Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Owl and the Pussycat

There is a line out of the old movie, The Owl and the Pussycat,where the "pussycat" says to the failed writer, "You're meeting your turtles.", presumably that the Hare is stalled and the turtles are so fast they are getting into accidents, everything to them, at least, seeming to happen so suddenly.

They had outrun the hare.

Well, of late, I'm meeting my turtles.
Every amateur hack and blog artist is getting something into print, while I seem to rest on my laurels as a Google-llisted novelist....published recently by Google, and how can you brag about that? Everybody is published by Google. Go look.

So it was with a touch of envy that I noticed that Chucker Canuck had his Montreal blog highlighted in the New York Times. yestereday. He'd written something brilliant about our somewhat oily Official Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff, saying the "Iggy" was an akle kisser of President Obama during their recent meeting, a kind of lap dog.
There was Chucker Canuck in the New York Times, and over here, I can barely make The East Jesus Armpit.
Ah, but wait. Wait.
Under Chucker Canuck's blog there is a comment by me on that blog. Hell, two comments, one saying that Mr. Ignatieff looks like a Wall Streeet banker, and it's a wonder that Mr. Obama didn't wince. A little crude, cowardly, I suppose, but effective. I had no idea that in the reflected light of Chucker Canuck's succes I would be there in the New York Times too, at least in Chucker's comment space which was included in the Times' link.
Chucker makes the New York times, and we ankle kissers along with him.
Sweet Jesus. I just had a piece rejected by The Newmarket ERA.
This can not stand. Do they not realize that I am god? Are they blind, lazy or just stupid?
Well, no god. Just a devil in Chucker's blog.
I'll take it. I'll take it!



Charles Gramlich said...

damn, blogger seems to have eaten my post. Well, it was brilliant, I assure you. said...

Guess we're singing the same old song. U-2?
The hell of it is that it was probably indeed brilliant.... Hell, real writing is hard work, that's why I publish shit like the blog above.

Lana tears a strip off me every time lose a composition in blogland. :)

Anonymous said...

blogs are all afire,tonight in jungleland... said...

A blogger should, ideally, set a reader on fire and himself/herself write up a storm.
Even appeal to a reader's vanity.
"Man, I can top this shit." :)

the walking man said...

Damn Ivan...You've been published in that bastion of All The News That's Fit To I am jealous.

What a resume line, what an outstanding boost, what a wonderful writing credit, what feat!

Damn journalists get all the breaks! said...

Mark, it's really notoriety by footnote.
Footnotes are sometimes mentioned in academic papers by FN--F*cking Near?

Donnetta Lee said...

Yes, Ivan, take it any way you can get it! Even if it is by proximity. Well done. D said...

Thanks Donnetta,

...and lovely new avatar.

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