigot, has a sense of noblesse oblige.
"You don't have to pay," --UEL phrase out of 1799, the year at which they too, the FOOFS themselves became immigrants to Canada after the Yanks kicked them out for beingr "Tories".

You don't have to pay.

But FOOFS have been paying for a long time. And now they are largely gone.

So few FOOFs. So many immigrants.

If I were a FOOF, I'd be insulted.
So many mundane prosaics...."Excuse me" as they jump line. They don't get jokes. "I piss on your sophistication"....Specific operating concerns. Language for information only. "Where is washroom?" "Where is job?"

A charter of rights and freedoms is vetted by Supreme Court judges. And they are more and more the same people. FOOFS and FROGS no longer count.

You don't have to pay. Well, now it's PAY.

Oh how I mourn the passing of the FOOF.

Where is there a culture to tie to now?

Carbon-copy Americans at a time when America itself seems to be run by the devil.

The FOOF across the table from me is titled. John Smith III, he signs his legal papers.
He is fat, not all his fault--glands. He has a heart codndition. Bred a tad too close.

And nowadays it seems that only Pocahontas is in there pitcing when it comes to a culture, for we ain't got none and the aboriginals are getting theirs back. Adam Beach, and Robbie Robertson, and Harold Cardinal and Susan Ugulark. Long live Buffy Ste. Marie.

The FOOF, like all rare royalty, is somehow sick.
He has lost his hair, his land and and is not even sure if he's sexually up to it. The parvenu is certainly outbreeding him. In spades.

Yet, the ones I've met will give you the shirt off their backs.

"You don't have to pay."

The FOOF like a poor, but generous Indian.. "Piece of cake" when it come to bumming a cigarette.

"PIece of the action", suggests the FOOF to every immigrant.

Until there is no more left of the magic skin.

Somehow, democracy has been supplanted by an aristocracy of judges. They have the vault with the constittuion in it. We have useless paper.

The FOOF knows. Quarduple the number of judges to stop the rot.. Have them actually run for office.
The more judges the lower the social activism, which has elevated to drama the arse bandit, violent criminal and the corner abortionist.

"You don't have to pay."

But we do, we do.

O Canada.

Give us back our country.

Or at least wait for the Indians to get it back for us.


Charles Gramlich said...

The US, and to a lesser extent the European countries are going through the same thing. Massive population shifts are occurring. It's bound to have some long-range effects.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


Just came back from a Canada Day shindig.

Spent part of it with a Vietnamese.

Maybe I've been too pessimistic.

This somehow turned out to be a pretty good day in spite of my messed up teeth and the antibiotics.

But over here today, parts of Main Street consited of the Ho Chi Min Trail (lots of offshore workers here), but I must confess there was a real feeling of all of us being in this thing together.
Oh what the hell. Today, Canada worked.

Anonymous said...

better wait till you hear what Geronimo has to say...I know he isn't going to trade in Manitou for Muslim...and for sure Miller will ban camels within city limits[there goes the future of the taxi industry?]...and when do the Indians pray?...I say we all go back to Tipi Lodge,"enlist",and take back everything,including Manhattan...freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...let it go,and we'll all be begging for the water we just passed...I hear the train "a comin'"...

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Well, in Saskatchewan, they have oil and potash.

Maybe we'll all be going for a Potlach.

Camels in Toronto will be protected. You can't even walk a mile to have one of those there.

I'm trying to figure out how to spell fascist. Miller not high life.

He's a party pooper, and it's not the parity of the Canadian dollar that is keeping touriest out.

It's just that Toronto, like New York, has become a party-pooper town.
End the prohibition, idiots.

Then everybody will come.

Anonymous said...

quick spelling lesson...Miller = fascist = dick...

happy Canada Day...carbon tax,totally "revenue neutral"[?????],in effect today in B.C.

get out your trinkets and shine 'em up for trade...money is on its way out...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I strongly believe in the Canadian Mosaic. Certainly more so than the American melting pot. Canada's culture of tolerance and natural justice is what all Canadians whether FOOFs, FROGs or new immigrants should embrace. Sure there is a price to pay but for many in the world, Canada is still the bee's knees. (Don't really know what that means but I am trying to expand my vocabulary. LOL).

Lana Gramlich said...

Happy Canada Day, regardless. I have to say, some of the immigrants I met in Toronto were (& are) among the best people I've ever known. Smart, hard-working, inclusive, incredibly giving, supportive, kind. Not that they're ALL that way, of course, but these seemed considerably better (in ways) than the native Canadians I'd already known for years (Americans, too, for that matter.)

the walking man said...

Even in assimilating a large diverse immigrant population Canada can not be saved anymore than America can, In the face of the new world order of globalism.

Re-distribute wealth from the old guard to the new and you still only have so much wealth to go around. Nothing improves with massive integration of immigrants unless it is the Canada of the '50s with a population of 3 million. But once the infrastructure is full, it is full. Why force them working to unemployment in favor of someone new taking the job for less money?

Why allow someone to come in and take a technical slot when in four to six years you can train a kid, already in place to fill that slot? The world doesn't turn so fast that any need beyond food, clothing and, shelter is imperative.

I am not a big fan of any immigration. The best and brightest always leave the place that needs them most for financial gain at the expense of the native born.

Unfortunately the cabals that run the world see it somewhat differently.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Lone Greay Squirrel,

As I go to Toronto and walk around, I must admit what you say is true....In spite of gang activity which seems the case in any large metropolitan city, there reaally does seem to be peace order and social harmony despite everybody's differrent national origins.
But over the years, I have often been a paid Methuselah, known for my strong opinions, and I guess I had to play he devil's advocate...Fightin' journalist.

Perhaps its my formative years,
where anybody not a White Anglo Saxon Protestant--was generally dumped upon in Canadian society.

I had gone to flying school, and everybody kept asking for my citizenship papers, which my father could not supply.

Though having no trouble at all as a pilot trainee, and having gone solo--there was the problems of my not being born in Canada, and this became an issue, until I was finally driven out of flying school, which was run by the Royal Canadian Air Cadets...This was in cold war days and they may have thought I was a Russian.
This made me doubly detarmined to succeed in another way, and I did.
I somehow got an education ("Polish" mark of C+ and all) and went on to become independently wealthy by 32.
But I had to go through the discrimination and prejudice to make my way.

I suppose that having to go through my school of hard knocks as an immigrant's son, I resent the fact that Canada gives all to the immigrant these days without the immigrant having to do anything at all.
And I guess having Brit teachers gives you a certain attitude.

But I think what Charles says above is true.

It's not immigration we seem to have these days in Canada, but a virtual invasion. The staggering numbers of immigrants we have every year--and that's just those you can count--does present problems for the future, as they are finding out in France.
There is also a large criminal element, not home-grown, which is really dangerous to Canadian society. There are countries with criminal hieararchies which are somtimes exported to Canada in entire posses, ready-formed, and I don't think out police or intelligence agencies are fully cognizant of this.
There is no shortage of American lawyers observations that if you want to commit murder, do it in Canada--you'll almost always get away with it in a perfunctory Canadian justice system.

I feel just a bit resentful that after all the beatings on the playground and the fight for a profession-- I notice that the perks are given out fast and loose to anybody at all who seems to land here through whatever means.
In a word, it seems to me that the newly-arrived, just off the boat, immediatly demand their rights and privileges, which was not he case in the bad forties and fifties. As an immigrant, you had to fight, often barehanded for what you got.

Now everyting is handed to the immigrant on a slver plate, including double the social assistance offered to a native-born Canadian should he ever arrive at at bad juncture in his own life.
Se we have sort of arrived at a system of Crow-Jim and not Jim-Crow. The immigrant rules, and he's got more say than you.
The immigrant is now an aristocrat and the born Canadians the hoi-polloi.
"What do thouse stupid farmers know anyway?"

The fact is that in Ottawa's ivory towers, everybody says massive immigration is a good thing, while the man on the street knows that there is not enough to go around and in a high-tech society, you don't really need all those exra bodies, some of them now outrightly nasty.
Better the days when my father arrived in Ontario. You will go to this specific town. You will take that specific job. And you will stay at that job and in that town until the company finishes what it has to do in that locality; only then can you choose where you live or work. A kind of apprenticeship to Canada, whereas today, there is none at all.
You can arrive as an immigrant, collect welfare all your life here, and still feel yourself somehow elevated to piety.

Maybe what I'm talking about is corruption at the immigrant lawyer and broker level, and the game is played neither fairly or even legally.

It is only human nature to bite the hand that feeds you and a lot of immigrants here seem to be doing it. And even the illegals.

There are times I think Canadians have been made patsies by their own government and are forced to accept kind of a Gulag existence while they watch the newly arrived amass BMW's a cell phones.
I kid you not.

Being born in Canada today is to be a second-class citizen.
And the "dumb farmer" knows it, and he resents being called that, and I think he has a case.
Tradest thou thy birthright for a mess of UN accolades?

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


It is hard to determine who is higher on the dick scale, our own Mayour Miller or Mr. Bloomberg in New York.

Well, former New York governor Spitzer certainly highlights the hypocrisy while he preached family values and law an order while proving himself a true stick man.

ivan#@creativewriting.ca said...

Have to agree, Lana.

But all of a sudden, the native-born don't seem to know who they are.
But maybe in the historical abortion that is Canda--"It's not a real country anyway"--(South Park); there has been a confusion with identity.
The French know who they are, but we don't seem to,we Ontarians not being as old as the French or the Acadian.

One could be arch to the immigrant and say, "cultural mosaic or no cultural mosaic--your culture is not my culture--as soon as I find out what that culture really is."

Throughout my teaching career, I have found it charming anyway, to hear other teachers ask, and all the time," What is it really, being Canadian?"

ivan@creativewritingca. said...

Nice to get another American perspective.

...And agreed on all points.

Anonymous said...

coming in to this country now,as an immigrant,the real trick is to have multiple wives,thus upping the ante of assistance...as for geographical/employment location,upon acceptance to Canada,it's no longer "permitted"to place immigrants where
jobs and space are...truth be told,the whole process is about totally mindless politicians "grooming" waves of potential votes in hopes of continuing their obtuse career path,in their usual and ineffectual way...I'm waiting for the day we have massive demonstrations by "new Canadians",threatening to "jihad" us all if we don't give'em what they want[see France,Gr. Britain]...to me,Canada has been wounded and compromised by an unfettered/lax immigration process,and,thankfully,I can express that concern here without great fear...even journalists who purport to have huge brass balls, run,masked and whimpering,into a dark corner, when this issue is raised...not to worry,the issue will raise itself,one day soon,in such a way that there is no room for misunderstanding of the monster we are now building...my Canada is true and free,and piss on the buffoons,any and all,who want to screw it up...and I,too,had to duke it out on the playground because of my differences,after arriving here...my advice to new Canadians who have expectations of what I can do for them,and not what they can do for Canada, is,"you can stay,but the bullshit's gotta go"...

Donnetta Lee said...

I hear the drums steady in the distance and see the smoke rising just above the hill. The time has come.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Ah, we're all so pious over here.

But I like Paiute.

And the sun's gonna Shoshon.

Anonymous said...

Straight thoughts 170
July 2nd, 2008

Revoke Henry Morgentaler's Order of Canada


Bestowing the Order of Canada on Henry Morgentaler was not a political move. Morgentaler, during his life, has acted mostly for personal gain. It is not even a scientific, medical or literary appointment, as he did not achieve success by any of the standards used to award a person with the Order of Canada.

His appointment to the Order of Canada is a sold-out of the nation and its principles to a group of radical feminists.

Canada used to be a decent, moral, Christian-based country. The Governor General of Canada is now declaring that Canada does not respect human life and that Canada is a humanist country by honoring with the Order of Canada the president of the Humanist Association of Canada, abortionist Henry Morgentaler. He is a man with a complete disregard for human life, disregard for the law of the Land and disregard for women (over 50% of the thousands of lives he terminated were women), a man convicted and imprisoned for performing illegal abortions, charged for procuring illegal miscarriages, who had his medical license suspended for a year and a man with an estimated gross annual income from the business of abortion of over $10 Million a year.

With this award, the Governor General of Canada states that the primary role of the government of Canada, which she represents, is NOT to defend the life of its citizens, but to exterminate them, if and when they are "unwanted".

Canada now, represented by the highest post on the Land (The Governor General) has stopped being a decent, civilized country where people are treated with respect.
In today's Canada "honour" is terminating human lives on demand, for money.
In today's Canada "Honour" is wiping out a generation of defenseless children for being "un wanted".

In today's Canada the Order of Canada can be bestowed to a man against the will of 92% of Canadians (recent online poll by the Globe and Mail, with over 300,000 respondents).

We, the people, petition the Governor General of Canada to revoke this award immediately, for the sake of the many who have lost their lives to protect someone else's life. For the sake of the many who have been slaughtered by the hand of abortionist Henry Morgentaler.

To sign the petition, please Click on:


Giuseppe Gori, Leader
Family Coalition Party of Ontario



ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Kinda with you on that one, Giuseppe.

My, what a lovely baby killer.