Friday, January 16, 2009

Angelina Jolie, I know you're a fan of my blog, but try to control youself.

Pam, my unofficial agent from Australia sent me this.
Oh what comfort for these subzero nights. Angelina, of course, hardly thinks I'm Pitt the Elder.


Charles Gramlich said...

Looks like she has the "warms" for you. said...

Ah, what's that Brad Pitt got?

I hear he's five-two, the same as a little girl.

I could easily loom over him with my five foot and a half.

But look at the endowment of some pygmies: Holy Rhino!

Donnetta Lee said...

Oh, what's she got that Liz, Josie, Pam, and I don't have!

Oh, Lord. You'd better not answer that. It might take forever. The list might be a long one!

Well, we don't have the shirt. That's for sure.

D said...

Gallantry here.

You gals don't have her make-up artist.
Or speed to keep you thin. :)

ea monroe said...

Ivan, remember that long lost son you never knew you had?

How you keep expecting him to show up on your doorstep and sock you in the nose?

Maybe his name is Brad?

;-) Liz

PS -- Angie's got a lot more kids, for one thing! said...


I knew young "Brad" would come up to haunt me.

the walking man said...

Ivan accept that being on her chest is as close as you'll get...unless of course she adopts you as her Eastern European child.

Can you say "wet nurse me mommy" said...


Hard to keep abreast of the times.

Donnetta Lee said...

I think it's getting really deep in here. Can you say, "Got milk?" D

PS For better or worse, Brad is from Oklahoma. said...

Brad from OK? Well, O.K.

And lucky Brad gets French vanilla.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Holy Cow! Or Holy Ghost! I'd swoop down on that like a bug on sugar. said...


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