Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mark C. Durfee, Citizen poet of Detroit

A broken down old house in Detroit.
A rose growing out of the foundation of a levelled bungalow.
A city going to hell, and a man seemingly going to hell.
All is decay and confusion. But the Detroit denizen looks up, not down, while all around him the streets are filled with loopiness, murder, mayhem.

...Are we ready to look at
the lives ignored for so long
without fear of corneal blindness?
Is it time now? Are we ready
to turn face to the darkness
of the tortured days and
place our eye upon them?
You do know,
you do know don’t you
that if you don’t look you’re blind already? ...

--Mark Durfee

Look up, look up for a way for the city and for the man.
And he can already, though blind, see the high-seated charioteer..

Mark Durfee lives in Detroit. He has scarecely ever left town. There wasn't the time..
A series of car accidents (Where else but in Detroit, mostly freeway?) has left him all but immobile.


The skies are strown with stars,
The streets are fresh with dew
A thin moon drifts to westward,
The night is hushed and cheerftd .
My thought is quick with you.

Near windows gleam and laugh,

And far away a train
Clanks glowing through the stillness :
A great content 's in all things.

And life is not in vain.

Mark Durfee, with his echoes of Henley.
And he knows not who Henley was.
And of Dylan Thomas not going gently into that night.
Natural talent. But art and life teaches that somebody has already thought of what you now think. But, sadly--better.

So it would seem that Mark Durfee, likening himself to a blind seer, augurs for the high-seated charioteer. It is not a Greek god up there, but an Englishman named Henley who too saw polluted, death-filled London slums. And he could also see his own high-seated charioteer. And likely would have welcomed Mark to his fire.

So a publishing for Detroit poet Mark Durfee.
A grudging publishing, for the Island Grove Press committe is divided, The ladies are murmuring back and forth...He is not ready, he is not ready.
But there are people who just have to be published.
People like Mark Durfee, who are writing for their lives.
And braver than you or I, Gunga Din.

The covering letter for Mark's poems makes all the mistakes that a poet can make in a covering letter. A chumminess with the editors, hyperbole, Uriah Heapism.. Viz,

To:Island Grove Press

Dear Editorial Board,

I pray your indulgence o arbiters of things submitted if I have not exactly followed the proper course of laying my poetry at your alter. It has been awhile since I’ve been to this particular church. Years in fact and I tremble at the prospect of roofs caving in and pews flying across the room as I enter the door to your worthy institution, to crush me.

Before I allow the demons of doubt to persuade me otherwise allow me to explain the poetry I am submitting for your consideration. First nothing here is previously published or currently available in any public domain and are not part of a multiple submission package.

I chose these four pieces as four different styles of my writing done in years past (’05-’07). The disparity of style being the theme that connects them as opposed to some connective doctrine. In my own mind, that after forty years of trying I still have not settled on one particular style of writing is both curse and pleasure. And as long as I am in the confessional, I will say that I am branching out looking for new experimental ways of expression but am not quite ready for a public debut of that method yet so I lay these at your feet for consideration instead.

While I have no curriculum vitae to submit or even a worthy resume other than I have been published in The White Pelican journal, have a chap book on the market available from The LeadFoot press (Black, White and Blue in Detroit-2006), and somehow or another duped the editors at Detroit’s Metro Times, Free Press and Detroit News to occasionally publish a letter or two, I am ever looking for ways to be heard among the rather loud choir in the church of publication. While I would love a solo, a lead tenor part would be perfectly fine if you think my work up to the challenge.

For you consideration I thank you, most humbly.

Mark C. Durfee


I must say I overrode my editorial board.
I understood that here was a man very nearly going to hell.
His cry must be heard. Even if it seems sometimes a shriek.
First a litle prose:

Going, Going, Gone

This Goddamn cursor keeps blinking at me like I should be writing something or playing with it or anything other than let the bitch wink at me…”I think it’s an alien uprising” the cursor that tells you, “you must do something with me. Something, anything, just keep writing until I stop blinking; I won’t stop blinking until you put something down on this electron filled pad.”

God it’s like mosquitoes…as long as you’re moving those little nuisance diseases carrying bastards won’t land on you; but as soon as you stop…you’re meat, blood and, hopefully a recipient for tsetse sickness, malaria or swine flu…”swine flu; why swine flu?” Because cursors are like mosquitoes and virus plagued pigs they just won’t leave your stupid constipated blocked ass alone without being an annoyance or a near death feeling. “Don’t just sit there run, move feed it, feed it bent and broken letters, feed the cursor anything to make it rest bloated on the couch.” The cursor god demands

I feel it now, the invasion into my electron filled space, my last brain cell is gone, lost in the space between winks, my mind has turned into a black vertical line that blinks until someone else uses it.


And now some poetry.

You Already Hold the Key

I want to be the key
in your head.
that opens the secrets

Making you afraid, wanting to be dead

I’d lay there with you
sighing and crying alone in the dark.
I want to open all the secret
places of your heart.

A spirit within you made not seen
looking at and removing
the things that make you afraid

Wishing you’d never been.

Taking fear away to a
dark and silent room

where I could cast all fear

remorselessly to doom.

I would be a key allowing you

freedom from your fears;

comforting your one last lonely cry

drinking the soon forgotten tears.

I’d like to be the key

Opening space, widening the bars
and let you dance unafraid in the dark
to a new tune played among the stars

I wish I were the key,
The key to release your fear.
But you hold it already, it jingles on your ring
all you really have to do is turn the thing.


(Fine poem. But one is tempted to add a Cf.. Not a footnote, but Control Freak....But then all people of high intelligence tend to mold people somehow).

More prose:


Waiting rooms are similar to elevators except they don’t put a magazine rack in the elevators to help avoid human contact. In elevators you stare at the rising or descending numbers just waiting your turn to get off and away. In waiting rooms you stare at words and pictures to ward off contact and conversation waiting to get out. The results are the same; both places are as isolating as a bad marriage.


And finally, the bone of contention, this poem.

Inchoate, hissed one Board member. Clarity, clarity above all else.

I have attempted to edit, without Mark's permission but I suppose that is not entirely kosher.

Trained to Submit

Wild wolves tamed and trained

to be showpieces.

(But as for me)

I like to wear prey

on my sleeves.

Conquest is not respected

unless it is shown off.

Wolves, the pack animal,

trained to submit

trained to attack my enemies.

Let the wolves return from near extinction.

My sleeves are empty.


Well, not empty of talent.

Good luck, Mark.

--Ivan Prokopchuk
Proprietor, Island Grove Press.

Editorial Board.

"Donnetta Lee"
Johanna Nicholson
E.A. Monroe
Pamela Russsell

Mark C. Durfee is published now by Island Grove Press, Toronto, Canada.Mr. Durfee holds all rights.


Mona said...


That is the best News I heard today :D :D

I am a great Fan of Durfee & love to read both the prose and poetry that evokes a myraid thoughts and emotions and are also heavily loaded with meaning and a philosophy of a spirit that cherishes its freedom!

Three Cheers to Mark Durfeee!! :D

We Love you Mark!

ivan@creeativewriting.ca said...


Yes, Mark has a large and enthusiastic following.
...I want to get over to your blog. It is beautiful...Just too busy with stuff over here right now to properly appre iate your wonderful story of the wild ducks spooning, crooning, matiing. In your pool!

EA Monroe said...

Yey, Mark. I really like "You Already Hold the Key!" Congrats on sneaking past Ivan! ;-) heehee... and the "editorial board!" ~Liz

EA Monroe said...

PS -- me again... Mark, it'd be interesting to know the poet's thoughts, feelings and intentions behind "Trained to Submit."

Yeah, despite all the hardships life's thrown at you, you have the "glory!" (That's from Steinbeck's East of Eden chapter 13)... "If the glory can be killed, we are lost..."


Donnetta Lee said...

Yay, Mark!! Good going! And doesn't Ivan present it well for you?

Where do you go from here? Another submission somewhere? What about the book you've written? More poetry?

Well, it does your heart good to see your "stuff" in print, doesn't it? Congratulations. D

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm definitely a fan of Marks

ivan@creativewritig.ca said...

LIz, Donnetta, Charles.

Mark doesn't know he's published here yet, though he has asked to. The snag was to select a picture of him. I got impatient over his tardiness in sending the picure, got the thunder up for the project and used the picture from his avatar...Thought I'd surprise him.

There is some sort of tao operating here.

the walking man said...

I was called out of town yesterday and didn't make it to the normal wells of sustenance...then BAM! I opened this and saw a much familiar glare of light from a balding scalp.

Ivan...Thank you so much. I appreciate it (even the edit, it adds not detracts).

My heart is actually pounding a bit faster now, I think it encouragement not adrenaline.

Thank you all.

Liz...In Trained To Submit:

The wolves are my words, my poetry, it has and is taking me a long time to learn to cut the excess out and send the words out looking for prey (writing credits).

No writer is respected unless there is a mile long list of publishing credits, which is(was) the real prey I could wear on my sleeve.

This piece was written when I had accumulated my (it seemed) 1,000,000,000th rejection, while at the same time running a once a week open mic with an average audience built over time to 125 or so and performing at two other venues every week, keeping myself ranked 12th in the city out of 300.

But in the larger sense, taking the personal out of it the wolves are anything, be it weapon or food, anyone sends out to conquer and then be proud in. I have since changed my ideas of what it takes to make me feel accomplished.

IN You Already Hold The Key I was speaking directly to the first EMO kid I ever met. So mysterious was that teenage philosophy.

Donnetta...I am editing one of the novels, slowly. I am also submitting poetry more, slowly. This damn life of mine keeps getting int he way with it's immediacy of the moment. Besides i still like to write more than anything else.

Ivan, Charles, Mona...you make me blush today. Thank you for reminding my ragged self how to do that.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


My crummy spacial sense.
Thanks for finally sending your pictures Mark; I had been reduced to just printing your "as seen from behind" avatar for artwork to go with your contribution.
Now I have artwork. Pictures of you. I would have preferred head and shoulders but you say no got.
...Now I seem to have thrown the blog out of balance. I'll keep trying...No wonder I had to cheat at photography to graduate in Journalism from Ryerson, in Toronto. I could write good, but couldnt get past my F-stop.
...Still can't get past my F-stop, gut thank God for technology. Now it's the technogy that's got me stymied.

Yout got fans. You got fans!

Donnetta Lee said...

Mark: I like your comment about the wolves meaning different things. I saw the wolves as "emotions" but knew there would be different interpretations.

It is encouraging, isn't it? To see your writing out there. Makes ya want to to hang in there and keep perfecting your art, learning and work, work, working at it...

And I know what you mean by life getting in the way. 2 more months til retirement!!

Also, I like the picture. Now I know what "Mark" looks like! D

ivan@c reativewriting.ca said...

Yeah. You've got to click.

But he's like what an old girlfriend had said about a another slightly portly tall guy with a moustache, "He's sort of a cuddlybear" isn't he?

ivan@creativewritig.ca said...


It has just struck me that your husband looks a lot like Mark.
Also Pam's "Red.

What is the attraction here? :)

Midnight said...


the walking man said...

Donnetta...It was write about the time of "Trained To Submit" that I started to develop a philosophy of poetry.

That of being specifically ambiguous...adding an image easily taken for metaphor but not specifically defining the metaphor so the image "you" take away is yours, the interpretation yours; not mine. I reflection of all understanding. We each have our own. I like doors and presenting them but I want you to tell me what you see beyond it.

Lately in my own mind I am starting to call this style Relevant Poetry.

Now you know what Mark looked like in late March of 2004, add two years of uncut/untrimmed beard and hair, remove some teeth, and then you know what Mark looks like. :-P~~~

Ivan...Yeah man that's me...just a cuddly old bear; not a flea bitten tick ridden, toothless ursus.

Midnight said...

Bears brunt our burden.

Then they tear us to shreds.

What's in their minds,

Are usually our heads.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Ursus Major.

ivan@creatifvewriting.ca said...

Dang, Mark, if doing a treatment of your stuff didn't somehow inspire me this morning. Viz,

the hello-goodbye of the poets I meet
So much like the poet I had been.
One last wave before another self is shed.

benjibopper said...

congrats Mark! fantastic stuff as always.

Ivan, inspiration comes from funny places, today i got mine from a rejection letter. so it goes.

Island Grove editorial board: you done good.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...


I am extremely proud of my editorial board.
They do not pull punches...Had to fight tooth and nail with them to put Mark forward...heh. they kind of enjoy the job I'd pressganged them into.
Good piece on wealth theme on your blog!

the walking man said...

Ivan...Thank You and...

The slave wage crew of the Island Grove Press...for arguing the merits of this older work. And seeing some worth in it.

Midnight...Maybe I have simply tasted too many ears, or grown too much in years but I am done sampling from the human bill of fare...

for now.

Benji...Yes sir those rejections do open tons of doors. Mostly to more rejection but then...there is the rising of the will to fight back and keep going.

Thank you one and all.

http://www.creativewriting.ca said...

Nine to get appreciation and applause, Mark.

JR's Thumbprints said...

That's one hell of a tribute, Ivan. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer his prose. He tells it like it is - Detroit style.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Oh, you should hear "J" on this.
She preferred the prose.
I am greatly impressed with your fiction in UNDERGROUD VOICES.

Like my father-in-law used to say, "You got the technology."
There is a snap to writing that immediately distinguishes the pro from the amateur.
You got the snap.

ivan@creativewrriting.ca said...

This post is getting quite a bit of attention. What has Mark got?

...I just thought I'd add a new picture of Mark on top.

Heh. Naked came the poet?

the walking man said...

That particular picture is my BiL's favorite. I tried to get him to use it in advertising his business...he made some T shirts and shortly there after went out of business.

Jim...Thank You. It's all writin' to me. I could verse out the prose, take away some conjunctives and add a participle or three and it would read on the page as poetry. I am experimenting now with what I call "Relevant Poetry."

That is; trying to present a specific image for the reader but not a specific interpretation. The idea being that it is more honest to present a room but let the audience decide what is in it and how it is relevant to them.

The short prose like SPENT TO MUCH TIME IN PISS AND SHIT is Relevant Prose in the same vein. I use the first person and my experience only to form the image, from there I leave it to you to decide where the image takes you.

Lately I have been thinking that this is Dadaist in nature. Letting the reader decide what the logical conclusion of the art is as opposed to me deciding.

But the bottom line in all of it is as long as I can write I will find personal contentment.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

I like Dada.

American Dada too.
Not Marcel Duchamp, but
Newt Gingrich Descending a Staircase.

be said...

sorry for not passing by earlier
there was so much bothering my mind these weeks
but what a great read once i got here

i love mark

in so many ways, the poem about the key says it all

i might be an amateur n not very well orientated when it comes to poetry n writing, cause i'm really not, but even so it does surprise me that anyone could say that mark with his writing isn't ready yet

i have read far more poets who r far less ready than him

thanx ivan for this!
thanx mark for being u!


ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Swedish Betty,


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mike fenbert said...

mark- your writing is great. reminds me of edward hirsch when he was at wayne st-i will definitly buy "stink"- your old friend from the neoghborhood
mike fenbert

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