Monday, October 27, 2008

World-Wide distribution--almost

England's founding genius of present-day science, Francis Bacon says a young man will give it all out to succeed on a project, drive the full bolt home.

And old man will putter around, and not generally go about driving the full bolt home.

Heh. I wonder if old Bacon was talking about my sex life.

In any event, I seem poised on some sort of victory, and being an old man, I can't seem to drive the full bolt home.
Egad. Could I put it in double?

But right now, when it comes to publishing, I have to drive the full bolt home, and what I'm asking here is if readers of this blog can hellp me out-- step on my sorry ass if you have to and help Ivan in a rather strange publishing gambit.

A British distributor, a big one, has picked up one of my books, originally published by my own Island Grove Press, which I had set up for my students and promising bloggers. I have published many of my studens at Seneca College, Toronto, and have also published, electronically, most of my Quarks, regular associates of this blog.

Well, this time I became an old dog-in-the-manger and published myself under Island Grove Press.

Sent it out into the ether, and guess what?

An important U.K. distrubutor has picked up this novel, titled The Fire in Bradford and is flogging it to all and sundry in Europe, Canada, ther U.S. and worldwide.


But they did not have my permission.

Hell, I should care? Ordinarily, I'd sell my grandmother to have anything out on this scale.

Whatever the case, I want to have a look at this development, but I fear to have a look because they might just pull the entire project back, since they listed me without my permission...Do not misunderstand: I would go down on somebody just to have had this kind of exposure. Bootleg away!

My first impulse was to write in to and ask for a copy of The Fire in Bradford and see what kind of a job they did on it. They say it's hard cover. Hey!

But then hey would have realized it's me and maybe pull right back, and I would be out this kind of exposure.

So maybe I send an apprentice down to the well?

So I am here now indulging the graces of my readers and ask anybody out there with five minutes to spare, order The Fire In Bradford; I will personally reimburse the purchase amount, whatever it is.

Better form, in fact if somebody else buys the book instead of me.

As I say, I am sort of inveigling on you, dear readers.

Here's the plan.

Google Ivan Prokopchuk, novelist.

There will now be five references, the fifth line being, and there you will find:

Prokopchuk, Ivan
ISBN 10: 0969182945
ISBN 13: 9780969182948
Publisher: Island Grove Press
Publication Date: 1997
Binding: Hardcover

I almost failed Political Science while at Toronto's Ryerson U.

So when it comes to acts political, this may be another lead balloon project for Ivan.

But help me out if you can. Google Ivan Prokophuk, novelist, go down to lising number five, and find me.

Then order me.

I will pay you back. Honest.

Well, as honest as a writer can be.



Charles Gramlich said...

OK, I'll do it. Let me know if you've had any other offers besides mine before this comment hits the wall, and if not I'll do it this evening.

Charles said...


Thanks so much!

I have only had this blog up for an hour or two; nobody but you in yet offering to go ahead.
So grateful for the assist.

Charles Gramlich said...

Ok, I'll order it this afternoon and let you know as soon as I get it.

Charles Gramlich said...

Hrmm, when I go to that site I see on the right side that says "no available copies," and it doesn't have a button for ordering.

The link where I got this was:

A clickable link might be:


Anonymous said...

Ivan...sounds like you're getting good assistance re:UK scenario...if you need anything else call me...if book is no longer available,how many copies have gone out prior to?...or has it simply been a listing all along, with no actual inventory?...very, very interesting,however... said...


This is so much appreciated.

O Gawd.

Looks like I migh have to produce the books myself. And I have only one copy left...Oh well, it could act as a template... said...


Yep, looks like a listing with no actual inventory, though I vaguely remember dealing with Abelard years ago; Abelard used to be in Toronto; but then they would have had only been one copy...And it wasn't hardcover, as they say.

Apreciate all the help so far, Tony.

Lana Gramlich said...

Hmmm...It'll be interesting to see how this all works out... said...


Ah, so many lead ballon gambits.

And now the local library says my replacements for my tattered books are considered "donations" and they wont pay any more.
I am a patron of libraries?

Ah what the hell. "Exposure," says he guy with the false pantlegs and raincoat in front of the public building. Heh. Expose yourself to literature.

But do thank Charles for maybe helping to open a way.

benjibopper said...

I tried and had the same result as Charles. Also, when I googled you you were third down, not fifth. I think maybe you should contact them and offer to sell them some inventory. said...

Sounds like a plan, Benji.

Billy said...

Never heard of such a thing. I'll check it out because you have piqued my curiosity. No permission? Damned peculiar.

~Billy said...

Hi Billy,

No panic. They picked it up from the Gutenberg Project, I guess, which snags every book ever printed, or in the libraries.

I had done my footwork earlier and made sure all of my books had been placed in Canadian libraries (largely by me). :)

benjibopper said...

just got a funny rejection letter you might appreciate. In short, enjoyable read, compelling characters, complex and intriguing relationships, great development, lovely prose. But no. surfeit of exceptional manuscripts. i need some alcohol. rubbing alcohol for my eyes. said...


Well, in my rejection days (and it does't get any better with time),
They would say similar things about my work. And then add "it might not be Anansi's type of book."

They hate us published journalists.
"The asshole actually makes a living at writing? No Writer's Welfare through granting? Destroy him!"

the walking man said...

Ivan I wasn't able to find the link.

BUT...This smacks of the publisher taking an "orphan work." They obviously did not do the due diligence necessary to find you to get your permission for publication.

Under the copyright on the right side of The Walking Man there is an article about the Orphan Works Act currently winding its way through the US Congress. I do believe it has already in some form been accepted in Europe as they are much bigger paper and ink publishers than North America.

Good luck old man, now I'm going to follow Charles link.

the walking man said...

Okie dokie...having taken a walk through Abebooks I see their game. They are a contracted distributor. If you contact them, for a fee they will make The Fire In Bradford available through their 5 websites. Every copy sold comes from you as the publisher, you direct ship the order to the purchaser and they take a % of the sale price depending on the numbers of copies sold.

Currently TFIB is not available in any search of their website but it looks like, if you're of a mind hire them to make it available. said...

Thanks, Mark, for following this through.

Well, as they used to say in the Service, better than a kick in the ass.

Now if only I could get my own ass into gear and follow through with this thing to the end.

benjibopper said...

yikes! if the canadian publishing industry had any power i might be scared, haha. ha.

indeed, better than a kick in the ass. said...


This groundhog has a very tender nose after bumping into the rocks of Canadian publishers.

Why does it seem to take thirty years to learn how to go aroung? :)