Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Victoria....Don't pine for me

I had intended to do a blog on the transition from the time one was not yet a writer-- and thinking vertically-- to the point where one is a journeyman writer who thinks horizontally. I was intrigued by the Walking Man, who, in his blog, seems to have made this transition. But there is a dangerous line between getting the "snap" of writing and plain minimalism. If you jump right into bare-bones minimalism too fast, something may have been lost. The trick, it seems is to cut out excess verbiage and get to the heart of the matter. But then reducing all your background semantic noise and rhetorical skills to plain bare bones minimalism, a kind of haiku, may be a false start.
But the fact is, Mark seems to have really progressed from thinking vertically ("Well, that's the way it really happened") to horizontally."It happened."
So I dasn't scotch his progress.
I had planned to comment on Mark's latest bare-bones approach to writing, but this takes some thought, and since I am severely hung over this morning, I am whimsical,a little silly and far from analytical as far as anybody'd writing is concerned.

So we'll just get silly and put up a picture of toothsome Victoria Beckam doctored by the lovely Pamela from Australia, who assures me Victoria has the hots for me. :)


benjibopper said...

fantastic photo!

writing a 750 word column has taught me the fine art of "killing my children" and getting ideas, actions, and characters across in very few words. but it's hard to transfer that to fiction sometimes. said...

Yep, Benji.

You are crossing the divide. said...

Yep, Benji.

You are crossing the divide. said...

Whoops! And I am into the French Cross wine!

Donnetta Lee said...

Guess Victoria will have to get in line behind Angelina!

I had a Florida writer read my draft chapters of the children's book I hope to someday complete. "Too many words." That's what she said without batting an eye lash.

So, put the thing away for a time and will go back to see how to whittle without cutting. Vertical? Horizontal? Maybe I'll just enter the fifth dimension instead. D said...

Funny.The pieces I get from you and sometimes publish here aren't too wordy.
She was cryptic, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Ivanovich...pass the freakin' bottle,I'll take the girl,and you keep writing...don't let anything get in the way of your quill...definitely a horizontal thought... said...

Hi Tony, fellow geetar player.

We are all fascinated by the G-string.

the walking man said...

Words I love,
bearing fruit.
I felt impotent.
I was wrong.

the walking man said...

How could Victoria not lust after the snake in the blue boxers, it has been her open secret for a decade. said...

Those have to be the baggiest rugby stubbies,but I knew Victoria had this thing for soccer players.

You look good in shorts, a girlfried said. "If only the rest of you were so good." :) said...

Words I love,
bearing fruit.
I felt impotent.
I was wrong.

Quantum leap, Mark.

I'm more like the fruit of the loom these days.
Try and try to put the heddle to the meddle.
Hunting tigresses with with a mushroom.

Lana Gramlich said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Ivan. Hope you feel better... said...

Much better, Lana, thanks.

Valentine's Day....Wonder why all the lady bus drivers came onto me today. Some of them are gorgeous but they read Popular Mechanics and support the Toronto Maple Leafs...And listen to the games Saturday night.
I joked to one of them, "Would you like to change the motor on my Ford Excort. And she said, breahtless, "When?"
Ah well, they'd probably find me a little mechanical too.
Marvellous day. Feel good. And thanks.

Donnetta Lee said...

I read through the comments and think maybe you and Mark are a little bit naughty today!! Keep wearing those boxers! D said...


Hey, new avatar.

Happy what's left of Valentine's Day. said...


Mark amd I.
We be bad.
Spring is just around he corner. I hope to be a movie editor. Selected Shorts.

the walking man said...

...and I wish to write shorts about the short in shorts...shortly. said...

OK Mark.

You write and I will film. :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

What I've discovered is: write less; which, in turn, has made the masses happy.

Take it however you want.

But really, the more I write--the more I want to kill my words. said...

True, JR, but once you are a contracted writer, you will have to write more and more, on deadline, and that can be a chore.
You'll run dry, but there is no time for running dry, so you'll reach into evey old postcard, love letter and old manuscript to keep up a forced production.
As for hating your words, there is a story of a composer on a ship, who heard his piece on the radio, said this was crap and mistakenly decided to compose no more.
You're making furrows into publishing now, and that is he way it seems to go for all of us. It'll pass.

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