Saturday, December 27, 2008


The hiatus in between holidays.

You've done Chrismas, New Year's coming up...And all you have for a date is a female bus driver who can only stay with you between runs. Busy, busy. So you usually just ride along with her as the Muzak robots calls out the streets.
Oh, that in-between feeling. And she has a husband. And they can be pesky.

Between Chrismas and New Year's.
There is a strange sense of unreality. You are wobbly in your grasp of reality. It is a springlike 40 F outside and the grass is getting faked out. And some buds.
...And you are faked out.

My new computer is not yet installed. Techie is balking at the 100 back emails. Spammed. I could start a virtual canning factory.
He refuses to call Bell 3ll. They will connect you with New Delhi or Pakistan, where, when it come to repairing email they will give you the standard, bureacuratic "That is impossible, you see. There are rules! Important documents!"
They may virtually wave a passprt at you. "There are rules!"

"What if f*ck is he tllling me?" My radddled techie hisses in exasperation.

Computer has a virus. I am picking up a virus.
T.S. Eliot country.

Heads made of straw.
Heads made of straw.

Well, I am on a half-hour library computer. Just as well that I am getting cut off now....Been cut off for years, and that's likely the problem.

I thought doing a blog would settle me down.
It hasn't.
Looks like not only my computer is kaput.

F I T H.

F8cked in the head?

Looks that way.

It's not a computer problem, it's a condition.

Might as
well go to the loo.

Pull the loo chain.

Goodbuy crue world.



Midnight said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Remember :

No doubt ,
No hesitation .

No regret ,
And no expectation .

(Btw, I still haven't gotten around to watching 'Sesame Street' yet [but I will]. Did you want to be Bert, or Ernie?)

Na Zdorovlia !

Jo said...

Ivan, you need your computer woes fixed very soon. The Quarks miss our Quark mail.

They needed a holiday in between Christmas and New Year's, so they invented my birthday. *heh* Today is my birthday.

Happy New Year to you!


Midnight said...

Cool. Capricorn chicks RAAWCK!

Happy Birthday!

(And Ivan has probably gotten himself stuck in a snowbank, while trudging his way, to the library computer.)

Donnetta Lee said...

Ivan: Down in the dumps? Down in the loo? Just down? All these woes shall pass. Time between Christmas and New Years is a bit gray. I start putting away the happy holiday trappings and dreading the drudgery of January. Such a long month to pull through--it feels to me. Then along comes February with Valentine's Day. Then March with Spring Break. Then April with Easter. Then May with school being let out. Hopefully gather a few roses along the way! D

SQT said...

I wonder if the funk goes with a creative personality? I wonder why the world doesn't understand me and then I realize I just don't fit into the usual niches and end up with the downer days you describe.

Of course it may be the season. And the in-betweeness doesn't help does it? I don't do well without a computer either. It's my lifeline some days because I can always find a kindred spirit out there somewhere.

Hope you get connected again soon.

the walking man said...

Open E-mail, open edit, hit select all, hit delete. I hope you get good firewalls and virus ops with that new beast.

eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

Hey Ivan!

Hope you get the new computer complete soon. Then you can write a nice satire about the author looking at his brand new computer with a keyboard that smells like it just fell from the mold and wondering what will be the first word he should type until he becomes so frazzled that he just decides to go on a porn jag and then call it a night.

Oooops... I may have already wrote that one, but like they say, it's all been done before. (Tell that to the porn directors!)

Gotta love fiction...

(That's what I was taught to say!)

ZoneAlarm is a decent firewall and AVG provides OK virus protection--spectacular protection when you figure in the 'Free' on the price tag. Kept my machine running for years. Although, time is certainly catching up with it.

Yes, still talking computers.

But now I'm done.

Peace out said...


I might go as a snafolopagus. said...


Happy belated birthday.
Sorry new computer not yet installed.
Had computer separation anxiety all weekend. Miss you and Quarks. said...

Yes, isn't that the truth.

I think I am still screwed uin the head but I've somehow gotten my email back...Use old machine?...But there is installation cost on new one.
Ah Duracell. Keep on Going, going.. said...


invaluable info. Will try.

Hey, here it goes! said...


Good grief.
Could the spam have come from my naughty site?

ea monroe said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Ivan. Tell your frazzled techie he can delete all that Quark email.

Heck, all you've missed out on is a lot of chatter about food and sex. ;-)


PS -- Christmas with the relatives didn't disappoint this year! All we needed was Chevy Chase! I'm writing a comedy about "The Christmas Tree," along with hunting and Jesus!" said...


Kindred spirits.

Yeah, we're all a little like that.

With me, though, its sort of the borderline psycho. "If one more thing goes wrong..."
It has. :) said...


Frazzled techie has restored all old email.
Now I've got the new computer and I have somehow screwed up the connections and lost access to the internet.
Jaysus. Three years of shops in high school and I can't replace a lighbulb!

Happy New Year, doll. said...

P.s. to Josie,

Does a brand new Compaq computer come with its own modem?

I wasn't sure and used the old modem as part of my hook-up.

Lost web contact.

Flock! said...



Glad you broached the topic today.

I have just gotten a new compaq--and trouble from the start. My techie won't make house calls and I had to plug in the machine by myself.
Buck up, f*ck up!
I didn't know if the new DELL had its own modem, so I plugged my old modem into it. Knocked myself right off the web and now I'm in the library again.
As I say to Liz all the time, "Who invented my life?"
As Inspector Cluseau might say, "I am in shit of creativew fage."

Brain cutting out and adrenaline cutting in.
They find more Neandert(h)als again and again in Russia.


Get 'em away.

I think I are one when it comes to