Friday, February 27, 2009

Smoke all anti-smoking zealots

I leaned a little too heavily on my research over at RIGOROUS INTUITION to produce the following piece, but it was so supportive of the way we smokers have felt for some time. The anti-smoking cabal is pernicious, full of control freaks, and dangerous to your health.

Every year, thousands of medical doctors and other members of the “Anti-Smoking Inquisition” spend billions of dollars perpetuating what has unquestionably become the most misleading though successful social engineering scam in history And we in Ontario, an especially nanny province, we see our Orwellian lobbyists pursue smokers with a fanatical zeal that completely overshadows the ridiculous American alcohol prohibition debacle, which started in 1919 and lasted until 1933.
Nowadays we look back on American prohibition with justifiable astonishment. Is it really true that an entire nation allowed itself to be denied a beer or scotch by a tiny group of tambourine-bashing fanatics? Sadly, yes it is, despite a total lack of evidence that alcohol causes any harm to humans, unless consumed in astromomical quantities, like the poor rats they overdosw eith nicotine to get the desired (and paid for) result.
Although there is no direct link between alcohol and tobacco, the history of American prohibition is important, because it helps us understand how a tiny number of zealots managed to control the behavior and lives of tens of millions of people. Nowadays exactly the same thing is happening to smokers, though this time it is at the hands of government zealots and ignorant medical practitioners rather than tambourine-bashing religious fanatics.
Governments know that their past actions are directly responsible for causing most of the lung and skin cancers in the world today, so they go to extreme lengths in trying to deflect responsibility and thus financial liability away from themselves, and onto tobacco instead. There is statistical evidnece that tobacco causes cancer--largely lazy coroners-but there is no direct causal evidence to suggest harmless organic tobacco has ever hurt anyone,and in certain ways can justifiably claim to provide startling health protection.
Not all governments around the world share the same "tobacco problem". Japan and Greece have the highest numbers of adult cigarette smokers in the world, but the lowest incidence of lung cancer. In direct contrast to this, America, Australia, Russia, and some South Pacific island groups have the lowest numbers of adult cigarette smokers in the world, but the highest incidence of lung cancer.
What is wrong with this picture?
We worry about sixteeen-year olds contracting cancer, while bullets fly all around, kids and innocent citizens are shot in the streets and on public transit by gangsters and gangbangers and authorities abdicate their real responsibilites.

"It was the cigarette smokers that dunnit to us."



Charles Gramlich said...

I never minded other folks smoking. I've smoked a few cigars in my day. I don't particularly like breathing smoke that has been in someone else's mouth, however, and I could never really imagine any joy from having a lit and damp cylinder of paper between my lips.

I do think that some folks have gone a little far in their anti-smoking crusades.

benjibopper said...

smokes obviously aren't the worst killers out there, but they are filled with some nasty chemical shit, and the tobacco industry has been at least as zealotous, and more deceptive, than the anti-tobaccoists. it would be great if they all took all that energy and channeled it against oil, which is the stalin of inanimate killers.

Anonymous said...

it essentially all condenses down to just how dumb and spineless the general populous is...even today,where are the appropriate responses to all this financial bail-out bullshit,literally for thieves and incompetents?'ts.and their hidden mafiosa-like groups of advisors and purveyors of special interests,operating from behind the proverbial curtain of secrecy,pass judgement about how and when we should live our lives...eventually some/enuff people will decide that it is worth some form of revolutionary action,and that there just isn't any longer sufficient incentive to remain passively un-involved...why,for example,is the funding for hiv/aids much higher "per capita" than that for breast cancer?...why was former PM P. Martin not implicated in the huge tainted blood scandal/tragedy in the early '80's,along with chief dink,William J. Clinton,then governor of Arkansas, and an apprentice of sexual techniques with cigars ...these two idiots set up the blood purchases for the canadian supplies from the Arkansas State correctional facility [ no doubt the cleanest source available...]...seems to me there's a huge number of friggin' criminals out there,virtually untouchable,all in suits,calling the shots on how and when we should live...smoke/can't smoke...drink/can't sure to finish your glass of fluoride...honest,that purplish cloud of crap you're worried about won't hurt you at all...if they're all that convinced that smoking is harmful to people,take all that money raised over many many years of terry fox fundraising and get on with actually finding some cures and effective treatments...screw them all and whatever horse they rode in on...I'm ordering 300,000 pounds of bananas,for the new republic..."the future's uncertain,and the end is always near"...where the hell are the aliens when we need them?...[probably wearing those suits...]

Donnetta Lee said...

I don't like second hand smoke. My mom is a heavy smoker. It just wipes me out to visit for a day. I go home smelling heavily of her cigarettes and always having a flare up of allergies. If I've had a cold, the cold symptoms increase. Coughing, watery eyes and so on. But I love my mom, so I keep going back. I've threatened to wear a mask and she says--okay. Hmm. What's wrong with this picture? I just wish she would go outside or cut down or something. And, boy, does she spend the money on those things! I just see money going up in smoke. Ah, well. HER decision. D

ivan@! said...


Yes, I can empathize.

It's just when the government passes a laws with the assumpton that people have no common sense.
And cops pull you over for smoking in your car.
The great sport in Vancouver, it seems is tasering Polacks who can't speak English. There was protocol here. There was the law. said...


Organic tobacco has never hurt anyone.
Yes, it's the chemicals, including cyanide!
But it do keep the worms away.
And all the old guys with alzheimers are usually non-smokers. said...


Yes, some folks get carried away.
The latest example is MADD, who want to start prohibition all over again. said...


Even the police are tired of enforcing stupid laws while people are being offed in the streets by crazed gunmen. All this nanny zeal over having a cigarette in you car with a sixteen-year with you....But the sixteeen-year old is smoking too!
Said one cop who had to hand out the ticket, This has come to the riduculous. Somebody is going to freak.
But nobody has. Yes, sheep.

Anonymous said...

would really like to add more to this exchange,but am having a cigar and a tumbler of JD at the thing for sure,tho'...chemicals are the problem,not tobacco leaves...big business/gov't at its best...say it ain't so,Joe...y'all don't forget to take your fluoride tonite...[liquid aluminum]...cheers/down the hatch... said...

Heaven forbid if poor Terry Fox ran to finance the no- smoking- in -your car bylaw in Ontario.
What did he run for anyway? There are 17 different kinds of cancer and they haven't found a cure for one.
As you say above, say it ain't so.

the walking man said...

"fuck 'em"

I'll be a courteous with my smoke as they are with their noise. Everything is proportional.

Anonymous said...

Most non-smokers really, REALLY, suck. They wouldn't know how to have fun, even if the Gods of Recreation dumped a truckload of semen all over them. Sure, live your extra 2.4 months; the boredom you inspire, is strictly your own, and deservedly so. Maybe you should ban sex too; but luckily, y'all probably have no idea of what it is. So go on, leading your lives of quiet desperation, in the name of fitness (mental, no doubt) while the rest of us kick up a storm! And keep your vile beliefs, away from my synastry, you health-ridden bags of boredom...

Cheers. said...


Have you noticed that non-smokers are kind of a sickly lot? Certainly hypochondriacal. Sanitary Sam. Achhoo! said...

All that granola-gobbling, tight spandex and speedo, running, running--and often dead of cancer at 52. Billy Gene. Got my love.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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ea monroe said...

Prohibition always has a back-fire effect. ~Liz said...

The policeman who issued the ticket to a driver smoking in his car, accompanied by an eighteen-year old also smoking, said, "Where else can you smoke now?...Somebody's going to freak."

Arooj said...

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