Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ronald McDonald no clown this cold morning.

For the past thirty years, I've had a mad-on for McDonalds, all of those assembly line hamburgers, yea, even Big-Macs, which I sort of liked.

The shakes seemed to taste like aeroated kaopectate, the shoestring fries like shoestrings, and the Big Mac attack seemed to come after having one.

Well, who should jump start my Christmas spirit this morning but good old Ron.

I was cold, broke, save for enough to buy the Sunday case of beer. it was twenty below Cesius, the wind was killing my and I paused inside the warm McDonald's to at least have a coffee to shake off the chills.

As I sat having the 85 cent coffee, the nicest little waitress came over to me, saw me sort of still shivering, and asked,
"Would you like a hot apple pie?"


"Would you like a hot apple pie? We are giving them away this morning."

Well, does a cat have a tail?

I would kill for hot apple pie right now.

Sweet Jesus, that hit the spot.

"Merry Christmas, "' I said t the tiny little brunette. I swear she had noticed my condition...cold and sort of hungover.
Likely just as much her kind heart as goog old Ron.

"Happy holidays," she anwered. "Enjoy your pie."

Fact is she looked good enouth to eat as well. My cup runneth over. Ooh. Does Daddy like pie!

I shall besmirch Ronald McDonald no more.

I think it was last Christmas that I had a free scoff there too.

They remembered me?

Ron, you got a real gone scon!

You're not a clown today.

So here's freebie appreciation.

You can copy.


Charles Gramlich said...

Warm apple pie is a good thing on a cold morning. Good for McDonald's

Lana Gramlich said...

Wow...McDonald's gave something AWAY??? I might just faint!
Glad you enjoyed it. :) said...


I swear miracles happen at around Christmas.

I was fishing for a Mac from the family.

Durn elf got it wrong, but not bad apple pie.

Jo said...

Ivan, something tells me you need to frequent that McDonald's on a regular basis. I think they like you there. said...


Heh. Come to think of it, I guess they do.

Heh. Like any self-respecting cunning manipulator, maybe I can get them to sponsor me. Or put me on a team with Ronald....I'm a pretty good clown!

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Thanks, W/O Mike.

I put in my time and quit then to get an education.

Yikes! Look what happened.

I'm getting handouts from Ronald Mcdonald.

Sometimes it just don't take!

the walking man said...

Any thing for free 'cept a hard time is the rule old man. Did you have a little tart with your pie? ha ha ha ha ha haha said...

No strumpet.

Crumpet. said...

Mike Koerner, of FCO news:

I'm getting a lot of mail from U.S. Air Force alumni in radar rhat I didn't ask for.
Yeah, yeah, we were brohers, but the email is lengthy and is starting to resempble spam.

SQT said...

Recently, I was buying a couple of happy meals for my kids in the drive-through and they gave me a rose?! A nice one too. I put it in a bud vase and waited to see how long it would take my husband to wonder who gave it to me. I think it was a full before he asked about it.

SQT said...

Er, a full week that is... said...


Yes, McDonald's have been doing nice things lately.

...Maybe they know, somehow, that we are bloggers and they'll get it back.

ea monroe said...

Great one, Ivan...

"The shakes seemed to taste like aeroated kaopectate." --hahaha -- you have a way with words!

Our McD's gives out free dog biscuits. ~Liz said...

Dog biscuits

And I wasn't there? :)

Midnight said...

Right then...

The voluntary, breathalizer lock-out, on my computer, is flashing green (actually, Deep Purple), indicating that I am now sufficiently un-sober, to comment on Ivan's blog, again...

For, Ms. S (June, 2008).


In the courtyard , of the Queen

Breathes a fire

Still , serene .

She discovers , it is Hers

It is magic ,

It endures . said...


I've been Eschered.

...I guess you know of the artist Escher. Gets you into a kalaidescopic courtyard.

...not bad.

benjibopper said...

never could resist their fried fat breakfast. said...

I think in Ukraine they called those shkvarkis.

The poor ate them. :)

eric1313 said...

I feel like ass all day long every time I eat Mc D's.

Then again, I'm always in the mood for something with warm buns.

Us writers just love getting to the bottom of a hot tail, as you know quite well.

The food sucks, but so does the service! (on a good day)

OK, enough with my pleasant jokes...

I've been sick as hell, so the comeback was stalled for good reason, but hey, I'm moving right along now...

I'm in the mood for some golden arches this morning, or some golden gaps maybe, hehehe... said...

Golden gaps.Yeah.

Little Dutch girl from Sheboygen.

Wendy, though has red hair, but in the commercials, she talks like a bitch.

Blogger said...

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