Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ah, Paranoia will destroy ya.


I set up one anti-war blog and all hell seems to have broken through my site.

That, or it's a technical glitch, but my home page (which is the same as my webpage) has suddenly gone awol, as well as the web page as I try to bring it up from here.

I have been awaiting my friend the technical guy to set up for my computer some anti-virus protection, but I think I've aready got a bug.

Or maybe I've gone bugs. Strange dreams at night of vipers standing up on their tails, spitting cobras, standing up man-size and flukering into your eye.

And dreams of worms at the bottom of your being, only to find that this morning, youre computer might have a worm.

Strange how the unconsicous is always abou two days ahead of your conscious mind...if my mind can be considered conscious!

So, praying to the god of repair (The Walking Man, master mechanic who often
visits these pages?) I am putting up this new blog hoping to fix what is surely becoming my Diet of Worms....Yeah, yeah, I am part Luther scholar!...Can't say heretics don't get nun!
Into the habit. Heretics in the habit, Smothers Brothers into "pumas in the crevices" " and me holding a narrow bag, tryling to capture this a stand-up cobra hissing and spitting. The bastard can stand on its tail and come right up to ya. And it can somehow move around like that...Or maybe it's the Listerine I had when I ran out of liquor.
Kissing sweet breath, but wow, what a rush!

Paranoia will destroy ya.
Why did I ever write that novel of love and loss?

All I had to do was pick up Nicholas Gogols' Diary of a Madman and I would have nailed it.

Ah well.

Ezra Pound:

For years he strove to resuscitate the dead art
Wrong from the start.

Well Ezra, all I seem to do these days is pound.

At least Luther had something going for him.

I don't get nun.



Charles Gramlich said...

The Waffen SS. Now those were some gentle souls eh?

Hope you get your troubles fixed soon.

ivanl@creativewriting.ca said...

It worked, Charles.

I chased my old blog with this new one and it somehow got together.

Midnight said...

Does that mean that I'm still allowed to post comments when I've been drinking?

Midnight said...

The thirst that craves,
Encompasses my road.

Her dirty heart
Betrays my soul.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, I'm paranoid.

Heh. Stay away from my eyes!


ivan@creativewwriting.ca said...

Venus has a dirty heart?

Midnight said...

Don't let her immaculate clouds,
deter you from peering within.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Take thou me for an airborne gynocologist?
Maybe even Irish?
Aer Lingus?

Midnight said...

Well, as the late, great George Carlin once said (speaking 'bout his own clan):

"I'm into Irish consciousness.
When they're conscious, they're great!"

ivan@lcreativewriting.ca said...


What time is it getting to be.

I think we should both be unconscious.
My turn with the friend in the glass overcoat.

Midnight said...

Yeah, I hear ya.

I'm on Venus time too.

24 hours on, 6 hours to get off.

Or whatever....

the walking man said...

I be a'wondering Ivan what server do you use...who or what powers .creativewriting.ca? for example like I said earlier I have At&T high speed, but there is earthlink, aol, verizon, and about a million others.

Is your new machine used or new?

AND what kind of connection are you on? Dial up or High speed?

AND what windows are you using? XP or Vista or something older and either way do you have AUTOMATIC Updates turned on? (recommended)Vista comes with a security suite that has to be activated...(although I never liked it and the virus scan is only free for 60 days or so)

AND what processor are you using (Intel or AMD and which one..should be a sticker on the PC itself telling you)

Not all problems are in your computer.

There are other settings that need to be adjusted for some types of use that make for more efficient use of the processor speed.

The questions are not as technical as they may sound. Send me an email at bdd44m5@gmail.com and we'll see if we can get you adjusted to this crazy high tech phone system the mad scientists have developed.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Thanks so much, Mark.

I thought I would burn through all the horseshit by immediately posting a new blog right after the one before this.
It somehow clicked. I am using XP through a new computer.
Seems to work all right now, though I'd better install some security right away.
I guess the way out of tragedy is not intellingence (at least for me), bu blind intuition.
Worked this time. Posted a new blog (this one) right away and it burned through. Looks all clear now.

Donnetta Lee said...

Oh, the puns are flying fast and furious. Over the top! Top of the computer. You'll get it all straightened out! D

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

It is almost straightened out, Donnetta. Just need anti-virus now.
But I think I myself need some serious maintenance.
Josie had said, damn the cigarettes and booze. Get the new computer.
Well, now I'm j'es suis mauduit.

Sticking my tongue on doorknobs in this Canadian snow.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


What am I to do with you? I love the title of this. If you only knew what was in my head:grin::

Soft love,

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