Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now that I've finally been asked to rock'n'roll,I can't walk

I remember my father ouside The Wal*Mart parking lot, his his old friend Marishka with him and me slightly behind. It is a bright, shiny day. But father now has difficulty in walking. He is casting a long, distended shadow. He is holding a typed letter which he examines, through his Wal-Mart glasses, every so often, shaking his head

"So now it comes, Marishka. Money and an apology from the German Democratic Republic for all those years spent as a slave laborer..compensation. Money at last, now that t I can hardly walk.

Says Marishka,
"You have worlked long and hard, Michael. It is your reward at last for all those lost years. . You deserve it."

I add, "You deserve it Dad."

"Don't rush up against me like that Ivan."
He pauses as if for breath.
"Easy Ivan. Just let me lead, you follow. One step a a time. Day is long. You'll see."

Day is indeed long. And I long ago got my "letter of compensation".
But I can't do hills now.



Charles Gramlich said...

If you can't walk, you have to roll. said...

Some people do, in spite of it all. Some people are amazing.
Remind you of someone who often comments on this blog?

the walking man said...

Old man use your wit...find a strong stick that fits your hand well and don't sweat the incline there are plenty of places to stop and take a smoke break. Just don't forget to wear good high boots in case the snakes feel like biting. said...

Snakes indeed.

Streets are suddenly full of drugged kids who want to fight old men.
Hey, a stick is a good idea.

Jo said...

You okay, Ivan? You're too young for that yet. Get it checked out. said...



I think I know why it's happening.
The marathon 20 mile walks.

But I'll get it checked out.

benjibopper said...

Great economy of words here, packs a wallop. said...



Mona said...

Happy Father's day Ivan! said...

Thanks, Mona.
How did you know I was a Da?

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