Monday, May 04, 2009

Origin of White Russian Farmer

Rheuminations on evolution:It is my firm belief that the Caucasoid Neandert(h)al was a White Russian (like my uncle). He walked stooped and carried a colbassa. Somehow, he would evolve to invent the wheel. But what he did with it!


benjibopper said...

ah, neaderthals, where are you now, in our direst hours of need? said...


Yeah. Detroit. Look what they did with the wheel.

Charles Gramlich said...

And all for that the Neanderthals got a bad name. said...


On Wall Street, a throwback to earlier humanoid: Austraulopithecus Paisan.

the walking man said...

...but what did the White Russian do with the fish? Or was it his sausage?

The neanderthals and Cro-magnon in Detroit are running an election today. said...

My father used to say,...and gee, we do look a little like them..."Man with sausage in bag not yet dead."

Yeah. Politics. "Special election" Is that like Special Olympics?

I'm not there but the Cock and Bing show looks like entertainment.

Donnetta Lee said...

Good old Unc. D

benjibopper said...

look at what they did to motown! motown in LA?! damn.

Midnight said...

Aw, that's just one of the old KGB taxis, put to semi-good use. Notice the bars on the roof have been removed, for humanitarian reasons.

Ok, they're trolling for bears and wolves (cougars?); when one comes up for a sniff, the guy in the FOLLOWING tractor shoots it.

Anonymous said...

The greatest story ever told is in our DNA. I guess this won't make me very popular at a creative writing site; oh well. One of the best conversations I ever had with a lesbian began with an beyond exasperated me shouting "I'm a caveman!", and for whatever it really hit the sweet spot cause I looked crazy enough when fired up to fucking mean it (German DNA), and we had a good chat.

Midnight said...

Don't let the 'Creative Writing' name of this blog discourage you, Anon. Ivan, and others here are into it totally, while the rest of us just love the humour and craziness. It's all cool. Seriously. And Unseriously.

Pick a name if you like, and don't hesitate to say something crazy.

(With Ivan's permission of course, though I'm sure he agrees. He's not on his last legs, yet.)


the walking man said...

Bing bounced Cock...rel back to the city council presidents job and if Cock...rel isn't all pissy about losing it may be the first step in a new direction for a weather worn city.

Midnight said...

See what I mean, Anon?

Actually, check out The Walking Man's (Mark's) blog, if you like wicked poetry.

The links to other sites on Ivan's and Mark's and others' blogs open up another new world of artistry, eloquence and elegance.


Anonymous said...


The whole continent is watching Detroit. It used to be great. Economically and even culturally, World class galleries, opera-- Motown.
America has a love for the town. Even here in Toronto, we play Motown all the time, sometimes even on our stuffy CBC because we like it.
This creative city can't go down. said...

...That last anynymous was me.

I think I'm losing disk space again. said...

Motown has always been ballsier than L..L..A. said...

First anynymous,

Well, they did find the first Neandert(h)al in Germany. said...


Out of breath here. Heart racing, penis drooping.
Not on my last legs here, not on my last legs, not on my.... said...


Hee. Unc is something of a hunk.

Midnight said...

Kozaks never die, Ivan.

They just slacken the grip,

On their sword.

- "Hold on loosely,

but don't let go,

if you cling too tight, Babe

you're gonna lose control ..."

-- 38 Special said...

My name is Cossak, but that's about all.( So I spell it the Russian way).
Hit 'em with the mace!

Midnight said...

No, seriously Ivan.

I wasn't kidding when I wrote on the previous thread that he looks like my uncle too.

He is the NeanderSlav.

He is all of our Ukies' uncle.

Notice the wide perogy-accomodating mouth.

And the sharp stick, used to lance or skewer or randomly, unprecipitatingly pierce, any wayward perogies that malfeisiently jump out of the pot.

(And I didn't google the spelling of malfeisiently.)

But WTF, his moustache is quite lame (sure, he's old, but that's no excuse).

It's a good thing men like us, are around, to preserve the tradition.

And Bitches too, to keep us entertained.

Na Zdorovlia !

Midnight said...

Ok, malfescience.

Bad fescience, if you're French. said...

Hey, my "bitches" wear britches.

Lay a stiletto on ya.

Interesting about Uncle Kostenky and all.

Midnight said...

And one can spell Kozak,

Anyway one likes

As long as you deliver it.

Midnight said...

And I allow my Bitches,

To wear britches too,

When they insist.

Midnight said...

Do they teach role reversal
in Journalism School?

Or is that a stupid question?

Midnight said...

After googling Kostenky,
I'd say his face
Is written in Stone. said...

(Previous comment):
Confucious say man who makes love on hillside not on level.

Midnight said...

First seek the peaks,

Then be swallowed

By the valley.

-- Sun Tzu (on his days off) said...

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