Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Puzzling out some grand masters--My mad, paper-hanging ladies

Query letter to the Newmarket ERA, Ontario

Good morning ERA ladies.

I am still up to here, mobbed by my busy, painting-hanging lady neighbours..

They have gone nuts. I go to check my mail and find completed paintings not only all along the wall here, but even fringing the mail pigeon holes. Some recently- hung completed paintings almost overlap my mail slot. These nutty girls are hanging finished puzzle paintings on all nine floors of this Senior apartment,and for some tenants with nothing to do--home of the blues.
I guess they hang paintings to get away from the pigeon- grey, to add colour and light to walls, to avoid that "What's on TV?--Aw why bother feeling."
Gloria Burgess, who surely doesn't want to be compared to another paper hanger, is asking me, When is the Newmarket Era going to call?

So here is what I've got, ERA lady editors:

Vibrant pictures and pieced-together puzzles featuring occasionally, great masters, are lovingly hung on all nine stories of the big seniors' apartment, Founders' Place at 540 Timothy, Newmarket.
Daily essentials—such as muffins, coffee, Sweet’N Low, napkins, —sit out on a formica table.

The girls are busy, June, Shirley, Marg, Gloria Emmy, Barb, Eileen--and one male--Chris.

"Lucky guy," says Gloria Burgess, who over the past four months has been on a quest to turn not only the flat-grey walls of of the tall building not necessarily into displays of fine art--the pictures are largel pastoral-- but instigating and financing the project, sizing the frames, getting glue to hold the completed jigsaw work together, placing each picture squarely on the matte. You can hardly see the seams of what had once been a puzzle.
All nine floors have three our four pictures on the walls....

Whatcha think?

I think "art" has its own reward. And Gloria is a trooper. And a leader.

Keeps the ladies from quietly going mad these going mad these cool spring nights.

Aw, what the hell. Keep busy or go mad, says Hegel.
I myself am trying to keep anything.



Jo said...

What a fabulous idea...! That's what art is for -- to get rid of the pigeon grey walls of our lives.

Ivan, tell them Josie says, "You go girls..." :-) said...

Aw. That's really encouraging, Josie. All around. Thnx.

Charles Gramlich said...

It all depends on the art. said...

Ah, this Art is a cool guy. Pretty soft on us.

Midnight said...

I must admit, Ivan
that I have relished and pondered
on more than one occasion,
My Ideal Woman ;

Gnawed, breached and developed
from the Beauties that have Graced,

my Charmed Life.

It's a shame though,
that the Bitches don't get along.

Of course, there can be, only One.


Anonymous said...

Spring, Ivan, there must be something to do. Ditched the Picasso that has followed me through two decades, now have no art on walls, zero, ya caught me. Good local artist does $10 prints of local stuff, will buy soon. Ex-girlfriend sees, place, says caveman, correct, now have her schoolwork on wall, you think I'm kidding. Must buy stunt art, but no modern/po-mo art, that will not do.

Midnight said...

Bone China Doll? said...

Anonymous...Is this Lyle? Midnight't doppelganger?
Haven't seen to much in the past written by you...Can't bracket the style.

Lana Gramlich said...

I think it's a great public interest story & I wish you the best of luck with it! said...


So also said the ERA ladies...I either missed my opus in recent editions of the ERA or they just forgot about it.

the walking man said...

Better than writing the blurb about the art on the walls Ivan would be for you to volunteer yourself as a nude model for the ladies of the complex...then you could be the art on the walls and an aid to keep the women away from daytime TV...Chris of course could continue painting pastoral scenes.

We know how shy you are. said...

Geez. How could I tuck it all into the frame!

benjibopper said...

keeping busy and it's good writing too. i like that slice of life stuff sometimes, if it's well-written. beats the usual obama swine flu economic crisis obsessions. said...

Funny thing, Chris.

I was just thinking of what a aquirrel cage we are in today.
Only so many proscribed ways to go and to think. What had been up has been pulled down.
What happened to romantisicm, heroism without baby killing, boy meets girl and not boy meets boy, hell, even motherhood.
They'ver really done a job on us.

Donnetta Lee said...

Oh, those ladies! Aren't they puzzling! D said...


They are puzzling.

I asked one if she wanted to go into my apartment to see the story on her, but she declined.
...Maybe she thought I was a masher!

the walking man said...

Uhhhh Ivan you weren't supposed to be nude when you offered to pose nude. said...

With gthe 2010 Olympics coming up in Vancouver, I may have had dreams of posing as a Pole vaulter.