Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Notes from the underground...or have I lost the function of elimination?

Snapped continuity. Like videotape become snapped and unspliced.

Ones life of snapped continuity.

Mislaid things, people, houses.

Where the hell is everybody?

Willie Nelson:

Two broken hearts lonely looking likehouses where nobody lives
Two people each having so much pride inside neither side forgives
The angry words spoken in haste such a waste of two lives
It's my belief pride is the chief cause and a decline
In the number of husbands and wives

Well, Willie should know.
And the tragicomedy of life. (Quote supplied here by Eric Mercer) : "My dick died before I did."--Willie Nelson.

So what does it matter if you get her back.
Old air force joke. You've become a colossal fossil wih a docile tassle.

Still think you know something about life?

A man will chase a woman for thirty years, even if he gets nothing out of her.

And he finally lands her. And, says my Greek friend, " still gets married to an asshole."

Ronnie Hawkins. "She drove that cat until he flipped his lid."

A little bit sexist, I suppose. That particular part of anatomy is not resrtricted to women or men.

Well, the gay guys get their Burroughs and Ginzburgs. Talk with such dismissiveness, almost sneering at "heterosexual love" as if their family was already homosexual while ours was still in the trees. Yeah. The ascent of man.
The nobility of making it with a dunghill.

Heh. How now, brown cow?

And today, you can marry one.

Jeez. How many emperors, how many kids, how many new clothes.

Culture of storm and stress. What had been up had to be pulled down.

And other things wrong with the old Democrats.
And only the babysitter is in there pitching.

I mean, when I was in college, I sincerely wanted to be a homosexual. I wanted to be outrageous at parties. I wanted to tell it like it is.

Turned out to be captain of the stupid hockey team.

Well never mind. The things that go one beween men and women can be so godawful that you may be lucky if queer.
You may be gay and on the radio, but but if straight, your patrner may be operating in mega-hurts. Drive ya nuts.
Drove that cad untill he flipped his lid.

Well, I once frippped my rid.
Tried to do it all for them. Not so much for me.

Be a novelist. (Well, not so fast).

Be a teacher. (Done)

Lay me a golden egg. (Done with some grunting)

The law now says that all men should be women.

Goddam, sorry Semaytha, Sam.. No can do.

Procrustes' bed. Prokopchuk's bed.

Maybe if I dyed and spiked my hair. But then I'd alraady done that as a rock star.

She now likes gay guys. "You are so limited." Limited?

Dikey independence fantasies. And she was smart enough to know it.

Married a taxi driver who beats her often.

John Prine. "Beats her up with a rubber hose."

I guess there's erotica in some kind of pain.

I frip my rid.

Whatever turns your crank. Maybe even Crank.

Culture of storm and stress. Sturm und Drang, to coin a phrase. What has been up must now be pulled down. Post-modernism. The devil's due.

And we are no closer to success nor piety.

Damn. Give me back my wife. Give me back my youth.

Our cat was such a Phizer.



Charles Gramlich said...

Give me back my youth. Yeah, with a side order of sense.

the walking man said...

If at 70 you have hair enough to dye and spike then go for it, become a new novelty for an old debauched trend.

Let them marry and let them climb on the dung heap of union, why should the homosexuals be spared what us heterosexuals found out long ago...marriage in this society is a legal contract nothing more, nothing less and the bitterness of it is getting the fuck out of the contract. All the preachers in the world can speak holy words of wisdom over anybody but in western society it is not a done deal until the paper is signed and witnessed and filed with the government.

I flipped my lid long before my hair started to fall out and now I say...if you got it flaunt it even if it's with a pink hockey stick.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


Walking Man:

Ivan a love toy? Never!

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...



Lana Gramlich said...

As they say, the problem with life is that you get the exam before you learn the lesson.
"You've become a colossal fossil wih a docile tassle." Speaking of gay, that sounds like something out of a Danny Kaye movie. ;)

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


You're Canadian. You can probably relate to this:

Sam Shopsowych (Shopsy) the hot dog king of Toronto once took Danny Kay to the 98 room Casa Loma castle in Toronto, built years ago by eccentric millionnaire Sir Henry Pellat. Casa Loma is an actual castle with 98 rooms on many levels, turrets and parapets, the whole medieval thing.Shopsy rented the castle for a week. Told Kay it was his home.

"Kinda a shack said Shopsy. Hope you don't mind spending the night."

Kay went back to Hollywood very impressed. "He got all that from operaiing a deli?"
Controversial stories on Kay being gay.

I know that Shopsy was very fat.

They say if you can't get a girl, get a good clean fat boy.

Donnetta Lee said...

Oh, I seem to frip my rid every day these days. I especially frip it when I gaze in the mirror and wonder what in God's name happened to my youth! Gone with the wind, Miss Scarlet. Some say to be happy with your new found wisdom and flaunt all your traces of wrinkles and brown spots because you have earned them. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Just give me my smooth young skin back. OH--but be sure to let me know then what I know now. Else how could I appreciate it?

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Seen pictures of ya.

You still a looker.

With the practice of writing, there is no age limit.

Speaking of writing, I composed a more upbeat blog. Promply pushed the wrong button and lost the whole shooting match. Lost power while writing new blog...Gone in cyberspace. Oy.
Senior momengt, I guess. Womky computer. Wonky me.
--Dr. Smith out of the old Lost in space TV programme. "Oh dear. What shall become of me!"
Take heart. Jung says a woman after forty discovers the sharapness of her mind. I think that's true.