Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ain't no drag. Lorne Michaels has a brand new bag....And Tina Fey ain't no hag.

The portrayal of Senator Sarah Palin by Tina Fey as a dipsy airhead last Saturday was jut too precious. It was a reprise performance after the previous Saturday's almost flukey, but hilarious performance by Fey as Palin.

If nothing else, it shows you can always get back to where you were before if the stars are right and you are a look-alike for a contentious somebody.

This time around,Amy Poehler played CBS's Katie Couric, parodying the interview with Palin just a scant few days before. Poehler, mostly played straight man to Fey, who ratcheted up her performance of Palin running by satirizing her foreign affairs experience.

When Poehler's Couric pushed Fey's Palin to specifically discuss how she would help facilitate democracy abroad, Fey gave in: "Katie, I'd like to use one of my lifelines. ... I want to phone a friend."

When a confused Poehler informed her that that wasn't how the interview worked, Fey's Palin responded waving index finger i n the air,"Well, in that case, I'm just gonna have to get back to ya.

I think I peed my pants laughing.

This skit will be in the minds of many Americans tonight as the Palin-Biden debate starts.
And, unfortunately,Canada's Federal hopefuls will be on at precisele the same time frame. Good old CBC with "The Canadian Perspective."--But I think everybody up here will stay mostly tuned to the vice-Presidetial debate down south.
And one mistake by Sens Palin or Joe Biden can blow the charts. Sen Biden will have to be very careful not to be patronizine, while staying with the issues. And Sarah
Dare not go into a snit or, like a high-profile Canadian (Kim Campbell?) choke.

But SNL. I Seem to be getting all my political information from the likes of SNL and The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart. Out-front questions to politicians: "Why are you such a dick?"

But this is about SNL.

Oh SNL. Just when we thought something had hung you up, we almost offer a cheer to producer Lorne Michaels.

Talk about showing a hot hand.

I think SNL's decade-long dry spell is over.

Ain't no funk.

Ain't no drag.

Poppa Michaels has a brand new new bag.

And Tina Fey no bag.

And who would throw Amy Poehler out of bed.

"Katie Kouric", come on over and cuddle me.



Charles Gramlich said...

I suspect that all comedians vote for Republicans so that they can have folks to make fun of. said...


Republican stock doesn't seem up too much today.

Lana Gramlich said...

A one-off is a far cry from "a brand new bag." No offense, but SNL has largely sucked for decades now & I don't think this Fey/Palin thing is going to be enough of a difference. said...

Yes, Lana,

The openers are hilarous but the skits are a bit tiresome.
Interesting how Sen. Palin will do tonight after all the jokes and the satire.
I think her candidancy will hang on tonight's debate with Joe Biden, who, though an experienced debater, has something of foot-in-mouth disease as well.

Monique said...

It made the headlines in the papers here Ivan, so it must have been great.

ivan@creativewriting.,ca said...

Hi Monique,

I watched last night's vice-presidential debate,featuring Sen Palin vs. Sen Joe Biden.

It was intriguing. Biden won, but it seems Sen Palin did not really lose. Her folksy charm (and (characteristically?)no head for figures or international events)-- made her somehow so appealing. The debate was oddly, a success for her...Not etirely an airhead, and she does not choke under pressure.
She held up and I think this bravery under fire was at least a shinplaster for the Republicans. I think McCain made a good choice under the cicrumstances.

She is a media magnet and I'm sure the British newspapers are full of accounts of her performance...Like they say in Peoria, she did good.

But the debate was Tuesday....Can you imagin what SNL is going to do with it by Saturday Night?
I'm already giggling. I'm sure Tina Fey's Palin will "get right back atcha."

Facebook has once again alerted me abut your invitation to have me as a friend on Facebook.

Unfortunately, they seem to be total screw-ups and keep addressing me as Ivam and not IVAN.
The obtuseness of Facebook and my bad browser are a tough combination to overcome.
Especially when at this time I can't afford to put the money out for a really good techie to fix my browser.
Be patient. I indeed want to be on your list of Facebook friends.
It just seems lately that I have hit some sort of steep learning curve, and when it comes to Facebook, they seem to defy reason.
The simply will not, canot understand what I'm telling them. Iam Ivan and not IVAM.
Friggin' idiots. Or is it my broser and I'm the iriot?


benjibopper said...

i flipped back and forth between the canadian and american debate, but mostly it was the canadian one. i like that we have 5 people pointing out each other's ample hypocrasies. when it's one on one the viewer is left wondering 'which one is telling the truth?' when it's everyone for oneself you can see they're all full of shit. said...


Yeah I did the channel flip too.

Peevy Stevie (our Prime Minister) just had on this inscrutable Chinese grin, as if to say, "Ah So. You are all Ah-so."

They sounded like everybody's zany aunt or uncle, though I mut admit I respect both "Vladimir Ilyich" Layton and Gilles Duceppe when each actually speaks from a podium. Last night, they were forced to sit at a table like misbehaving chilrdren--which they seeemed to be.

That Sarah Palin.

I swear after the debate, she was going to use her feminine charm and actuall go over and kiss Biden...But I guess she coldn't under the circumstances.

Jesu Christo.

The chick is hot!

Donnetta Lee said...

SNL--something to look forward to this weekend! I know you are waiting with bated breath! My son enjoys Jon Stewart. You know me, I still miss samurai warrior. Oh, John. Why did you do it? Singing the blues, brother, in heaven? (Or the other place. I think that was in a previous post or comment of yours!) D

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I am unhappy with them all. I am not thrilled with Obama and I am certainly not interested in McCain. The same man that four years ago everyone made fun of for shouting a big ole' country woohoo! I am not sure we are ready for either of them to win, but alas someone must. Of course, after witnessing Palin's first speech and all her blah, blah, blah of discontent about Obama and hearing nothing in the least bit positive talk,i would, if I were a republican, swear I never was. Hearing her go on about everything wrong and nothing good, left a bad taste in my mouth and I think anyone that votes for someone that cannot be find something good has some major issues to review.

Now that is not to say the Obama has not done his share of negativity. However, I do see him at least trying to make an effort to stay closer to the positive side. I mean seriously, we all have negative and positive baggage, but if we only saw the negative wht would be the point? I fear this nation would rather choke on itself then straighten up and become the nation it use to be.

Lastly, This bailout.... someone slap me because Bush is an idiot or at the very least he has chosen to appear as if he is one. He has chosen to speak up in the last 3 months of his stay in office and now says, "Oh, by the way, our nation is in trouble." Where the hell does he get off playing president now? If he showed that concern when it mattered perhaps we would not be in this mess to begin with.

That said, I wish he could have been a better president. I wish we could have been a better nation, I wish that we all remembered our humanity, unfortunately we seem too afraid to stand up, take responsibity, and finally fix this mess we are in. Perhaps, we will all learn something, perhaps we will see our mistakes, and in the end,not say hindsight is 20/20, but screw hindsight where do we begin?

Am I getting too serious?

Soft love,

Merelyme said...

Love Tina Fey...she is great on 30 rock. Biden definitely won the debate...he was clear and concise...Palin was...well...Palin...just well rehearsed. Obama should have no problem getting elected.

Anonymous said...

y'all jist don't git it...the girl yonder,missie Palin, do look great in,JD,and that girl in horsehide...heaven stroke me agin!...cain't dee-bate?...betcha she shore as hell kin plagiarate...for all t'other thangs, they's mastercard... said...


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and especialy Darryl Hammond.

After reading your piece on praparation of strange food, I'm like Homer and Jethro out of the Grand Ole Opry in the fifties.
Waitng with baited breath. Heh. said...


You are not too serious.

All the horrror of the past eight years has happened under Mr. Bush's watch.
In my pessimistic moods I swear he should have taken up darts or something. said...


Stop it.

dat dere Sarah in leathers doin' some plagiarizing.

The mind boggles. Or swoggles.

Eh. I would give my gold card, my Mastercard. My Adidas gym bag, my kitbag my collostomy bag, anything
just to give this seniour a whack at Saucy Sarah.

Jo said...

People have short memories. Bush was (ahem) *cough* elected twice. The first time was a total f*ck up and as dishonest as any election in a third world country, but can anyone explain how it happened the second time? He has been a dismal failure!

I agree with Tara, neither Obama nor McCain are up to the job. Out of 400,000,000 people, those two are the best they can get?

Be careful what you wish for.

Palin for all her folksy idiotic charm may turn out to be smarter than any of them. Stranger things have happened! Much stranger! said...


Well, Palin is/was a business woman.

In a an old Canadian novel by expatriate Wyndham Lewis, an anti-hero says, "All business is a swindle."
Ah, wink-wink.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Tina Fey's facial scar is very appealing. I don't know why? From what I've heard, she's a very talented writer. Perhaps that scar is her only flaw. said...


I googled mightily, but this is all I could come up with.

The question everyone and their mother wants to know the answer to.
Tina addressed it in a Nov. 25, 2001 NY Times article. "She started as
a co-anchor for Weekend Update with a cast member, Jimmy Fallon, last
year, wearing her navy suit and trademark glasses. Her other trademark
is a scar that runs along the left side of her face, although she
won't discuss it. "It's a childhood injury that was kind of grim," she
said. "And it kind of bums my parents out for me to talk about it."

I can imagine, I guess.
I had Ukrainian parents who would straighten out a coat hanger and whale on us.
Spare the rod....
(Not a sympathy ploy. And I guess Tina doesn't want to discuss somethilng like this either).

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